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  1. US ND: LTE: Marijuana Isn't A Proper Medicine

    Bismarck Tribune, 05 Nov 2016 - As a pediatrician and a former pharmacist, I feel that it is necessary to provide some information to voters regarding Measure 5, which would legalize marijuana for "medical" use. 1. A plant cannot be used as a medicine because we cannot answer necessary questions, including whether it is useful for a given medical condition and what is a "dose" - child versus adult, condition, route of administration? Pharmaceutical medications containing THC already exist and can be prescribed by a health care provider.
  2. US ND: PUB LTE: Medical Marijuana Can Make A Difference

    The Forum, 04 Nov 2016 - Medical marijuana needs to pass. My son suffers from autoimmune disease to the point where he can no longer enjoy daily activities most of us take for granted like going for a walk because of his pain. My son experienced years of medical professionals more concerned about their liability insurance premiums going up than treating my son's pain.
  3. US ND: Medical Marijuana Supporters Make Last-Minute Plea To Voters

    Bismarck Tribune, 03 Nov 2016 - FARGO, N.D. (AP) - A group pushing to legalize medical marijuana in North Dakota is making a last-minute advertising push thanks to a surprise donation from a national organization, North Dakota Compassionate Care, which is sponsoring an initiated measure on the state's ballot, quickly organized the ad campaign after receiving $15,000 last week from Drug Policy Action, said group spokeswoman Anita Morgan. DPA is the political arm of a group that advocates for the overhaul of drug laws.
  4. US ND: LTE: Measure 5 Is Not Good Medicine For ND

    The Daily News, 02 Nov 2016 - Measure 5, medical marijuana is not good medicine and it's bad law. Measure 5 supporters want you to believe the measure creates a process for marijuana use that is a safer alternative to traditional prescription medications. What they have not told you is there is not enough scientific evidence to prove the benefits outweigh the risks.
  5. US ND: PUB LTE: Legalize Medical Marijuana In ND

    The Forum, 02 Nov 2016 - My 54 year old daughter has multiple sclerosis and was diagnosed in 1987. She lives in Washington state where medical marijuana is legal. She has said for years that it is the only thing that helps her pain. Her MS is progressing and she had a real tough time. I am asking North Dakota to approve to legalization of this wonderful, pain relieving medicine. Opiates are addictive, and are legal. Why isn't medical marijuana?
  6. US ND: Editorial: Yes On Measure 5

    Williston Herald, 02 Nov 2016 - (Measure 5 would allow medical marijuana in the state and give the Health Department the power to issue patient ID cards and regulate dispensaries.) While the question of medical marijuana would once have been quite controversial, we think it no longer is, nor should it be. There are good questions raised by the North Dakota Medical Association about the consistency of dosages, but that problem can be addressed during the implementation of a program. Nearly half the country has already approved some form of medical marijuana, including Montana. There is growing evidence to show that the active ingredients in cannabis help reduce the symptoms of multiple diseases and with easing the side effects of chemotherapy and other treatments. Given the wide range of other states that have successfully implemented such programs, we believe it is time for North Dakota to do the same. - --- MAP posted-by: Matt
  7. US ND: PUB LTE: Marijuana Prohibition Is Rooted In Racism

    The Forum, 15 Jul 2016 - I recently read with interest an article by Mike McFeely , (a WDAY host and Forum columnist) entitled "Medical marijuana a needed debate in North Dakota." At the end of his article he stated that North Dakota backers of medical marijuana would be wise to do some storytelling. Shortly before marijuana was banned by The Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, new technologies were developed that made hemp a potential competitor with the newly-founded synthetic fiber and plastics industries. Hemp's potential for producing paper also posed a threat to the timber industry. Evidence suggests that commercial interests having much to lose from hemp competition helped propagate reefer madness hysteria, and used their influence to lobby for marijuana prohibition.
  8. US ND: Parents Of Andrew Sadek Want Fbi To Take Over Case

    Grand Forks Herald, 16 Apr 2016 - The parents of a North Dakota State College of Science student found dead of a gunshot after working as an undercover drug informant want the FBI to take over the investigation. Andrew Sadek, a 20-year-old student at the Wahpeton community college, was a drug informant before he went missing in May 2014. About two months later, his body was found in the Red River near Wahpeton with a gunshot to his head.
  9. US ND: Editorial: Yes, It's Possible To Prevent Drug Abuse

    Grand Forks Herald, 21 Mar 2016 - Listen. Do you hear it? It's the sound of the system working-the system, that is, to prevent more young people from using illegal drugs.