Media Awareness Project Drug News
  1. US VA: Editorial: Pot Shots

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12 Dec 2016 - POT SHOTS Virginia lawmakers have shown scant inclination to legalize marijuana, but it might not matter. Law enforcement seems to be doing it for them. In the past two years, arrests and charges for marijuana crimes have dropped 14 percent - and "it ain't because less people are smoking marijuana," one defense lawyer tells the Daily Press. In Newport News, charges have dropped 60 percent - perhaps in part because prosecutors there decided a few years ago not to prosecute misdemeanor possession by adults.
  2. US VA: New Study Critical Of Virginia Driver's License Suspensions

    Roanoke Times, 12 Dec 2016 - RICHMOND - About 38,000 times each year, driving privileges are stripped from Virginians - not for traffic offenses, but instead for drug offenses. Dubbed a relic of the war on drugs, Virginia law automatically suspends the licenses of anyone convicted of even minor drug offenses, reports a new Prison Policy Initiative study.
  3. US VA: Richmond Police Waging A Different War On Drugs

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 29 May 2016 - Richmond police Capt. Michael Zohab is building an army for the war on drugs. But his fight, as supervisor of the city's narcotics unit, is not against the people using them. Instead, the 28- year police veteran is laying the groundwork for the department to join a growing number of law enforcement agencies across the country whose precincts have become unlikely sanctuaries for those who want help getting off drugs. Rather than putting substance abusers in handcuffs, Zohab wants to give them a hand up in the fight of their lives. And he needs all the help he can get.
  4. US VA: Column: For Some It's A Joke, for Others It's Prison

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12 May 2016 - You might not like President Obama's political philosophy or leadership style, but you have to admit that he is one cool president. If you're unconvinced, consider his speech at the White House Correspondents' Dinner on April 30. His poise and charm were on full display, and his comedic timing was impeccable.
  5. US VA: Opiate Deaths Kept Increasing In Va. In 2015

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 24 Apr 2016 - Toll Tied to 40% Spike in Heroin Overdoses Michael Carter felt a brief flash of relief before searing grief consumed him. His son's life had ended, but so, too, had the nights spent wondering when police would show up at his Hanover County home to tell him Graham had fatally overdosed.
  6. US VA: PUB LTE: Separate The Good Drugs From The Bad

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 16 Apr 2016 - Reading Bart Hinkle's Commentary column, "Coming out of the drug-war haze," got me fired up about the war on drugs. There is a widespread misconception that all drugs are bad when in reality there are good drugs and bad drugs. The problem arises when propaganda is spread labeling less harmful drugs such as common psychedelics ( marijuana, LSD, Psilocybin) as brain-melting substances that induce schizophrenia and reefer madness. In actuality such drugs only act as a catalyst in bringing to surface underlying mental conditions.
  7. US VA: 'It's More Than Just an Addiction - It's A Disease.'

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 10 Apr 2016 - Brian Coddington, 29, relapsed two weeks into another second chance last month. Chesterfield Sheriff Karl Leonard rejects criticism of the jail's drug programas being soft on crime. He was out on bond and in a recovery program, awaiting a court date in Chesterfield County on charges stemming from his heroin addiction.
  8. US VA: Column: Coming Out Of The Drug-War Haze?

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 03 Apr 2016 - President Obama's recent speech on the opioid overdose epidemic offers a ray of hope that the country's approach to drugs might one day adopt what has been called the first rule of American business: When all else fails, try doing it right. Noting with considerable understatement that "treatment is underfunded," the president proposed $ 1.1 billion for expanded opioid- addiction treatment. This is a good step in the right direction. But it is still $ 50 billion less than the U. S. will spend this year alone on its current, fatally flawed policy of the war on drugs, and only onethird of what the federal government allocates to lock up drug criminals - whose incarceration accounts for half of the entire Bureau of Prisons budget.
  9. US VA: PUB LTE: Legalize Pot Before It's Too Late

    Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12 Mar 2016 - EDITOR, TIMES-DISPATCH: In your editorial about the passing of a bill to allow 151proof grain alcohol, you mentioned that moonshine and marijuana are off-limits because the state can't make money off them. That shows how behind the times the General Assembly is.