Courtney N. Moran (2nd Vice-Chair)

Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., founding principal of EARTH Law, LLC is the leading expert in championing legal policy for a sustainable Cannabis hemp industry. She has presented on industrial hemp law and policy at numerous conferences throughout the U.S., including the 37th Annual Society of Army Physician Assistants Conference, at Oregon State University, and before the Senado de la República in Mexico City, Mexico.

She earned her Juris Doctorate from St. Thomas University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During law school, Courtney interned for Keith Stroup at NORML. She is currently licensed to practice law in Oregon, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

She began her career focused on medical marijuana patient criminal defense. In appealing a county court’s decision on behalf of her medical patient client, the State of Oregon conceded that hashish is medical marijuana.

In January 2014, Courtney graduated magna cum laude from Lewis and Clark Law School with a Master of Laws in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, with an emphasis in Industrial Hemp Law.

In the Spring of 2015 Courtney’s article, Industrial Hemp: Canada Exports, United States Imports was published in the Fordham Environmental Law Review.

Courtney is the founder of the non-profit Oregon Hemp Industries Association.

She is also a registered lobbyist for industrial hemp in Oregon, and lobbies on behalf of the non-profit Oregon Industrial Hemp Farmers Association. During the 2016 Oregon Legislative Session, Courtney successfully lobbied for the passage of HB 4060, a bill that amends the Oregon industrial hemp statutes in a manner that protects agricultural interests, which passed the Oregon House with a vote of 54-4 and passed the Oregon Senate unanimously, with a vote of 25-0, and was signed into law on March 29, 2016.

She participated in the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on the world drug problem in April 2016 in New York City, New York.

On October 26, 2016 Courtney testified at El Seminario Internacional Perspectivas Legislativas Para La Regulaciόn de la Cannabis No Psicoactiva Para Su Uso Medicinal, Terapéutico e Industrial before the Senado de la República in Mexico City, Mexico.

Courtney currently serves on the Executive Committee for the Oregon State Bar Cannabis Law Section.

Courtney is also co-petitioner of the Relegalizing Industrial Hemp Project, a formal administrative rulemaking petition to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency that will remove industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act.