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As a leader in the cannabis industry, you know just how critical it is to end America’s failed war on marijuana. You also know that without consumers, there is no industry. It’s NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, that has been fighting for the rights of cannabis consumers since 1970.

NORML’s mission has been sustained for over five decades thanks to the generosity of our thousands of donors and our carefully cultivated organic grassroots support. When your business joins the fight to end marijuana prohibition once and for all, you can do well by doing good and gain exclusive exposure to NORML’s core audience.

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Show consumers you’re fighting for them.


As an official sponsor of NORML, we’ll add your company logo, link, and a brief description to our Sponsors page, generating a nice SEO boost, and will provide an official NORML Sponsor logo for use on the company’s website. Annual sponsorships begin at $1000.

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Banner Advertising

Geo-tagged banner ad space on the NORML website is available by state, with pricing based on placement in two available highly visible positions. Contact us now for rates and availability by state.

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Newsletter Advertising

Banner ad space in NORML’s weekly newsletter is $1,000 for one week or $750 for NORML sponsors. Delivers each Thursday to over 200k subscribers. Package rates are available for multiple buys.

NEW: Banner ad space in NORML’s Weekend Weed Read is available for a limited time at the introductory rate of only $500. Delivers each Saturday to over 150k subscribers. View a sample.

NORML Aspen Legal Seminar

Connect with leaders and decision makers.

Event Sponsorship

Sponsoring a NORML event provides a unique opportunity for businesses to connect with cannabis policy experts and directly engage leading law reform activists. NORML Legal Seminars, hosted in the spring and fall, are attended by top cannabis attorneys and subject matter experts from around the country. Event sponsor’s logo and link are included on the event webpages and emails, with opportunities for welcome bag inclusions, event tickets, reception hosting, and promo tables. NORML event sponsorships begin at $500.

With hundreds of thousands of users, sessions, and pageviews of web traffic each month, it’s no wonder NORML has all the competition beat.

If you’re ready help end prohibition once and for all and start reaching NORML’s 100% organic grassroots audience, contact NORML today!