Kevin Oliver

Kevin has been interested in Marijuana for all of his adult life & was first exposed to Marijuana activism in 1994 when he attended his first Seattle Hempfest. Kevin was not satisfied to sit on the sidelines of law reform so he began taking action, learning very quickly that an individual can make a difference. As an effective speaker, leader & organizer he put together a Hempfest in the conservative city of Spokane Washington & established the Inland Northwest NORML chapter and later was elevated to lead the Washington NORML chapter.

Kevin’s interest in helping and supporting anyone also working toward Marijuana Law reform helped him to gain a lot of friends & allies in the MJ law reform community throughout the state of Washington. Kevin travels the state of Washington extensively gaining a unique perspective of the dynamics between grassroots activists and policy reformers from both the eastern and western sides of the state.

Kevin has spent a significant amount of time organizing meetings, panels, and forums to bring like minded folks together to discuss individual legal rights, law reform, & best practices. Kevin’s breadth of knowledge regarding Washington marijuana law reform and network of contacts throughout Washington has made him a favorite contact for media looking to cover marijuana law reform in Washington.

The 2012 election year was the most significant, challenging, and satisfying year thus far in his Cannabis activism career. As Executive Director of the Washington state affiliate of NORML, Kevin has maintained a network of county chapters throughout the state with the help of dedicated adult volunteers and enjoyed front row seats as the state of Washington made history, along with the state of Colorado, as the first in the nation to realize NORML’s mission “to move public opinion sufficiently to legalize the responsible use of marijuana by adults, and to serve as an advocate for consumers to assure they have access to high quality marijuana that is safe, convenient and affordable.”

Most recently Kevin has represented NORML to the World Affairs Council in Seattle acting as a messenger for legalization to international guests of the U.S Department of State as well as interacted directly with the Washington State Liquor Control Board as they continue the rule making and implementation of I-502.

Kevin holds a BA in Humanities from Whitworth University.