Randy Quast (Treasurer)

Randy had a successful career in the Less-than-TruckLoad (LTL) trucking industry. His achievements consist of building a small family owned trucking company into a profitable, multi-million-dollar company focusing on quality, customer service, and employee pride. Quast Transfer was considered one of the premier, LTL carriers in the country and was the recipient of many quality and safety awards.

After selling his company in 1998, Randy had more time to spend with his four children and to pursue his love of flying. With no more business reasons to fly, Randy began flying volunteer flights for Angel Flight and AirLifeLine (groups that arrange to fly people with medical needs that can’t afford to fly.) Randy’s airplane with a turbine engine and pressurized cabin, allowed him to fly missions in weather when others could not. He had logged over 2,500 hours of pilot-in-command time, and in 2000, Randy was elected to AirLifeLine’s board of directors. In 2001 the board hired him as President & CEO while he remained a member of the board.

In 2007, Randy’s home was broken into while he was out having dinner. After dinner, Randy arrived home to greet several police officers in his home. While the police were securing Randy’s house, they discovered a few ounces of marijuana. The next morning, a drug task force raided Randy in his home SWAT-style. Randy was charged with felony possession but received a stay of adjudication for two years with all charges dropped and eventually dismissed.

Randy attended his first NORML annual conference in September 2009. Randy says that he was so impressed and inspired by NORML people that he committed right there and then to bring an official chapter of NORML to Minnesota. Randy is a founding member of Minnesota NORML (MN NORML) and continues to serve on MN NORML’s board.

In 2015, as an empty nester and with four adult children out on their own for two years, Randy relocated from Minneapolis to Portland, Oregon. Randy has always loved the Pacific Northwest and especially all of his close friends in Oregon. While in Oregon, Randy was a founding member of Portland NORML which has now merged with Oregon NORML.

Randy likes to say that because he serves as an active member of three NORML boards that it just makes him a NORML guy!