Marijuana Legalization

Poll: Majority of Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana, Expunging Past Convictions, and Allowing Banks to Work with Cannabis Businesses

“Each of the major pieces of marijuana policy reform legislation currently pending before Congress enjoy majority support from the American people. It is political malpractice for lawmakers, and those in the Senate especially, to continue to let these efforts languish at a time when most voters and when the majority of states have already rejected the failed policies of criminal prohibition.”

Marijuana Leaves

Massachusetts: Majority of Adults Say Marijuana Legalization Has Been “Positive” for the State

NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said: “These polling results once again affirm that most voters do not experience ‘buyer’s remorse’ following the enactment of marijuana legalization. Most Americans believe that these laws are operating in a manner that is consistent with their expectations and that legalization and regulation is preferable to criminalization.”