Distinguished Counsel Awards

Across this country, from small cities to large counties, NORML lawyers have fought the good fight against great odds, representing those who have been victimized by marijuana prohibition, and advocating for marijuana decriminalization, the medical use of marijuana, and eventually full cannabis legalization. With individual sacrifice, they have fought for personal freedom for those who use marijuana responsibly. The NORML Distinguished Counsel’s Award provides recognition and acknowledgement to those attorneys who have vigorously and vocally fought to normalize cannabis life.


  • Mike Cutler, Massachusetts
  • Anthony Feldstein, California
  • Bruce Margolin, California
  • Andy Mertkowski, Indiana


  • Michael Minardi, Florida
  • David Sloane, Texas


  • Omar Figueroa, California
  • Leonard Freiling, Colorado
  • Allison Holcomb, Washington
  • Kyndra Miller, California
  • Steve Komie, Illinois


  • Tom Dean, Arizona
  • Zenia Gilg, California
  • Rachel Gillette, Colorado
  • Matt Kumin, California


  • Bill Buchman, New Jersey (posthumously)
  • J. Harrison Phillips, Maryland