Libertarian Presidential Candidate Pledges To Pardon All Non-Violent Drug Offender

Thursday, 06 July 2000

Harry Browne, the 1996 Libertarian Party candidate for president of the United States, has been nominated again by the party for their candidate in the 2000 election. Browne's 2000 platform is heavy on drug law reform, saying the federal government "has no constitutional authority" to prosecute a marijuana offense and that the present war on drugs is a "total failure and there is hardly a soul in America that doesn't know it."
"On my first day in office, I will pardon everyone who has been convicted of a non-violent federal drug offense," Browne said. "I will empty the federal prisons of the marijuana smokers, and make room for the truly violent criminals who are terrorizing our citizens."
"Today there are hundreds of thousands of people in prisons who have never committed violence against anyone, never stolen anything, never threatened anyone. They are there for the act of a marijuana cigarette, or for selling some marijuana to their friends...Meanwhile, murderers rapists and child molesters are released early because the prisons are overflowing with drug prisoners."
For more information, please contact Robert Brunner, Browne's Deputy Press Secretary at (703) 837-8769, or visit www.harrybrowne2000.org.