Washington: Parolees Permitted To Consume Marijuana

Washington: Parolees Permitted To Consume Marijuana

Olympia, WA: Parolees may consume cannabis without facing legal repercussions, according to policy changes implemented by the Washington State Department of Corrections.

Under the newly announced policy, the state’s estimated 14,000 parolees will no longer be tested for the presence of THC or its byproducts. In 2012, voters decided in favor of a statewide initiative regulating the production, sale, and use of cannabis by adults.

Commenting on the policy change, state Department of Corrections Assistant Secretary Annmarie Aylward told KING 5 News: "There’s no way the department of corrections is endorsing the use of marijuana. We are simply aligning with state law."

Aylward acknowledged that Washington judges still possess the legal authority to prohibit the use of marijuana on a case-by-case basis.

In Colorado, where the adult consumption of marijuana is also allowed, cannabis use by parolees is not permitted.

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