Post Legalization In Colorado, Marijuana Arrests Way Down

Post Legalization In Colorado, Marijuana Arrests Way Down

Denver, CO: The pro-reform group Drug Policy Alliance recently released a comprehensive report examining Colorado’s first full year of retail sales of recreational marijuana.

DPA reports that in 2010 Colorado had 9,022 cannabis possession arrests; in 2014 it had 1,464 arrests (an 84% reduction). Also, cannabis cultivation and selling offenses were also down 90% during this same time.

Over 16,000 employees are licensed to work at cannabis-related businesses in the state, helping to push Colorado’s unemployment rate to its lowest point in six years. Not factoring medical cannabis sales, the state has taken in more than $50 million in sales taxes for recreational use.

From a public safety standpoint the DPA report concludes that the state saw a 3% decline in fatal auto accidents during the first year of legal cannabis sales and that over $8 million in cannabis tax revenue has gone directly to support youth prevention and education.

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