Colorado: Governor Signs Measure Permitting Medical Cannabis Use In Schools

Denver, CO: Governor John Hickenlooper has signed legislation, House Bill 1373 (aka ‘Jack’s law’), permitting qualified patients access to medical cannabis formulations while on school grounds.

Stated the Governor: “My son, if he needed medical marijuana and he needed it during the day while he was in school, I’d want him to have that opportunity. … My hope is that this bill… motivates those schools to make sure these kids can get the medication they apparently need.”

Under the new law, which took effect upon signing, primary caregivers possess the option to administer non-smoked forms of medicinal cannabis to qualified patients while they are attending pre-school, primary, or secondary school.

The law is similar to legislation adopted last year in New Jersey – the only other state that explicitly permits medical cannabis patients to utilize cannabis preparations while on school campuses.

For more information, please contact Danielle Keane, NORML Political Director, at (202) 483-5500.