2015 Legislative Fly-In

Dear NORML Supporters:

Please join us in Washington, DC on May 20 and 21 for the 2015 NORML Legislative Fly-In to lobby Congress.

There are more marijuana-friendly proposals being introduced every day, and by the time of our legislative lobby day, there will be a dozen or more federal bills pending, from legalizing marijuana for all adults to legalizing the medical use of marijuana under federal law, including bills to treat state-legal marijuana businesses the same as other legal businesses for IRS and other purposes, and proposals to reclassify marijuana under federal law and to decriminalize responsible marijuana smokers.

To move these bills forward, we need your help to meet personally with as many Congressional offices as possible, to let them know their constituents oppose marijuana prohibition and support these proposals, and that federal marijuana law reform efforts are supported by millions of hardworking, mainstream Americans -- not just those who smoke marijuana.

Please join us for this important opportunity to make sure our federal elected officials begin to roll-back federal prohibition and allow the states to continue forward with different models of marijuana legalization.

Register now for the NORML Legislative Fly-In, make your travel and hotel arrangements ASAP to assure lowest possible costs.

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