NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

Marijuana law reform legislation is pending is several states. Below is a summary of this week’s legislative activity and tips to help you become involved in changing the laws in your state.
ILLINOIS: Senate Bill 2865, which seeks to allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis for qualified patients, passed the Senate Public Health Committee and now awaits action from the full Senate. Illinois NORML has information on contacting your elected officials in support of SB 2865 here.
NEW HAMPSHIRE: A scheduled hearing next week by the House of Representatives on House Bill 1623, which seeks to decriminalize marijuana possession, has been postponed again. The House is now expected to vote on this issue on either March 18 or March 19. Please use this delay to contact your House Representative and urge him or her to stop arresting cannabis consumers.
KANSAS: Legislators tabled a bill, Senate Bill 556, that sought to establish an ‘affirmative defense’ for qualified medical marijuana users. You can express your disappointment to the Senate by clicking here.
CALIFORNIA: Legislation seeking to end employment discrimination against state-authorized medical cannabis users has been introduced in the Assembly and referred to the Committees of the Judiciary and Labor. To learn how you can support AB 2279, click here.
MISSOURI: Supporters of legislation seeking to legalize the medical use of cannabis in Missouri met with lawmakers this week. The bill, House Bill 1830, has attracted a record number of co-sponsors already this year. To help support HB 1830, click here.
HAWAII: House Bill 2675, which seeks to establish a legislative task force to study issues pertaining to the legal supply of medical marijuana for authorized patients, was approved by the House and is now before the Senate Health Committee. To learn more about this and other marijuana law reform efforts in Hawaii, please click here.