Reefer Madness, Old World Style

The British press enjoys a cozier relationship with their government than their American counterparts. Perhaps this is the reason why the British media has campaigned shoulder to shoulder with Parliament to recriminalize cannabis — just four years after bureaucrats made its possession a verbal infraction.
Just last week, NORML reported on a BBC television reporter’s absurd ‘documentary’ that purportedly showed the “dramatic” and “unpleasant” effects of marijuana by injecting herself with pure THC on film-a manner of administering cannabis that no recreational user would ever engage in.
With this in mind, we were hardly surprised to see this recent headline from across the Atlantic: Cannabis-smoking mum stabbed herself to death. Never mind that she was on meth and thought her dog was talking to her.
Excerpts after the jump.

A mother driven insane by cannabis stabbed herself repeatedly through the chest with a carving knife after claiming she was spoken to by a dog.
Julie Cross told friends the animal was “trying to tell her something” before picking up the 5in blade and ramming it at least five times into her chest and abdomen.
An inquest was told the former receptionist, from Goring, used speed and cannabis on a daily basis and in the weeks running up to her death had slashed her wrists and smeared her blood across a crucifix and also hung a noose from her attic.
Katie Leason, spokeswoman for mental health charity Rethink, said the case further proved that cannabis causes severe mental illness. “We don’t believe there is any doubt about it now. There is a proven link between the drug and psychosis,” said Ms Leason….
It had led to her spending much of her last year in and out of the Mill View psychiatric hospital. The inquest heard that during what was described as a “very difficult life” Miss Cross had made repeated attempts on her own life, starting at the age of 14.

So here we have a woman who regularly heard voices, had a history of suicide attempts since childhood, who was using methamphetamine regularly (mentioned only ONCE in the article), and who finally, tragically, killed herself. To the British press, this scenario is clear evidence that marijuana will make you commit suicide!
And these are not the only ‘pot will make you nuts’ headlines coming from the UK. Note these other recent headlines and leads, the first of which is from the same publication as the above story:
Cannabis drove Brighton man to kill himself
The Argus (UK), February 22, 2008
“A web designer killed himself after being driven mad by cannabis.”
Cannabis users risk their sanity
Oxford Mail (UK), March 5, 2008
“Oxfordshire’s top drugs officer said the county is on the verge of a mental
health epidemic unless more is done to tackle cannabis abuse.”
Children as young as 10 on cannabis
Daily Post (UK), February 9, 2008
Hmm, so pot will drive us mad, target our children, and make us kill ourselves. Where have I heard this before?