Drug Czar's Office Lies About New Hampshire Pot Proposal

It took less than one week for the White House to begin publicly lying about New Hampshire House Bill 1623, which seeks to make the possession of up to one-quarter ounce of pot a fine-only offense.
In a factually and grammatically challenged press release, Deputy Drug Czar Scott Burns alleged that the proposal — which passed the House last week by a 193 to 141 margin — would decriminalize the “manufacturing” and “distributing” of “over 90 marijuana joints.”
Okay, aside from the fact that the measure applies to possession offenses only, one has to ask, what is up with the White House calculators? If one-quarter ounce of pot equals roughly seven grams, and if one joint contains roughly one gram of marijuana, then what the Hell does the Drug Czar’s office think is in the other 83+ joints?
Of course, regardless of whether it’s the Deputy Drug Czar Scott Burns, White House Drug Czar John Walters, or UN Drug Czar Antonio Maria Costa, there’s not a Drug Czar alive who can’t help but lie about marijuana.
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