NORML's Weekly Legislative Round Up

Below is this week’s summary of pending state legislation and tips to help you become involved in changing the laws in your state.

California: In an important victory for medical marijuana patients, the Assembly Committee on Labor and Employment last week approved Assembly Bill 2279 in a 6-2 vote. The measure will now go to the Assembly floor. If passed, AB 2279 would protect patients from employment discrimination on the basis of their state-licensed medical cannabis use in off-work hours. (The bill exempts workers in safety-sensitive jobs, including law enforcement). Californians are strongly encouraged to contact their Assemblymembers via NORML’s online advocacy system.
Rhode Island: The Rhode Island Senate is scheduled to vote Tuesday on Senate Bill 2693, which seeks to create a dispensary system for Rhode Island’s state-qualified medical cannabis patients. According to a new poll, nearly 70 percent of state voters support enacting a medical cannabis distribution system. Rhode Islanders are encouraged to write their state Senators in support of this measure and its companion, House Bill 7888, through NORML’s online advocacy system.
California: Voters in Northern California’s Mendocino County will decide next month whether or not to repeal an eight-year old county law (The Personal Use of Marijuana Initiative, also known as Measure G) which legalized the possession and use of up to 25 marijuana plants. Measure B, a Mendocino County-wide ballot initiative, seeks to overturn the measure. To learn more about efforts opposing Measure B, please visit CANORML or No on B.
Illinois: Senate Bill 2865, which seeks to allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis for qualified patients, continues to await action by the full Senate. This bill was recently amended to address concerns voiced by some of the Illinois law enforcement community. Illinois NORML supporters are urged to contact their state Senators in support of SB 2865 through NORML’s online advocacy system.
Minnesota: Medical cannabis legislation is anticipated to go before the full House for a floor vote imminently. Passage of this legislation would ensure that medical marijuana patients in Minnesota would no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from state law enforcement. However, Governor Pawlenty has indicated that he intends to veto this bill if it gets to his desk. You can view an ad urging Governor Pawlenty to rethink his position here. Minnesotans are strongly encouraged to urge their Representatives and the Governor to support these bills via NORML’s online advocacy system.

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