NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

Below is this week’s summary of pending state legislation and tips to help you become involved in changing the laws in your state.

California: The state Assembly approved Assembly Bill 2279 this week by a vote of 42-29. The measure now awaits action by the Senate. If passed, AB 2279 would protect patients from employment discrimination on the basis of their state-licensed medical cannabis use in off-work hours. Californians are strongly encouraged to contact their Senators via NORML’s online advocacy system.
California: Voters in Northern California’s Mendocino County will decide on Tuesday whether or not to repeal an eight-year old county law (The Personal Use of Marijuana Initiative, also known as Measure G) which legalized the possession and use of up to 25 marijuana plants. Measure B, a Mendocino County-wide ballot initiative, seeks to overturn the measure. Activists are also challenging the validity of Measure B in court, arguing that a recent state District Court of Appeals decision prohibits municipalities from imposing limits on the quantity of marijuana patients may possess under state law. To learn more about efforts opposing Measure B, please visit California NORML or No on B.
Vermont: Legislation seeking to establish licensing procedures for state farmers who wish to commercially cultivate industrial hemp became law this week. However, as amended, House Bill 267 will not take effect until “such time as the United States Congress amends the definition of ‘marihuana.'”
North Carolina: Legislation seeking to establish a task force to study options for regulating the legal use of medical marijuana for qualified patients was introduced this week and referred to the House Committee on Health. As introduced, House Joint Resolution 2405 would “study whether a public benefit would be derived from making it lawful for physicians to prescribe and patients to possess and use marijuana.” Residents in North Carolina are strongly encouraged to contact their House Members via NORML’s online advocacy system.

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  1. Did you know we have a medical marijuana bill working in the House here in Ohio? In a online TV poll, the vote was 76% in favor of the bill. Why arn”t you behind us? We could realy use your help. Thanks

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