Cannabis Legislation

Breaking News: Federal Law Enforcement Raids Companies Nationwide That Sell So-Called ‘Detoxification’ Kits; Also Confiscated From One Business Were The Unreleased DVD ‘A/K/A Tommy Chong’

A number of phone calls and emails to NORML this afternoon strongly indicated that federal law enforcement raided a number of companies yesterday and today that manufacture and/or market what are commonly known as ‘detoxification’ products.

Medical Marijuana

Patient In Washington State Denied A Liver Transplant For Physician-Recommended, Legal Medical Marijuana Use Is Sacrificed On The Altar Of Pot Prohibition

For the better part of ten years NORML (and the ACLU’s Drug Litigation Project) have been 1) monitoring increasing numbers of medical patients denied access to organ transplants for the singular reason that they test positive for cannabis and 2) researching litigation and legislative options to compel organ banks to stop discriminating against medical patients who use cannabis, most especially in states where medical marijuana patients are supposed to be protected by state laws.