Congressman Barney Frank: "Whether Or Not To Smoke Marijuana Should Be A Personal Choice"

Barney Frank is a man of courage.
This longtime NORML ally is sponsoring legislation in Congress to allow for the medical use of marijuana, and to strip the federal government of their power to criminalize the possession and use of pot by adults.
In the video below, provided by Tom Gregory at Huffington Post, Frank explains why he believes, “There should be no federal laws against the personal use of marijuana, whether it’s for medical purposes or not.”
Hear, hear!

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  1. Well said!! Finally somebody who actually views a very every day activity openlly and in a balanced way. Stop the onesided fiction that has been drilled into the american peoples minds that marijuana is “The Devil.” Marijuana is a safe plant for all to use for a list of reasons. Not even modern medicine has a complexity of phytochemicals such as what makes of cannabis’s active ingredients so effective, for a medical alternative to drugs with side effects that out weight the positives of the drug. Cannabis=non addictive, postive medicinal effects, nutritionally good for you, many different options on how to consume other than smoking! GOD BLESS NORML!!!

  2. Very well put…too bad most people will think he’s just trying to get your kids hooked on reefer

  3. Congressman Frank is doing his best to bring common sense and constutional fairness back into a society that has (at times) seemed to abandoned it. My hopes are that he is respected by others who can join him in completing the task of taking marijuana out of the criminal arena and alowing it to run its course as a personal choice – one that is private and of no consequence to the public. This is but the beginning of a move that will need all the support it can get – from those in office, and from you and me. Here’s hoping we succeed, so that we all can win – not only for the liberation of marijuana users, but to rethink how we money, both in personal and tax dollars.

  4. House Bill HR 5842 (Medical) has picked up 13 cosponsors; HR 5843 (recreational/personal) has picked up 5 co-sponsors. A huge key to getting any bill enacted as law is for each interested person to write a polite, friendly letter to his or her congressperson. Let’s get some action on this; invite a friend over and have a little letter writing session. Let your elected officials know your view on these bills!

  5. its pretty hypocritical that our government preaches tolerance, yet a pothead should be fired, jailed, hated, he has no right to basic human rights to include freedom. what a sham,..

  6. Sounds like a good time to write our Congressperson. Get the address at this site
    Get some stamps and paper and pens and have some friends over for a letter writing session. Polite, respectful, though-filled (Not “Like, hey man, everybody should have the right to, you know, do whatever…”) Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Elected officials are VERY sensitive to the mail box. A dozen people each writing a letter each week to your congressperson; it will have an impact.

  7. yes this great country was born on the idea’s of choise! and the vote, unless you as i smoke pot.

  8. Finally a rational politician who actually believes in freedom and doesnt have a personal agenda. The war on drugs is a complete and utter failure. Prohibition is not the way to prevent anything. All it does is create a drug dealers, organized crime and violence. Legalization of all drugs (I know I lost many of you here, because most people agree with me on cannabis, but not harder drugs) would eliminate organized crime by eliminating the black market. Think about it, what do most gangs and criminal enterprises do for money?? Sell drugs. We should legalize all drugs, regulate them and tax the hell out of them. Use the billions of dollars we save to educate about the risks (educate about the true effects, not lie and create fear like they have done with cannabis).

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