NORML's Weekly Legislative Round Up

Below is this week’s summary of pending state legislation and tips to help you become involved in changing the laws in your state.

California: The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Assembly Bill 2279 this week by a vote of 3-2. The measure now awaits action by the full Senate. (The state Assembly previously passed the measure 42-29 in May.) If enacted, AB 2279 would protect patients from employment discrimination on the basis of their state-licensed medical cannabis use in off-work hours. Californians are strongly encouraged to contact their Senators via NORML’s online advocacy system.
Hawaii: Governor Linda Lingle said this week that she may veto House Bill 2675, which would establish a legislative medical marijuana task force to explore ways to provide legal cannabis for Hawaii’s state-qualified medical cannabis patients. If you live in Hawaii, you may contact the Governor via NORML’s online advocacy system.
North Carolina: Lawmakers heard testimony this week in support of legislation (HJR 2405) seeking to establish a task force to study options for regulating the legal use of medical marijuana for qualified patients. House members did not vote on the bill. Residents in North Carolina are strongly encouraged to contact their House members via NORML’s online advocacy system.
New York: The Legislature adjourned this week without calling for a Senate vote on Assembly Bill 4867B, which sought to allow qualified patients to grow and possess medical cannabis under a doctor’s supervision. This marked the second consecutive year the Assembly had passed medi-pot legislation, only have it die in the Senate.

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