Are Lab Rats Smarter Than US Politicians?

So if rats can deduce that whole cannabis works better as a medicine than a single synthesized molecule, what’s stopping our federal politicians and bureaucrats from reaching this same conclusion?

Antihyperalgesic effect of a Cannabis sativa extract in a rat model of neuropathic pain: mechanisms involved
via PubMed
This study aimed to give a rationale for the employment of phytocannabinoid formulations to treat neuropathic pain. It was found that a controlled cannabis extract, containing multiple cannabinoids, in a defined ratio, and other non-cannabinoid fractions (terpenes and flavonoids) provided better antinociceptive efficacy than the single cannabinoid given alone, when tested in a rat model of neuropathic pain.

On a separate but related note, am I the only one offended that most scientists appear to be more inclined to document pot’s healing powers in rats and mice than in, say, human beings?
Of course, if you want to enroll in clinical trials intent on documenting so-called “marijuana abuse,” you can take your pick here.

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  1. The rats aren’t deducing anything, and any studies done by chemists/doctors documenting progress on humans and cannabis will be shunned by the feds because they and they alone have a monopoly on cannabis. They also have patents, as I’ve learned from NORML, on different cannabis compounds, even though they clearly claim it has no medicinal value. (Of course, before it was outlawed federally in 1937 it was one of the top 3 prescribed medications by doctors.)

  2. If the AMERICAN people would just all stand together for what is right in this country there would be more progress. There happen to be more regular AMERICANS than there are police or politicians so instead of just harping about it get off your tushies and DO something about it. Write letters Do protests and make OUR government be FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE before we lose that freedom as well.

  3. I work in pharmaceutical R&D, making pain drugs. I have read many testmonials by patients of ours, who have been in extreme pain for many years with little relief from high power opiates and even fentanyl(80X more potent that morphine).
    Multiple patients described above in the testimonials their serious consideration of suicide to end the pain. For all of our legal narcotic drugs, they can only receive partial relief, only to suffer the side effects of the drugs(being in a stupor).
    For their pain to be so severe that they would kill themselves to stop it, makes me think who the real criminals are. Is it the people who grow pot for the compassionate use in relief of these peoples suffering? Or is it the DEA and other agencies who are now arresting doctors for prescribing to many pain medications to these severe chronic pain sufferers?
    Or worse, neuropathic pain(ghost pain) is not even treatable with conventional narcotics. Nope, the gov’t says if they are smoking dope, it’s because they are drug addicts and not trying to alleviate a medical condition. If they have a medical condition, they can get a prescription for narcotic drugs to treat it(which do nothing). Tell the Feds that they do not work for your pain and they will tell you that you are wrong.
    Those patients who are on the verge of suicide for pain relief are the people that we need to speak out for the medical marijuana movement. Medi-pot will be the only competition to the drugs we are developing. We need to stop big pharma’s reaming of sick patients with no alternative but death.

  4. Also, even heroin(diacetylmorphine) can be prescribed to terminally ill patients if other opiate medications are not effective in relieving their suffering. But not marijuana. It’s ‘dangerous.’

  5. I am against animal testing in any form. Instead, we should have human studies on the subject through observation.

  6. Wow I was so shocked to see all those studies where the were treating marijuana “dependence” with subatances that are probably much more dangerous and habit forming.

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