The Irony And The Idiocy

You can now listen to the archived audio of my Sept. 16th appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s radio show by visiting: or by clicking here. We discuss the record number of pot arrests for 2007, the presidential candidates’ positions on drug policy, and debate whether Drug Czar John Walters is a “reasonable” man.
Just days before the FBI released statistics indicating that police in 2007 arrested over 872,000 Americans — the most ever reported in law enforcement history — for violating pot laws, reigning Drug Czar (and pathological liar) John Walters alleged on C-Span, “We didn’t arrest 800,000 marijuana users. … That’s [a] lie.”
(Watch the video of Walters’ remarks here.)
The Czar’s nose grew another six inches when he uncorked this whopper: “The fact is today, people don’t go to jail for the possession of marijuana. Finding somebody in jail or prison for possession of marijuana is like finding a unicorn. It doesn’t exist.”
(The video can be seen here.)
Question: Why does the Drug Czar feel obligated to go to such absurd lengths to hide the fact that the criminal prohibition of cannabis is responsible for the arrest of hundreds of thousands of otherwise law-abiding Americans every year?
After all, the US Drug Enforcement Administration and the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy typically issue chest-thumping press releases when they achieve record busts for offenses involving cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine? Why then do they shy away from making similar proclamations for pot?
Perhaps it’s because, deep down, even the Drug Czar knows that the use of cannabis does not pose anywhere near the health and safety threat as does the use of other intoxicants, including alcohol, and that most Americans — rightly — would be outraged to learn that our nation’s so-called war on drugs is really just an assault on young adults caught with small bags of weed.

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  1. We see people being arrested on a regular bases on COPS for simple marijuana possession, so how can John Walters lie when we see it happening right in front of our faces just about every time we watch COPS?

  2. Again, his claims are ridiculous. You don’t need to serve a year in prison to experience the devastating effects of a possesion charge. Being convicted of possession of even a small amount of marijuana will shoot down your chances of receiving federal aid, loans, or housing, as well diminish your future chances of getting a job, or even lead to the suspension of parental rights. It doesn’t matter if the people who are arrested for marijuana use serve time. Even if NONE of the people arrested served time, the problems caused by their conviction would last much longer that a prison sentence. A criminal charge will stay with you for life. That’s far worse of a consequence than spending a year in prison.

  3. It may be a ‘war on young adults’ now but the first laws were written with pure racism in mind, to recover the slave labor lost when the north won the civil war, replacing it with prison labor.
    The real question i have to ask, is “when are these dimwits going to stop getting caught with minute amounts of cannabis?” I know cops sometimes plant drugs, as in the tragic case of that Atlanta grandmother who got narced out by a repeat offender, but I have trouble believing cops across the nation are so corrupt as to have planted more than a few of those 800,000.
    And besides, you’ve already pointed out its in his job description to lie; wouldn’t you feel uber-powerful if that were included in your job? I think even the most moral of us (me) would be tempted to lie here and there if it were included in our job descriptions to ‘fabricate the truth.’

  4. i think i just threw up a little… in my mouth… That is absolutely disgusting. I can hardly believe the down right, moronic tendencies of our leaders and higher ups… People, need to know the truth. People HAVE to know the truth. Is there any way we can get this in the mainstream media? Is there anyway we can bring this to the forefront? Putting the truth out there, and making sure it keeps going should be our goal. People should write to congress more often. People should write to congress, daily, if not hourly. We have to push this…We just have to…

  5. Wow, that’s some pretty blatant contradiction of facts there. I think somewhere in the confusing web of deception that Mr. Walters is attempting to weave there is an attempt to say that marijuana leads to a lifestyle of violence. Where are the facts to back that up?
    How is he able to dismiss the FBI crime report data as a lie? Exactly what are these bullshit Mickey Mouse studies that he does rely on instead? He was mentioning some studies or other there about teens, blah, blah, blah that are obviously the gospel to the NDOCP while meanwhile the rest of us “crazy pot smokers” must have been “hallucinating” about the 800,000 plus arrests reported by the FBI.

  6. With a nose like that he could make Disney movie and get and a new csreer, instead of trying to lie to the American people about the number of victims being put in jail for marijuana use. That is a lot of tax dollars going down the drain, WHAT A WASTE. He needs to smoke a doobie to get his mind back to reality, with the comment about people not being put in jail for marijuna use or possession is like smoking meth.. I guess the DEA (dead end atrocities) does not exist either. This is a election year and all the lies about statistics and surveys are trumped up. WHEN WILL THE SCOURGE OF THE SO CALLED DRUG WAR END. And by the way John Walters how much guilt do you carry on your shoulders when you go bed at night going day in and day out spreading lies and deception to the AMERICAN PEOPLE. I WONDER HOW YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT. Dreaming about UNICORNS.

  7. Has Walters read the Bible recently? Lying is on the top ten list of things you’re not supposed to do. Smoking marijuana is nowhere on that list.
    Does that list mean anything to him? Or has the Drug War usurped Christianity when it comes to establishing public standards of morality?

  8. uh uh uh…why is this guy focused solely on teenage kids smoking pot? maybe because the thought of kids smoking pot hits a nerve with parents and makes his ridiculous claims seem acceptable… but he fails to look at the bigger picture, which is the fact that responsible adults are much more likely to go to jail for smoking, possessing, or growing cannabis. honestly, what’s going to happen to a 15 year old kid who gets caught with a bag? He won’t go to jail! he’ll get sent home to his parents or get put in a drug awareness program.
    then you have the hundreds of thousands of adults who get screwed over for no reason, and who are expected to sit around and listen to this idiot babble about the non-existence of the reality that is jail time for possession! give me a break. someone needs to put this guy on a sinking ship and float him out to sea. with people like this running our government we’re going to have to miraculously vote them out of office or wait another 20 years until they die off.

  9. I must have a big horn on my forehead cause spending some time in the slammer for a possession arrest last year was a reality for me.
    Man, im off to find one of those Leprechauns…Now that i know they HAVE to exist.

  10. Listen, I disagree with this guy as much as you guys but in all fairness he does say “Finding a _first time_, _non-violent_ marijuana offender is like finding a unicorn and that probably is true. I live in CT which is one of the worst states for Marijuana laws and I’ve been arrested twice for possession and I still haven’t seen any time.

  11. Corrupt, ignorant, asshole. I can’t imagine how the Drug Czar can call a parent’s concern about the impact of a drug policy on kids idiotic and accuse them of just trying “to stick it to the man.”

  12. I don’t know that I would go so far as to say the drug war is “just an assault on young adults caught with small bags of weed.” Comments like that could be called a gaffe.
    The war on drugs has become more of a war on the sick and dying in medi-pot states more than anything…

  13. The underlying motives of this war on drugs include a lot of immoral things. A war on marijuana and the kind of young people that associate themselves with that culture is a large part to do with it. But what many people don’t understand is that the War against us began a long time ago, with different reasons behind it. It evolved into the most powerful weapon the government has over us. Not just us: blacks, Mexicans, industries, farmers, landowners, venues and business owners. Pretty much anything actually, and all because 1/2 of the population wants to enjoy their lives. It’s quite the sweet ride for the gov and for so long too. Having so much respect through fear, which can also be referred to as hatred. They get to arrest people who are compliant and happy and get so much credit for it by spinning the numbers around on all ends. The only way these men can be stopped is for the Democrats and the Republicans step aside for at least one term. They’re both NUCKING NUCKFUTS

  14. RE: Asemili’s comment, according to a 2005 study commissioned by the NORML Foundation, 74 percent of all Americans busted for pot are under age 30, and one out of four are age 18 or younger. We now have an entire generation that has been alienated to believe that the police and our government are instruments of their oppression rather than their protection.
    This disproportionate impact on youth will be a topic of discussion at this year’s NORML Conference. Come check it out!

  15. Anyone else find it ironic in that pic he’s standing before a banner/poster/whatever taller than him repeating ‘partnership for a drug-free America’ over and over ad infinitum while alcohol and tobacco, two legal drugs, kill roughly 500,000 Americans every year?
    And i lost 80% of my hearing due to drugs i was overprescribed when I was in the hospital in ’02. YAY war on (some) drugs! Just because minorities brought them to America when they emigrated here, so to make up for the slave labor they lost in 1865 when the north won the Civil war and outlawed slavery, they started stuffing their prisons with minorities who were using *their* drug of choice, instead of the white man’s drug: alcohol.
    of course, we needed a constitutional amendment to outlaw alcohol federally, and then another to repeal it, but there are no constitutional amendments banning cocaine (NOT a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it DOES have medicinal uses), heroin (also NOT sched. 1), psychedelic mushrooms (…)
    Pick up a copy of ‘The Marihuana Conviction’ at, or read that 2nd tinyurl I posted above, it’s the research that led to the publication of that book…in 1974.
    Congress created a series of hoops (severe taxation if one was caught with said substances without ALSO having a tax stamp in their possession, a tax stamp that would cost thousands for 5 dollars worth of actual product) so of course no one had one.
    But nowadays, it’s just ‘possession of —‘ and bang, you’re under arrest.
    Why don’t the cops immediately arrest each other as soon as they confiscate said substances? Are they then not in possession of the same drug that got Manuel D. el Publico arrested?
    Federal government has no right arresting people for intra-state matters, their only responsibility (constitutionally) is to protect from foreign enemies, and regulate INTERstate commerce. So how’d they get around that? They claimed ‘well, drug-y is illegal, so it didn’t grow in that state, so it must have come in from outside the state.’
    Then they pat themselves on the back for thinking up this incredibly novel, albeit illegal, procedure for arresting minorities.
    I don’t know how any of those motherfuckers can sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror. Then i remember they’re making billions exercising their freedom to discriminate.

  16. Mikmo6 –
    The ONDCP claims that a good percentage of people arrested for “any violation” test positive for pot.
    The facts are that a good percentage of those “any violation” arrests are for pot possession – so of COURSE a fair percentage tested positive for pot. No, they can’t really link pot with violent crimes but if they bend the truth/facts a little……….
    Patricia –
    Yeah, that’s funny. I read an article at Pete Guithers Drugwar rant about how walters is a good Christian. Wondered the same thing.
    By the by, I thought walters was victorious over teen pot use and ready to lead an intervention against adults like us who were in denial ?!
    Thanks NORML !

  17. I agree that marijuana is completely less harmful than alcohol. I’ve seen many lives fd up from alcohol and all the pot smokers i know are kind and peacefull people. Why is this not legal???

  18. People are being arrested yes, but how many of those are actually incarcerated? Most will get off with some community service unless they have a previous record. I did community service both times that I was arrested for possession. The only time that I saw was the few hours of lockup before my hearing.

  19. Why shouldn’t pinochio walters lie. He has gotten “away” with it for so long. As times are getting financially tougher by the day, it may not be such a bad idea to create a “myth” of over 3/4 million people locked up for pot. I’m sure this tax payer funded dimwit walters has figured out that 872,000 Americans in jail at a daily cost of approximately 100 bucks (average of $75.00 to 125.00 I’ve been told) comes to $ 31,828,000,000 per year! 31 billion plus. If I were walters I’d lie about that waste of money too!

  20. i’m on 5 years probation for 2 ounces!!they tried to give me 3 years prison!! i had to fight for 2 years in court with an expensive lawyer!! i can’t even go home to NM!! come to FL on vacation go home a convicted felon 7 years later!!!!!

  21. Fiscal irresponsible policy by our elected officials is distroying our county. It supports an industry of lawyers, prisons and the court system while the average working class suffers for it. Stop making criminals out of good people and get rid of these narrow minded individuals and support NORML!

  22. We ALL need to be involved, in whatever way we can, to put an end to this Crap. My god, I’m 63 years old and I’m STILL fighting the goddamn control freaks out there, those who think they know best how to live YOUR life. It’s election time, and it may or may not make a difference , BUT if Cannabis law reform is important to you , you need to vote for the candidates that have a record of support for that cause . From what I have read Obama/ Biden will NOT do a thing to change the way things are.In fact Biden is one of the biggest assholes that has helped make the laws what they are to-day. McCain/ Pallin pretty much suck also , BUT at least Pallin has some history with pot , and is the Governor of a State that supports Medical Marijuana, so maybe she will enlighten McCain ??? You can vote for Paul or maybe Barr, they at least have a position regarding Marijuana use, but we all know they don’t have a snowballs chance in hell of being elected. I guess you could vote for them and at least be able to say for the next four years ” Hey, don’t blame me , I voted for ****”and feel SMUG about it. My 2 cents worth, forget about the National leaders doing anything , ACT LOCALLY, Get involved with the local NORML , OR similar organization, work on your own states laws , if your state does not have a Medical Marijuana Law , work on getting it. Can you imagine, if ALL of the states had a Medical Marijuana law , how could the Federal Gov’t go against that ?
    Enough already ! , time to go take a relaxing break.

  23. Not only protect the market for alcohol pushers but the pharmaceutical chemical drug pushers and “doctors” too. Come to think of it many many industries, lumber, synthetics like Dupont which use petro based for plastics, lots of industries would either fall or be hurt really bad. Survivors would switch others would just fade into nothing. Our current government has recently shown its true face of fascism by taking over corporations, at first they were subtle with their fascism only allowing corporations to buy them out, now they are taking over corporations too, but only because of the same thing.. I could go on forever about this subject so I won’t. Instead of geting worked up here I’m going to Americans For Safe Access meeting in Hollywood tomorrow and getting involved like another very wise poster suggested: Louis I.forgot… kudos for trying to educate and get people motivated to pick up their cell phone for something that WILL benifit them or write an email that IS important. Im sure if people that can use a computer to write email and surf the web and think like we do all actually did something, we wouldnt need to be here posting this.. just a thought. Remember to always harrass your public servants, they ARE your servants, act like it.

  24. I guess thats another big fat lie, I didnt dream I was in prison for pot, it was unadvised people like you that lie and you will be judged, remember that

  25. Shit like this makes me want to seriously either lock and load or pick up and move from this fucked country to amsterdam. It’s too bad I have a good career and a wonderful family here in the US. Otherwise, it would not even be something I’d think about twice. I guess I’ll go down with the ship that big government is sinking.
    Lets just spend our way out of our problems. It seemed to work with Iraq… spending half a trillion + dollars on this bailout should work too? Hell, let’s amp up the “war on drugs too” they could use a few more billions while you got people in the US losing their homes and going hungry. This country makes me sick and it’s the fault of stupid party line loyalists who lack the ability to think for theirselves and question their goverment’s fault. How dare you, America! I wish we could wipe our nations federal laws, and start over with the constitution the way it was meant to be interpreted. Our founding father’s would hang their heads in shame when they see what their vision has devolved into.
    For being so dead set against socialism and communism, we are just a few more Bush bills away from making it a reality. Free MaRket is dead. Individual freedom is dead. What is left? The right to bear arms?

  26. So, what do We have here? Ignorance. Ignorance to the facts. The Drug Czar must Be Old J. Edgar Hoover’s Kin-folk, as they obviously think alike. For CHRIST SAKE, this is a NEW Millenium, PEOPLE!!! Where does it state that People should be imprisoned for a controlled substance that does MUCH less Harm than Alcohol & tobacco(recent study from The British Journal of Medicine)??? More and more, the facts speak for themselves. It makes NO Sense what-so-ever to lock up an innocent citizen for doing what comes naturally to ALL Animal life. There MUST be a reason why Deer are attracted to it, among many other mammals, Another FACT!!! See, deer aren’t attracted to alcohol. I can clearly see that Our Drug Czar is just another Alcoholic Baldhead in a corrupt Government, which is still in J. Edgar Hoover’s mentality. Why are Americans being cited, and arrested, and incarcerated for simple Pot possesion? If the Federal Government ever got up to speed with the rest of the World, this Country would be WAY better off. It makes NO sense what-so-ever to incarcerate someone for a simple non-violent drug offense. Do You know why there is Jail, and prison overcrowding??? That’s right, NON-Violent Drug Offenders. Why do These Innocent folks get placed into prisons with VIOLENT offenders, and are turned into hardened criminals INSIDE this twisted Federal Prison system? This is The United States of America. Let’s send a message to the rest of the World, that We are FAR from Stupid, and that We are NOT Ignorant. That when People enjoy THC, they are harming NO ONE. They are not getting into fights(Alcohol-related) They aren’t causing Police problems like alcohol related offenses/activities do. If Marijuana was legal, then police departments can put more cops on more important cases, like homicides, burglaries, etc… I still do not understand why alcohol is legal, and a simple ALL-Natural plant that was placed on this earth for a reason (marijuana) is a bad thing. Let’s compare. Alcohol related incidents, compared to Marijuana-related incidents, state by state. Now, I ask You America, Which one SHOULD be legalized, and which one shouldn’t be? Yo, Yo, Drug Czar, put the drink down, and try something MUCH healthier for You. Maybe You’ll live longer, and Your Liver will be in much better shape. Yeah, He prolly couldn’t handle it, anyway…. Pea-brained alkies can be like that. Another thing, Alcohol has been proven to be a VERY Addictive, and fatally addictive(Cold-Turkey detox) drug, that is VERY Detrimental to the entire health of the individual, Not just the threat of Cirrhosis of the liver, due to acute alcoholism. Brain cells are destroyed, among many many other detrimental afflictions, associated with chronic alcoholism. It is a PHYSICAL ADDICTION, the same as heroin withdrawal, only much more dangerous. People have died due to the intense shock to the system cold-turkey detox causes on the alcohol addicted Human. Now, I ask You, WHY is alcohol legal, with so many health risks involved? Let’s do another survey. Let’s ask the incarcerated People in our Prison systems if Alcohol played any role in their arrest and/or conviction? Again, I ask You, WHY is alcohol legal? Why is a virtually harmless, and much more beneficial natural growing plant illegal? Compared to the LION alcohol, it is a mouse. I can’t believe the sheer stupidity of the People that We elected into Government that still prefer to KEEP OUR PRISONS Full of NON-VIOLENT Drug offenders(Marijuana-related). Apparently there is more money in building More prisons, and ruining People’s Lives, than in actually helping this Country, and what the PEOPLE TRULY WANT!!! LISTEN TO US, WE PUT YOU IN The position You are in, NOW do what We elected You for. To make this HOME of OURS safe, secure, and free of unneccessary drug arrests that does nothing but ruin this country. If marijuana was legal, there wouldn’t be as much gang-war activities over “drug-turf”. It would free up Police to go after real crimes against Our Homes, safety and well-being. Come On America, Let’s stop putting People away for simple possession of a natural occurring plant. It harms WAY more People when it is kept illegal, and innocent non-violent drug offenders of afore mentioned plant, are turned into violent criminals in this prison system. All for enjoying what Humans have enjoyed for millenia. I’m appalled at the way our Goverment takes a dim look at marijuana. What, they never tried it? If this drug czar had his way, he would do what his old kronie J. Edgar would do; LOCK UP EVERYONE that has ever used it. That’ll teach ’em…. Teach Us what? That our Goverment is so blind to the facts that they would prefer to ruin someone’s life, than give the People what they have wanted for a very long time. To be simply left alone. HEY, lets save a lot of money, and even make some money. LEGALIZE IT.
    Hemp is a very important renewable resource. It is used in clothing manufacturing, Construction materials(Hemp-Board is like 5 times or more stronger than Ply-wood, and cheaper to make), making paper, bio-fuels, cosmetics, and the list goes on. What America NEEDS is something that is inexpensive to grow, and creates jobs, and revenue. HEMP. Turn it into a cash crop. Our Founding Fathers knew the importance of Hemp. That was why they all grew it. That’s right. They all did. I just cannot understand why hemp isn’t a cash crop to the dwindling farmers in this country, today. If they had something more valuable to grow, I’m sure they would. H E M P. It is easy to grow, it matures rather quickly(Short growing season), and doesn’t harm the soil, or the environment. We could be the World leading producer of Hemp, Hemp related Products, and hemp research. Did You know Ford experimented with Hemp polymers in manufacturing stronger, lighter Car Bodies? The possibilities are endless. For one thing, Our forests won’t have to be wiped out for our need of wood, and wood products. Hemp would alleviate some of the dependencies on wood, and save our forests, which are being cut down at an alarming rate. The trees that are replanted, are mostly non-native trees that grow faster, for harvesting of more wood. If Hemp replaced this, then there wouldn’t be such a need for wood. Forests are saved, some lumber jobs are ended, but many new jobs are created from growing, and harvesting Hemp, and everyone is happy. I know this is a lengthy note, but the facts are there. This problem with prison overcrowding, the ruined lives of GOOD Law-abiding citizens, and “Criminalizing” these innocent People all over the nation due to one harmless plant is unneccessary, uncalled for, and just …. STUPID. Come On America, let’s leave the dark ages behind, and lets make America a Country where EVERYONE is TRULY Proud to say, “I’m an American, and Proud of it”… Until America gets out of the dark ages, then More innocent lives are ruined, and for what? This 20 millionth Pot bust is an embarrassing thing, and I can see why this has been kept, for the most part, out of the main media. We are embarrassed that We still put non-violent drug offenders behind bars for simple possession. Yeah, this 20 millionth Pot bust is truly a black eye on the American Public….What a shame.. Come on law-makers, (“Crazy alcoholic baldheads”) put down the drink, and light up, and/or leave me(US) alone…. NOW is the time to legalize a beneficial plant, NOW is the time for change. Let’s do it before it gets more late, as it has been far too late in coming, already. Lets Make America GREEN!!!! By Green, I mean MORE $$$ for EVERYONE!!!!

  27. Excuse me, I mis-quoted, It was a British Think-tank that established that Marijuana is less harmful than Alcohol, or tobacco. I mis-quoted by saying it was the British Journal of Medicine. I apologize for the mis-quote

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