You Asked For The Public's Opinion; Now When Are You Going To Act On It?

In August I commented on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s revealing interview with CNN, where she called on the public to actively voice their support for marijuana law reform.
“We have important work to do outside the Congress in order for us to have success inside the Congress.” Pelosi said. “[W]e need peoples’ help to be in touch with their members of Congress to say why this (marijuana law reform) should be the case.”
Ask and you shall receive.
In the past few months the public has taken their message to the hallowed halls of Washington, DC in unprecedented numbers:
Over 700 individuals have posted comments to The’s influential Congress Blog calling on lawmakers to amend federal marijuana policy;
In December, a question calling for the legalization of marijuana bested over 7,300 public policy issues to claim the top spot in’s inaugural ‘Open for Questions’ poll;
In a follow up poll conducted by this month, marijuana law reformed was the eighth-most popular question voted on by the public, out of a staggering 76,000 issues;
This week, the question “legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana” finished first (by nearly 5,000 votes) in’s inaugural “Ideas for Change’ online poll;
And finally, in yet a third poll hosted by the Obama Transition Team, the public’s call for “ending marijuana prohibition” is — you guessed it — polling ahead of all other issues. (To participate in this latest poll, please visit: and click on “popular ideas.”)
In short Madam Speaker, the people have done their part — just as you requested. The question now is: When are your colleagues and the incoming administration going to do their part to end the federal government’s war on marijuana consumers?

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  1. I am happy to see that marijuana legalization is going to become a wide and spread issue among America. As blogged before, three US television networks are going to broadcast coverage about the issue (I set my computer to record them all :-D). The Obama administration may have tried to blow off and ignore this issue, but now that four different surveys with different rules have listed marijuana at the top (or close to), they can’t. They’ll have to do something. Congrats, and keep pushing the issue! Don’t give up!

  2. The people have spoken and will continue to speak loud and clear.
    Marijuana has entered the mainstream. The American public is tired of their tax dollars being wasted on a futile and damaging war on pot.
    It’s time for the politicians to start listening.

  3. Surely cannabis rescheduling should be a top priority of the new Congress. Otherwise the inherent contradiction of respecting the states which have made medical marijuana legal while claiming federally that cannabis has no medicinal use cannot be resolved. Barack Obama needs to keep being pushed on this issue and so does Nancy Pelosi. Thank you Paul and NORML for getting the word out.

  4. YES, YES, YES!! We have commented, we have written our “leaders, we have emailed the Transition Team, we have spent time educating ourselves on the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Let the gardeners save the world. TAX IT!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why trust him on any policy at this point, eh? He’s just as bad as Nixon! That bastard…but in a different respect, of course.

  6. the president is “hired” to uphold the will of the people,if he doesn’t what good is he for us,if he denies our will then he should be “fired” right!! if mcdonalds hired me to do there will and i didn’t i would be fired right!! pray obama didn’t lie to us on his aplication!!the will of the people have spoken,now start listening and follow thru with our will Mr. President Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. well,I HOPE this shows the goverment that we(americans)feel strong about cannabis reform.I honestly dont understand why its so wrong to CHANGE.what dont they understand after 70yrs of prohibition we will still smoke and luv this awesome,useful creation legal or illegal.I urge friends of cannabis culture you have to OPEN YOUR INNER STRENGH and do what you can do.Even if you put a bumper sticker on your helpd the cause.I WROTE to my pa congressmen(thanks with help from norml,mpp),I ran off flyers from MPP and handed them out.I talk to people who have simalar thoughts but are afraid to express themself.BELIEVE me this is the right time 4 this. I feel real good about what to come.we hve to show the opposition is we are real,the organizations r real.and show them more than the stoner image they protray us when u write that letter be respectful and show them that we are educated cannabis consumers.AND IF U DIDNT SIGN THE MARC EMERY EXTRADITION PETITION U SHOULD.www, ?needs the support of cannabis tokers world wide. that man has been a great actiivist.he has stired the POT of the goverment and they dont like it.I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A GOOD HIT WITH NORML,MPP,SAFER AND ALL CANNABIS LUVERS.much luv 4ALL THE STATES THAT HAVE FOLLOWED CALIS LEAD INTO MEDICAL CANNABIS , SWISS,CANADA AND OF COURSE AMSTERDAM 4 looking into cannabis with an open mind.U HAVE TO DO YOUR PART

  8. Support the War on the people who use drugs and you support not only Fascism, but you support the drug cartels and the enemies of the USA such as the Taliban and there by killing your own soulgers. You will be supporting the destructions of families. You will be supporting the waste of tax money used to fight the war on people who use drugs. You will be supporting street gangs and their shooting up of the streets. You will be supporting the corruption of police, military, judges and politicians like your self Mr. Obama.
    Mr. Obama you know that the war on people who use drugs is fundamentally unjust in so many ways and the end result is death. If you ignore this, it will prove only one thing and that is that you are just another piece of fascist shit, just a little darker skinned than the rest.

  9. We must not back down. It’s time to come out of the shadows and stop hiding from the persecution and prosecution we’ve been suffering for the last 30 years and demand our lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness back from the government. I am speaking as loudly as I can is anyone listening? I hope our leaders mean what they say and that it’s not just more empty suits with hollow words to appease the citizenry. As Gahandi said, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. Let Congress and President Obama do what’s right and change our country for the better. Let us lead by example from the top down. Now is the time for change. If not now then when?
    Blessed be~

  10. I have been trying to come up with another view that maybe hasn’t been covered and guess what I can’t!! There is absolutely no reason to ignore this subject, the American people that are involved in the change of America are speaking out with more valid facts than myths and should be heard, it is freedom of choice that is being denied. In some cases absolute freedom all because this is not a political agenda. This is really sickening, I expected more and really am not surprised. If this administration cannot get over the myths, political standing,and the absolute fear of the publics opinion, then I fear I will think no differently of this administration than others. My energy could be focused on the projects in mind that would benefit from this reform, but instead I am still and will continue to try my best to leave my support on every ballot, every poll, every call that will bring attention to this issue. The funny thing about this whole topic is ITS NOT INFUSING MORE DEBT TO OUR FUTURE AND CURRENT ECONOMIC CRISIS. So my question to the “Briefing Book Committe and all other polls for that matter) Why is the impression of when the legalization topic was ahead of other polls it magically was removed from the main page of your websites? Another, what else do the supporters of reform need to do to make it clear that we have spoken? I am sure it is not hard to check final poll (the topic was #1 at 5:15 est but slipped to #2 on friday), on the poll this topic had the most votes Friday afternoon, that night removed from front page. Why are the rights of the people in favor of this issue being oppressed? The speech given by Barack Obama today was the absolute opposite in regards to this issue. I am sure there are many reasons that many politicians shy away from this issue, but the most obvious is THEY HAVE IGNORED THEIR MAIN DUTY AS PUBLIC SERVANTS.So if any politicians, Obama team reading, make a comment as to how this issue is not valid with all the research documented recently on this natural herb? How many supporters are needed for you to even consider this a valid (main stream ) matter? The list could go on. Quick example The Obama Admin. asks Americans to trust his plan to a better tomorrow, borrowing (taking) taxpayers money to stimulate and ultimately save our economy, the supporters are simply asking for the reason for avoidance of this issue and what do you need? Also what can you do within your spectrum, with information you have hopefully gained? You know the money you budget every fiscal year for the “war on drugs vs. the freedom of choice for taxpaying Americans, money wasted on an idea that does not work, programs in place significantly underfunded that could benefit, etc. What else???

  11. IT is time for marijuana to be legal in the united states pepole should not be scared to fire up a joint for medical or recreaional use .

  12. The bottle-neck is not the US, it is the “UN”…
    Sec. 811. Authority and criteria for classification of substances
    (d) International treaties, conventions, and protocols requiring control; procedures respecting changes in drug schedules of Convention on Psychotropic Substances
    (1) If control is required by United States obligations under international treaties, conventions, or protocols in effect on October 27, 1970, the Attorney General shall issue an order controlling such drug under the schedule he deems most appropriate to carry out such obligations, without regard to the findings required by subsection (a) of this section or section 812(b) of this title and without regard to the procedures prescribed by subsections (a) and (b) of this section.

  13. Prior to the debacle I was unaware of the actuality of this movement, and I’m pleased to come across organizations working for a change in legislation I’ve long thought overdue. I cannot speak for anyone else, but I personally had vested much hope in Obama’s promise of logical evaluation of legislation and open discussion of what is often a taboo subject in the media. Thus far I’ve been disappointed with how he’s since dismissed the subject, obscuring its popularity on through reorganizing any polls where it featured highly and leading an administration responding only with rhetoric. I should hope that others are similarly outraged, that at last we may press onward through the tangled web of legislation on the state level, and progress as a society beyond the close mindedness that we’ve promoted and taught to children for seven decades. While an executive endorsement would have been nice, actual change is likely only to happen as it has been: slowly gaining momentum state to state as decriminalization and medical use becomes ever more accepted so that one day legalization and regulation may occur as a small step rather than a great leap.

  14. Let’s keep reminding our new President that we as American’s are not going to keep silent. Just like Rosa Parks, we are not going to sit in the back of the bus on this issue!!!! Man up Mr. President and lead us into sanity based on Science!!! Free of from this Evil Legacy of Prohibition Now!!!!!!

  15. Crash is correct. At the same time the other side is looking for any little indiscretion to break our balls. Humans love their pot but pot is not considered a social thing and the other side, regardless of the facts, trys to sell the theory of health issues and non medicinal purposes for the reason of illegality. When a jury sits on a case they have to use all available evidence for their decision. With the marijuana case it seems that the judge has not been seated in the same courtroom and disregarded the jurys finding. Is’nt this contempt of court? Can we charge them ,after we get our decrim, for obstruction of justice?

  16. I wish the goverment would use comensese and decriminalize marijuna it’s safer than the persciption drugs that i half to take because of the spinal injuries I have from being hit in the head by a track hoe.

  17. my mistake, she has a site tho i just left her a message. make sure yu get the “speaker” page and not 8th district california

  18. BHO IS working on this. He is preparing the ground to make it possible by working on the problem of Big Bucks lobbyists who impede democratic action and en-actment of legislation necessary for all progress. I think this is one of the best possible 1st steps he can take for the sake of ALL the things WE NEED to CHANGE.

  19. It is long past due that the lies and propaganda of the 1930’s should hold sway. Cannabis can be an importent part of turning this economic crisis around. For those of you still myred in the lies of Anslinger and Randolph Hearst actually read factual studies about Cannabis use. Let this amazing plant, with all it’s potential for bettering our society rise from the pyre of missinformation and lies. Find out how and why it really became illegal. Mr. President end the maddness that is hysteric Prohibition. Do what you know is right and call off the dogs of the DEA. It is time to legalize God’s gift. Legalize Cannabis. Alcohol, number one contributer to Domestic violence, world wide.

  20. WE should bombard all the politico’s with emails ,over and over’ until they do something constructive on their part

  21. I wish I had known about this poll on much earlier. I found out to late to vote, and post my opinion and pass it along to others.
    I am glad to see that it was a top priority in 3 different polls.
    But I am sad at the numbers, it didn’t even hit 10,000 votes. Personally I would think that just in my town alone, that there are 10,000 users of marijuana. Now, these are people still getting up at going to work and raising families and going to school (college) that are doing all the same things, just as well as those that do not use. If I had know about this poll, I would have made sure others knew about it as well.
    I have seen many people who use, or have used. They have not gone nuts, caused any kind of crime (other then using) while using, unless you want to call having the munchies a crime. I have seen these people have families and stop using or limit there use because they want to be responsible around there children. Just like they would be using a legal more harmful drug called alcohol.
    Here is the thing, people are smoking every day in every walk of life already. I’m sure every one knows someone who uses, even if they don’t actually know that they do.
    And that’s it, I have seen people smoke and go in front of others that have no clue they have just smoked. Yet drink and you could tell that someone has consumed alcohol.
    I personally live with someone with an alcohol problem. He has gotten violent in the past, ended up in jail because of it on a few occasions . In 25 years had 3 dui’s. Lost countless jobs, weather he quit or was fired due to the alcohol. He looses his memory, has blackouts. Does things he would not normally do. Like think he is in the bathroom when he is in a completely different room. Not eating because it will kill his alcohol buzz. Not get up the next morning for work because he is hung over. Continue to still get into a car when he feels he could get away with it, while drinking even thou he has had 3 dui’s. Causing arguments and saying stupid messed up things. Playing mind games etc.
    And now this drug is legal.
    I have not seen any kind of behavior like this in anyone that uses marijuana. And I know or have come across a good handful of people that use or have used.
    People who used in the past, that now defend our country. They gave it up so they could.
    It’s said that marijuana is addicting, I don’t see it. Now im not saying there isn’t anyone out there that is not addicted to it. But on a whole it is not addicting like alcohol or cigarettes.
    I have seen where a family had limited funds for the week and well they pass on the buying of marijuana for that week cause they could not afford it. But absolutely refuse to give up the alcohol or cigarettes to buy food instead because they are so addicted to them. If the marijuana was addicting they wouldn’t give that up either.
    Go figure.
    The things I see that would make a difference in legalizing marijuana is that the same people who smoke would still be smoking, less people would be in jail for it. Freeing up space in the jails. And freeing up money that could be used else where.
    Freeing up time to work on more important issues like finding murderers and rapists and child molesters and finding missing children. I think that is more important then putting someone in jail for smoking a joint who is sitting in front of their tv in there own house having the munchies, not causing any harm to anyone. hmmm
    And next, legalizing it would stimulate the economy. Sell it, tax it, as stated above free up funds for other things. Use hemp to do our environment better, bring jobs to those who would farm it, make clothing out of it in the US not else where, sell the clothing and other products to those out of the US.
    I had read were someone said well, people will grow it and that will not help the economy.
    Ok look at it this way. I have worked in grocery stores most of my working life. In the summer people BUY seeds to grow tomatoes, they BUY plants already started from a nursery to plant in your own garden.
    Does this stop people in the summer from buying tomatoes at all. NO it does not. Most people do not have time nor want to devote that kind of time and energy to have a garden. In this day and age, we are a custom to get things now. Fast food, vegetable/fruit tray that are already peeled cut and put on a platter ready to go. Cookies on platters for Christmas, Birthday cakes etc
    So you really think the couple of plants in comparison is going to ruin the idea of using it to stimulate the economy? I think not.
    I apologize for my long post but I really wanted to share my thought on this subject.

  22. You know what could come about if pot was legalized? Tax payers money would actually be put to good use, instead of paying for overcrowding jail cells. This could also help the economy, no shit. Not just by taxing marijuana, but in the industrial use of hemp is almost endless. This would bring the unemployment rate down for jobs in the industrial area. Pot is a VERY universal element in this world. Not just a drug. Then there is the medical uses of marijuana. Helps decrease the possibility of Alzheimer’s. And also an anti-depressant!? Come on people it is not that bad.
    Just remember legalize, regulate, educate, medicate!

  23. I would like to see all responsable pot users march into their local law enforsement and light up on the same day. If we overwhelmed them with our numbers they will have to stop the madness.

  24. Why can we not just take pot off the list of schedule one drugs, that would end all the fighting. The sience backs removal from the list.
    What is the problem????

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