The Kellogg Company Drops Michael Phelps, The Cannabis Community Drops Kellogg's

It may have been expected, but that doesn’t make it right.
Late Thursday, cereal and snack manufacturer Kellogg’s announced that it will not renew its sponsorship contract with 14-time Olympic gold medal champion Michael Phelps. The company said that Phelps’ recent acknowledgment of marijuana use, and subsequent apology, was “not consistent with the image” of the company.
We disagree!
As NORML wrote earlier this week, it’s not Michael Phelps who should be castigated, but rather it’s the absurd and hypocritical laws that criminalize the behavior of Phelps and tens of millions of other successful and productive Americans like him that is worthy of condemnation.
Millions of Americans agree. In fact, in the past week dozens of high profile pundits and commentators — including Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post, Stanton Peele in the Wall Street Journal, and Doug Bandow in National Review Online — have demanded a repeal of America’s archaic and overly punitive pot laws.
Michael Phelps is in good company. Nearly one out of two Americans have admitted using marijuana. Whether or not the most decorated athlete in history chooses to unwind during his off time with a glass of wine or a bit of cannabis is really none of the government’s — or our — business.
Please take time today to contact the Kellogg Corporation. Tell them that you oppose their decision to drop Michael Phelps and that, as a result of their actions, you will not be purchasing any Kellogg’s related products for the next three months (or until the company decides to reinstate the Phelps as their spokesperson).
There are several ways you can make your opinion known to the company.
You can call Kellogg’s main telephone number during east coast business hours, Monday through Friday, at: (269) 961-2000 or toll free at: 1 (800) 962-1413.
You can e-mail Kellogg’s consumer services department by visiting:
You can contact Kellogg’s media relation department at: 269-961-3799 or via e-mail at
You can e-mail Kellogg’s corporate responsibility department at:
You can e-mail Kellogg’s investor relations department at:
Or finally, you can write the Kellogg Company a letter at:
One Kellogg Square
P.O. Box 3599
Battle Creek, MI 49016-3599
When contacting the company, please be polite and concise. Tell them:
“Hi, my name is _____________ and I’m a frequent consumer of Kellogg’s products.
Nearly one out of two Americans has used marijuana. This includes tens of thousands of prominent, highly successful Americans — including our current President. Michael Phelps should not be stigmatized nor condemned for private behavior that he, and millions of others, engage in.
The majority of the public, as well as those in the media, are standing behind Michael Phelps and so am I. I will no longer be purchasing Kellogg’s brand products until your company reverses its decision and reinstates Michael Phelps as your spokesperson.”
Thank you for standing up against the needless discrimination of cannabis consumers.

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  1. I have not purchased Kellogg’s products or their related companies
    since this happened. It is completely ludicrous. Do even the board members of the main corporation of Kellogg’s understand the implications?
    Does anyone have an update on this situation. I would like to know.

  2. Oh man… it’s an hypocrite act of kelloggs, everybody knows he is the best inside the water. Anything can get it off.
    I don’t like Kellogg’s anymore. Goodbye!

  3. When grocery shopping if I see someone buying a Kellogg’s product i tell them about the botcott.

  4. Kellogg’s will not change its mind. It wants people to think about Frosted Flakes, not marijuana laws or use. Kellogs has no desire to be a spokesman for or against this mariuana reform. Its focus is its bottom line.
    Kelloggs is not the issue. The irrational and self-destructive marijuana laws. We need to argue the facts. Thousands of lives are damaged, millions of dollars are wasted and law enforcement is diverted from more serious crime. This isn’t about family values, it is about common sense.

  5. Michael Phelps is being descriminated by Kelloggs for what doing something that is normal.Why is it you try to steal all his accomplishments away. Smoker are not he’s done to work prove to the world he is the best swimmer.So What he smokes pot most people in America smokes are we all losers? What I hate the most is people who judge you with out any clue about what marijuana is and the affects it has on the human body. Do your home work marijuana is safer than alcohol and fixes the side affects of alcohol! Stop decriminating people who smoke should be your biggest fans, after smoking I could eat two bowels of cereal But now it won’t be Kelloggs.

  6. the email was sent and they WILL be hearing from me and america this is what i call a perfect example of fucking shit and wth combined to form a whopping
    OMFG you fucking pricks its just marijuana

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