NORML's Weekly Legislative Round Up

Wow, things are really heating up! If you have not yet gotten active in your state, now is most definitely the time to start. State legislatures around the country are taking significant strides to reform their marijuana laws, and here’s how you can help!

California: On Monday, state Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced AB 390, The Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act — the first bill ever in legislature to legalize and regulate the commercial production and sale of marijuana in California. You can see local, network, and national media coverage of this effort here, here, and here. If you live in California, please go here to contact your state assemblyman and urge him or her to support AB 390.
New Jersey: Lawmakers took a major step on Monday toward making New Jersey the fourteenth state to legalize the medical use of cannabis. Senators voted 22 to 16 in favor of Senate Bill 119, the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. But this battle is only half over. Members of the New Jersey Assembly must also vote on this issue. If you reside in New Jersey, please take a moment to contact your members of the state assembly and urge them to support companion bill, A804. You can further support this effort by contacting the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey or NORML New Jersey.
**Note: Additional information and interviews regarding these breaking events in California and New Jersey are available here on the NORML Daily Audio Stash podcast.
Montana: Ready for even more good news? Senate lawmakers in Montana today voted 28 to 22 in favor of SB 326, which seeks to expand the state’s medical marijuana laws. As introduced, SB 326 (1) Expands the number of qualifying conditions for which marijuana may be legally recommended; (2) Increases the amount of marijuana a patient may legally possess; and (3) Prohibits employers and landlords from discriminating against medicinal marijuana patients solely because of their medical status. NORML thanks all of you who took the time to support this important measure, which now moves to the House for consideration. For more information about this and other statewide marijuana law reform efforts in Montana, please contact Montana Patients and Families United or Montana NORML.
Washington: Finally, last week the Senate Judiciary Committee approved SB 5615, which seeks to reduce the penalty for minor marijuana possession offenses to a civil fine of no more than $100. You can listen to audio from the hearing and vote here. This proposal now goes before the Senate Rules Committee, which must take action on the bill to put it before the full Senate. Tell them to do so by going here.

To learn about additional pending legislation in Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, and Texas, please visit NORML’s Legislative Action Alerts page here.

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  1. Californians in support of AB 390 should mark every dollar that goes through their hands with “C = $”. That’ll get the message through fast.

  2. OMG OMG
    plz everyone thats from cali support your representatives and give em a call or mail them
    even though the prices are “high” this becoming leagal is a MAJOR break through. lower prices can come later besides if you want to convince people against pot just tell em that its gonna help the economy see if that dont convince them otherwise

  3. Dear Florida,
    Please, look onto your Oceanside friend California, think about what a huge amount of money you would make. TAX ME!!!

  4. I’m extremely happy to hear all this good news for the people of those states.
    Any new words on Wisconsin yet?

  5. I am in Utah and it will be the last state to do anything on this cuz utah sucks. theyr a bunch of goody good mormons. Ill have to move

  6. try Fl.there so Backwords its un funny. i live here i hate it but i love the weather. please oooo please. decriminalise it

  7. momentum! keep it going, do more than read about it. burn a stamp, make a phone call, tell a friend. This is the time!

  8. Florida has the best weed laws, get caught with 20g+ it’s a felony! Way to go florida, you bunch of idiots! FREE FLORIDA!

  9. I think this will be a HUGE turning point if California in fact does legalize personal use of marijuana. My hope is that every state will follow Cali’s lead and start thier own decriminalization of marijuana.

  10. @Rick – definitely all americans who support cannabis law reform should start marking their bills. I just thought it should start in Cali since they are much closer to THE DREAM.
    @Typodemon – Glad you agree… now that two more people are on board, keep promoting the meme.

  11. OK, so I changed my mind. The idea of everybody marking bills has some romantic charm but doesn’t really get at the 121 people that hold the fate of AB 390 in their hands.
    What every cannabis law reformer in every state and country needs to do is send as much cash as you can afford to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Mark it if you like. The address is:
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
    Office of the Governor
    State Capitol
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    Get it? Spread it.

  12. this is great, if cali legalizes it and the rest of the nation sees how much better their economy is i think the idea with spread like wildfire. All it takes is one and soon the rest will follow… hopefully


  14. i’m all for it, but I think the tax is a bit silly. The plant thrives in California’s climate. No one would need to buy it. ..Though eliminating the investigating, conviction and prison costs will make a dent.

  15. I honestly believe that once California legalizes marijuana, a domino effect will begin. I have faith that we will see progress by leaps and bounds after this. Once this bill gets passed, things will get better exponentially. Keep the faith! I know we can do this!

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