Over 2,500 NORML Supporters Contacted Their Legislators This Week! Did you?

Over the past few weeks, an unprecedented number of you have used NORML’s Capwiz tools to write your legislators in support of pending marijuana law reform in your state. In fact, so far this week more than 2,500 of you have taken the time to e-mail your elected officials! And while this tally is impressive — and your actions are making a political difference — think about this:
Did you know that each time a legislator hears from a constituent, they count it as representing much more than that one person’s opinion? The numbers below illustrate just how much of a difference you can make by sending an e-mail, writing a letter, or placing a call.
one e-mail represents 100 people
one letter represents 500 people
one phone call represents 500 people
one personal visit represents 1000 people
In other words, the 2,500 e-mails (and counting) generated this week represent the public opinion of 250,000! And those 8,500 e-mails generated by NORML supporters in February represent the public opinion of 850,000 Americans!
Is it any wonder that legislators in Montana, New Jersey, Illinois, and Minnesota have all voted in favor marijuana law reform in just the past few days? Politicians in those states heard from you — and they received the message loud and clear. And they have responded!
With this kind of strong showing of support, how could they not have?
Of course, now is hardly the time to rest on our collective laurels. In fact, now is the time to step up our efforts and make our voices heard at an even higher decibel!
If you haven’t written your state elected officials, now is the time to visit NORML’s Action Alert page and do so. If you have already written your state senator and representative, why not pick up the phone today and give them a personal phone call? Or even better, if legislation is currently pending before a Committee in your state, take time out to call the Chairperson of that Committee and urge him or her to support sensible marijuana law reform. Need contact information? You can find it all here.
In the coming days, legislators in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Montana will hold hearings and/or votes on significant marijuana reform measures. On Tuesday, March 10, members of the Montana House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony in favor of House Bill 541, which seeks to reduce marijuana possession penalties to a $100 fine! Want to see this proposal become law? Then consider sending and e-mail or getting on the phone.
In the fifteen years I’ve been with NORML, I’ve never witnessed legislators more responsive to enacting common sense pot law reform than right now. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to hear from you.
So keep up the pressure and act now! Changes are on the horizon, and your efforts are helping to make them a reality.

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  1. I hope everyone who took time to comment here has contacted their Representative. E-mail is better than nothing but a letter is better! Feel free to utilize this communique.
    Dear Representative ___________,
    The time for waiting to see who is going to be the first to take a stand against Prohibition is past. It’s a can of worms that needs to be opened. If legalizing marijuana will bring billions of dollars into our State Budget, don’t you feel you have a moral obligation to either come up with a better way, or blaze the trail to a balanced budget by trusting in education.
    Please introduce a bill such as California’s Bill AB 390: the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which will reap the economic benefit of an herb capable of producing enormous profits, whose by-products can help save the earth; and taxes from sales, the economy? Where else is the money going to come from? America needs the Hemp Industry.
    I’ve yet to hear one logical argument supporting prohibition based on facts; they’re all based in fear! It’s time for commonsensical decision making and it’s time now to overcome our worst fears! I don’t know anyone who thinks that they will become a drug addict, if marijuana is legalized! We are Americans and we can brave the fears of change. We need our leaders to be willing to make those really tough choices that others run away from. At the very least, it’s an answer! It may not be the one we all want, but it is a solid source of revenue. There really is no other option in sight, is there? This way we could afford unsurpassed all-embracing Drug Education and Treatment Programs.
    California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano is to be applauded for having the intestinal fortitude to stand up and admit that The King Has No Clothes! It’s important that this legislation be written and introduced as soon as possible, so that other States will follow suite; normal.org can help. Thank you!

  2. RE #41 Bob Searcy, or should I say Deputy Bob Searcy wants you to be sure and sign your name.
    RE #16 Your Rep. responded to your E-mail by asking for your address and phone # so he could discuss the matter further. I hope you were smart enough not to give it to him, if not I’m afraid he’s gonna be a little bit busy in the near future, but he will send his a few of his friends by in a patrol car to discuss your concerns, hell they might even bring their dog.
    FACT: Law enforcement reads the NORML blogs as well as subscribe to HIGH TIMES. Fight the good fight, YES, but use your brain. Signed, addressed, non-anonymous letters opposing the war on drugs sent to politicians CAN AND WILL be fowarded to LAW ENFORCEMENT. THERE’S A REASON YOU’VE NEVER SEEN A NORML BUMPER STICKER.
    P.S. James 23, Who does the Governor send something “up the ladder to”.

  3. Fight the good fight at the ballot box. It’s safe, easy, and anonymous. Also the only way to change anything in the U.S.A. When we pot smokers stop voting for the likes of Rep. Joe Rice, D-Glendale, and in the Senate by Sen. Brandon Shaffer, D-Boulder. If you live in Colorado and are serious about Marijuana Reform these two have got to go. If you live in Colorado, smoke weed and vote for either of these two, YOU DESERVE WHAT YOU GET.

  4. Here in Mo. its still a fight with the legalization of marijuana. My friend resently just got convicted for having a quarter on him. The goverment just needs to loosen up and cut us potheads a break. We dont hurt anyone. We chill and clean out the fridge, but we never really cause problems.

  5. We need to stop this war on marijuana. Its a medicine for people that have physical and mental illnesess. It helps migrains, stress, gets rid of the nausea when you have the flu, and ect… We are hard working middle class people that don’t want any trouble and just want to be left alone in peace. We should be able to smoke a joint instead of drinking a beer once in a while. The prisons should be filled with more murders, rapesists, and pediphiles instead of the non violent criminals with peddy little marijuana charges. We need to weave out the bad people, heal the sick, and maybe even boost the economy a little bit.

  6. Would NEW YORK please hurry up in doing something? We are a state in dire crisis, with a Governor that is trying to fix decades of wrongs in under 12 months. Do the medical thing and then follow suit with Cali & Mass and make it available to the greater population….What’s taking so long?
    Seriously! NEW YORK wake up and pass it already!


  8. For those wondering about Wisconsin NORML, it is in the process of being reorganized as a statewide group. As far as the website, it has been updated, and we are always looking for volunteers with skills like editing web pages, video, creating literature, contacting reps, etc. We are spread pretty thin!
    Madison NORML meets the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month at Escape Coffee, 940 Williamson St., across from Hempen Goods on Madison’s East Side. Next meeting is June 8 at 7pm.
    The mmj bill is coming soon. WI NORML is also on Facebook, along with Madison NORML and Is My Medicine Legal YET? (IMMLY).
    We can pass a bill, but we are going to need all hands on deck! Everyone needs to find out who their state senator and state assembly rep are and get to know them. Make them comfortable with mmj.
    Finally, the 39th Annual Great Midwest Marijuana Harvest Festival is Oct. 1-4 in Madison. New website and once again looking for volunteers: MadisonHempFest.org.
    Gary Storck
    WI NORML, etc.
    PS: Medical Cannabis vigil at the WI State Capitol on Sunday June 7, 2009, 7:30-9:20 pm.

  9. I was under the impression that this bill is brought before the House every year or so. If I remember correctly, it failed last time by a 200-some odd vote against and 150-ish in favor.
    Though it gains votes every time it is brought up, I don’t think we can count on it passing without some strong activism on our part. As others have said, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact your elected officials (repeatedly!) and let them know you support this legislation! Don’t give up and don’t give in!

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