Obama 'Open For Questions' About The Economy — Ask Him To Support Taxing And Regulating Marijuana

WhiteHouse.gov is once again asking the public to pose questions directly to President Obama via its ‘Open For Questions‘ service. The topic of this week’s forum is the national economy, and not surprisingly, many of you have already put forward questions to the President regarding the taxation and regulation of cannabis.
For example, the most popular question in the category “Budget” is: With over 1 out of 30 Americans controlled by the penal system, why not legalize, control, and tax marijuana to change the failed war on drugs into a money making, money saving boost to the economy?”
Similarly, under the topic “Financial Stability,” most asked question is: Would you support the bill currently going through the California legislature to legalize and tax marijuana, boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence?”
Marijuana-related questions also top the “Green Jobs and Energy” category, and are among the top vote-getters on the site overall.
According to website, President Obama will “answer some of the most popular submissions live at WhiteHouse.gov” on Thursday morning. That means that we only have a few more hours left to contact the White House.
Please take a moment right now to log on the WhiteHouse.gov/OpenForQuestions and vote for the questions above, as well as others pertaining to the need to regulate cannabis. Let the President know that millions of American voters believe that the time has come to tax and regulate marijuana. Help us send The White House a message our elected leaders can’t ignore.

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  1. Legalization should be up to the state. If Ron Paul had been elected instead of republicans or democrats it would be legal and it would be up to the states

  2. u kno what we should do we should get someone that is in support of our cause to run for president like willie or someone that is widely know by the public at least there are some politicians on our side

  3. i was snitched a few weeks ago from theses uneducated lowlife bastards all just because their low life idiots and want to see who can call the cops and be the most uneducated person in the neighborhood because i was suppose to buy some weed and now my dealer is mad are me i was given a warning but still this is why pot should be legal so that when other idiot low life rednecks want to start something like this it wont happen but then again they will those type of people will just find another thing to be bitching about all day long and it drives me nuts with those type of people MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGAL!

  4. People are talking, there’s even a rumor (although I find it hard to believe) that marijuana will be legalized in Kansas on Jan. 01, 2010. This has got me thinking, if the government “regulates” marijuana does that mean there’s going to be more “additives” in marijuana like there is in tobacco. My grandfather told me there was a time when the tobacco was “pure”, he’d say “there wasn’t as much of this cancer goin around when I was a kid.” If so I say legalize it, even tax it but leave the regulation to the growers, and lets keep ours pure for the next generation, and all that follows.

  5. Mr. Obama,
    With all due respect you did admit you have smoked marijuana but have never been arrested for what the government has said for many years is illeagel. I don’t think the same laws would apply to the normal American citizen today.
    I agree you were dumped on with the greatest downturn of our economy since 1930’s. But if leagalizing marijuana would help America today with the economy why not consider it? I would like to point out just a few pluses that could turn America back to “Buy American products once again” that could boost our economy!
    1) The climate situation not only in America but accross the globe seems to be getting worse, we are cutting our trees and forest for paper products amongst other products at an alarming rate. Shipping most of these products over sea’s. Just think what growing Marijuana could do for the climate change we face today buy saving our forest and buying American products. “GO GREEN”!
    2) Think of the small farmers across america that can’t afford fuel and depend on government subsedies to keep them afloat. If they we’re given the chance to grow American marijuana for products such as paper, oil from the seeds of marijuana for alternative fuel and other products not to mention the creation of jobs. Then ship most of these products over sea’s, what a boost for our economy.”GO GREEN”!
    3) How much does the tax payers of America have to endure to pay to encarsarate the the thugs from the extended fingers of the drug cartels from other countries that are reaping our American tax dollars illegally getting rich and reaping havic not only on our country but destroying their own with brutal torture and murder not to mention the cost of the DEA, law enforcement officials, judicial systems, etc… just to try and stop these criminal actions that wouldn’t be encoureged if we buy American? “GO GREEN”!
    4) Our health care system is almost if not alreday in shambles. This could be an alternitive medication versus the expensive medications that is cripplleing our health care system today.
    From personal experience I’ve had 1 brain stroke, 2 brain anhureisms. I have anxiety amongst other medical conditions. Now I’ve been prescribed for life to take Valumes 3 times a day to keep me calm in order that I don’t have a recurring stroke or other medical conditions. I would prefer to have a choice to consume medical marijuana rather than have to buy medication not to mention the cost of seeking medical attention which my private insurance has been extensively charged high prices to help me. Now with the way the health care situation is going I’m afraid of being denied medical care and medication when I could try Marijuana as an alternative and save not only myself but other Americans a huge amount of money.
    This is only 4 points out of very many that would help America today in my opinion.
    You and our government have no choice but to listen to the Americans voice and consider some of the advantages that leagalizing marijuana would do for our echo system, health care, economy and country. I think I can speak for all Americans we want to see the bloodshed stop over Marijuana, we want to see poor Americans fined and called criminals just for consuming Marijuana stopped. Taxes on tobacco, alcahol & other legal substances helps state’s and government’s infrastructures, why can’t legal Marijuana do the same.
    Mr. Obama please help or explain to me why some of the suggetions above wouldn’t help our country?
    A concerned American citizen.

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