ABC News: Public's Support For Pot Legalization Has Never Been Higher!

Earlier this year, a NORML-commissioned national Zogby telephone poll revealed that a record 44 percent of American voters — including nearly six out of ten adults on the west coast — now believe that cannabis should be “taxed and legally regulated like alcohol and cigarettes.”
Since then, several additional polls have confirmed that the nation’s support for legalizing marijuana has never been higher, and is fast approaching “super-majority status.”
In fact, a recent poll sponsored by Oaksterdam University indicates that support for legalization among Californians has already achieved such vaulted status (well, almost).
Today two more polls are reaffirming America’s new “marijuana Zeitgeist.”
First, in California a new Field Research Corporation poll of 901 registered voters found that 56 percent of voters agree with the statement: “Legalize marijuana for recreational use and tax its proceeds.”
According to pollsters, this is the first time ever in a California Field poll that a majority of voters have endorsed regulating the adult use of cannabis. In February, California Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced legislation — Assembly Bill 390: The Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act — to tax the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis. To date, over 8,000 NORML supporters have contacted their state representatives in support of AB 390, which is expected to be taken up by the state Assembly early next year.
Nationally, a just-released ABC News/Washington Post poll of 1,072 adults finds that a record 46 percent of all Americans now favor “legalizing the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.” This total is more than double the percentage of Americans who responded affirmatively (22 percent) to a similar ABC poll question in 1997!

46 percent of Americans now favor legalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use, the most in data back to the mid-
1980s and more than double its level 12 years ago. While 52 percent remain opposed, that’s down from 75 percent in the late 1990s and 78 percent in 1986.
The biggest changes in the past two decades are 29- and 27-point advances in support for legalization among Democrats and independents, to 49 and 53 percent, respectively. The slightest: a 10-point gain among Republicans, to just 28 percent support.

So much for the myth that supporting marijuana law reform is ‘politically suicidal.’ In fact, if you are a politician — or President — whose constituency leans Democrat or Independent, it’s becoming increasingly likely that more of your supporters favor legalization over prohibition, and if you want to stay elected, you should too!

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  1. #43
    Fucking great idea. Although it probably won’t change minds immediately, it’ll act like a seed in their psyche, slowly growing in interest.

  2. Andrew #43: for purposes of covering my increasingly large ass, I WAS IN NO WAY SUGGESTING THAT PEOPLE DISFIGURE OUR CURRENCY. that being said, do whatever the spirit inspires. i had a fantasy of cutting down a budweiser billboard. never did it.

  3. Rick:
    I know, I dont like it either, but I have learned something about human history: drastic times only has one bff.
    And besides, don’t you think our own government disfigured enough lives because of all the lies?
    OK so maybe writing on currency, although a bold notion, probably wouldn’t help. There has to be a clever way to spread facts. Like Snapple caps have with their shitty half asses “Facts”. Something that would WOW the public, mixed in the shock value on those truth commercials. Billboards. Radio ads… carrier pigeon!

  4. Its coming sooner than next election cause Mexico jus decriminalized it. Now if it werent gonna be legal soon y would they of all decriminalized it when thats what the boder problem is supoose to be.So its comming i would guess b4 summer is over
    P.S It wasnt jus marijuana they decriminalized either it was everything

  5. “it’s becoming increasingly likely that more of your supporters favor legalization over prohibition, and if you want to stay elected, you should too!”
    Unless of course you are Barack Obama who does not care about keeping his promises such as ending warrentless wiretaps, mocks his supporters who are opposed to the drug war, and refuses to bring our troops home from Iraq.

  6. YES, I THINK THAT THE TIME HAS COME THAT EVERYONE SHOULD STAND UP FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN, THAT US 420’s should have the right to smoke what and when we want long as we use it in a respectable manner in our homes, and as we see fit.
    We pay these Mothers to stand and tell us, oh hell no, We need our rights of FREEDOM HEARD ONCE AND FOR ALL.WE THE PEOPLE, NOT THEN THE FOVERNMENT, I SAY.

  7. Congressman Barney Frank, Democrat from Massachusets. Barney, who last year introduced a bill to do away with federal penalties for personal use of cannabis announced tonight on Bill Maher’s show “Overtime” on HBO that he would reintroduce the bill soon.

  8. #43: While it surprises most, it is actually not a crime to write on money. It is only illegal if you’re making them “unfit for recirculation” and, according to Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code, this is defined as “mutilating, cutting, disfiguring, perforating, uniting or cementing together, or doing anything else to a bank bill with the intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued”. So write whatever truths you would like on your money.

  9. I take an issue with all of these attacks against Republicans. I am a republican who believes that marijuana legalization is long overdue. Further, many of my friends (of whom majority are Republicans) actively participate in marijuana law reform causes.
    So, please stop generalizing and bitching. Isn’t unjust judgments and attacks what you are fighting against?
    Have nice day hypocrites!! And you are welcome for all of my donations!

  10. If %44 of the American voters wrote one truth on a $1 bill a day for an entire month and spent it, there would be an estimate of $3.87 billion dollars in circulation stating hemp reform.
    Post a fact a day, copy, spend. Not only will it help our cause but also force us to spend in this economic crisis.

  11. I think everyone knows it’s time to “stand up” for what they believe in, but one also has to be willing to “take the fall” for what one believes in. So far, 20,000.000
    veterans of this war has fallen to arrest. That’s also a great number of felony convictions that abolishes that soldier’s right to vote. One way or another…they’re gonna getcha…they’re gonna getcha, getcha, getcha, boy!

  12. u kno wat selma id say quit YOUR bitchin and stuff yo self riteous post up yo ass. jus cuz a small number of republicans r pro pot dont mean the republican party in general is good. your whole post shows how arrogant you are. democrats r gona change ths countrys pot policy along with activists.

  13. The Ignoble Experiment.
    We would all love to see the legalization of marijuana, however, after Obama’s laugh-it-off slap in the face, does anyone really believe there is an ice cubes chance in hell that it really will be?
    The U.S. government in our history books clung to their Volstead like a drunk to his bottle, ever encouraged to tighten that grip by the religious shadows that, even today, secretly sway our politicians motives.
    The narrow minds of the religious extremes still pass their myths of marijuana into fast flowing channels of their children, their lawmakers and their federal leaders. It has become so ingrained into the stagnating minds of Americans that no dam could be built to stop the flow of ignorance.
    The prohibition of alcohol created a ‘specialty’ organized crime. These ‘mafias’ were battled by law enforcement. The importance and pay of law enforcement sky rocketed, peoples entire careers hinged on being able to hunt down these ‘drunken criminals’. When it ended, many jobs were lost and positions no longer needed. A strong reason why this ridiculous war on marijuana will never end in the country.
    We have become too soft as citizens. It may well be beyond the point of being able to take back control.
    If every single American took the streets and demanded the legalization of Marijuana, would it be a loud enough voice to sway the government?
    I don’t think so. There is too much profit, power and control in the war on drugs. Its a mini war machine. The same reason why we (the U.S. military) will never stop making war with the world, why we will never stop invading little countries that hold something profitable and the only reason why our fellow bud smoking brothers and sisters will continue to rot in prisons next to murderers and rapists.
    The supporters that kept alcohol illegal say the same things that the supporters who keep marijuana illegal say; its evil. It is against God.
    So, fellow citizens, the day you can convince a group of Christians that, say, the story of Adam and Eve was an analogy, or make a member of the LDS church realize their savior communed with the Holy by looking at rocks in his hat, is the day we might, MIGHT have a chance at legalizing marijuana.
    Sorry NORML, I know you have made an entire industry on the hope of reformation. Our voices fall on deaf ears. The time of yelling is over. Will using our fists and not our mouths change it all? Or is there a third side to the coin?

  14. and befor u bgoin around callin folks hippocrits id go ahead and take a long hard look at the republican party period. rich arrogant hippocrits.. thy name is republican.

  15. The drug tests were invented by the Drug , Alcohol and tobacco Companies . Hence – You test positive for use of marijuana and negative for their drugs . It’s another attempt by these Companies to snuff out marijuana because w/ increasing use of marijuana their sales plummet . These same Companies have spent millions through deceptive advertising to try and convince you that marijuana is bad and their drugs are good . When it is just the opposite , their drugs kill & can cause irreversible harm to the human body . Marijuana does none of these things .
    Logger in movie Humboldt County
    Acting Mayor
    City Director of Eureka , california
    Realestate Developer
    Jerry Droz

  16. You know what- Jake. I would debate with you; however it is apparent that you are incapable of a rational adult conversation, and have entirely missed the point.
    Your catch phrase “rich arrogant hippocrits” show the depth of your intellect.
    And yes, you are right- I am way to arrogant to talk to you. I prefer to talk to people (liberal or not) who get the point that generalizing and accusing republicans can only hurt OUR cause.
    Go back to school, Jake!

  17. Wait a minute, what’s with that graphic? Co-opting anti-slavery abolitionists? I mean, I support legalization of drugs, and the War on Drugs has had a severe human cost, but to compare marijuana prohibition to the enslavement and genocide of Africans is worse than hyperbole.

  18. Look, I at least am not trying to piss off anyone who will help the cause. There are a lot of Republican pot smokers, my dealer is probably the most rabid Republican I know. Just like I know a lot of gun loving Democrats. I.m a liberal and proud of it. I’ve smoked pot and I’ve owned guns. I want them both to be available to responsible adults AND I see the need for logical restrictions on both. But face the facts, if guns are your main issue the Republicans are going to be better. If it’s Marijuana, or civil liberties in general the Democrats are the lesser evil.
    If your waiting for the Democrats to REFORM marijuana laws, it’s gonna be a long hard uphill fight.
    If your waiting for the Republican’s to Reform MJ laws, put the bong down, it’s not gonna happen.
    I’m sorry but it’s true.
    If you are lucky enough to have a Republican candidate like Congressmen Dana Rohrabacher of CA or Former govenor Gary Johnson of NM, and there better than the Democrat rival on MJ, I beg you, vote for the pro-pot Republican. In my neck of the woods I can’t even find a Dem to vote for, and I’ve got a Dem I really like as Congressman. Not very good on pot issues though, so I reluctantly leave that race blank in every election.
    Yes their are alot of other issues more important than MJ reform, and maybe you like the Dems or Reps better on National Security, or Health Care, or whatever, but we will not get anywhere until WE make MJ reform the deciding factor in who we vote for.

  19. Selma is absolutely right. Marijuana is not a red or blue issue. I have personally seen people outright disrespect and bash Obama online only to turn around 5 seconds later and say that marijuana should be legalized. We can all agree on this.
    Selma, they are just angry, don’t take it personally. I’m sure you know how it feels to be slapped in the face by your own party, democrats haven’t gotten over all the hype yet, the tone is still the same for some of us and all we see is disrespect also, so that much we have in common, but there is no need for us to disrespect each other.
    But Selma, if you turn this into an argument about money, then I will be the first person to put you in your place, because you are distinctively barking up the wrong tree.

  20. Re: Waiting for old people to die…Obviously, young people today know nada about the ’60s and ’70s. You’d be surprised how many of us are with you on this!

  21. #60, Amen! As a republican(more moderate) myself, I’m kinda offended at people griping. Just because there are sour apples, doesn’t mean every republican is bad. Democrats have many idiots in Washington too, Harry Reid for example. We’re all Americans people, and if you’re viewing this page, chances are you agree with the idea of legalization. If you keep bashing people’s political party views, then you’re taring down focus for your goal.

  22. Maybe we need to turn up the rhetoric towards alcohol. Here’s an idea for a commercial: show a guy going out with his friends, having some drinks and living it up. Then show what happens when he gets in his car and tries to drive. Then show another guy, in the privacy of his own home, toking down and playing video games, with the pizza delivery guy showing up.
    It is a contradiction for alcohol to be legal and for marijuana to not be. We should be pressing that issue as well.

  23. I haven’t been polled… I think its probably a bit more than 46%… I don’t know anyone who has been polled recently, they should try polling the northwest more and they might fight a substantial demographic for the cause.

  24. I think some changes are going to take place. I just got a letter from my congressman in response to my email. He agrees that the War on Drugs is failing and supports drug policy reform in NY.

  25. I just read a post on the Kellog’s stock article saying that a better way to spread the word would be to separate your seeds from your stash, wait for a rainy day and throw them out into a field or ditch alongside the road as you drive by.
    If enough people do this we could have plants growing all over the place and watch the cops exhaust their resources trying to pull them all up and burn them.
    I don’t know how good of an idea that is but it sounded great to me. I’m starting the next time it rains!

  26. i hope there is a third side to the coin RED but i hope it comes soon because i for one believe that the day of revolution by force is coming soon, and not just for the cause of marijuana but for the cause of human dignity, human rights in general, and because our government has failed us in every aspect i can possibly imagine. our forefathers would be very disappointed in us right now, and i dont mean in the government but disappointed in the actual citizens that are too chickenshit to handle their own governments betrayal of the people. They expected that the government would be bad and spoke loudly about it and how the people will need to keep them in check. that is why they gave us the right to form militia’s for the main reason of overthrowing the government in the case of them being a tyrannical power over us. our government has evolved for many decades into what our forefathers fought against in the first place, its what they lived, breathed, and died for. i love my country very much but i do not agree with what our government has become. i am in no way saying people should run out and do anything stupid, but i am saying that what is going on is not right and i fear that if things cannot be changed legally that there will be a great tradgedy in this country that will be brother fighting brother, because we are all brothers in one way or the other, old and young, man and woman, and white or black, we are all brothers and sisters. GOD help and bless us all!

  27. there’s a good article about this here :
    there’s so much at stake here, there are so many issues, like people getting arrested for smoking a joint and entering a route to a permanent life of crime because after jail they’re buried in debt and can’t get jobs because of their record. it’s stupid, and we have to do something!!!

  28. Lke Snoop N Willie Say in there song( Get my money buy my medicine) Its medicine for evryone in evrywhich way

  29. I Dont think age has n e thing to do with it cause im 29 been smokin since i was 18 and im 420 it all the way

  30. I agree completely with comment #1, we should be concentrating on the cost and green benefit of HEMP as the absolute milestone of the reform, as this really is the more beneficial of the 2 thing leads to another..

  31. thanks norml. keep on pushing legislators towards legalizing marijuana. i check up on this website everyday cause i always wanna know whats goin on with pot these days. and i think once this is legal/decriminalized then the world wont see marijuana as such a bad thing anymore.

  32. I think it will take an overwhelming majority. After seeing the POTUS and his smarmy press corp laugh it up after the town meeting on the web, I realize this is an uphill battle. The Christian authoritarians will fight it with everything they have got. This is a shame for a country that is supposed to pride itself on individual freedoms and separation of church and state. I like Obama for everything he has done so far until he laughed at the idea of legalization of even medical applications. Its not up to him entirely, thank goodness. We need to vote in more tolerant people to Congress.

  33. I have concerns about the restrictions inherent in the “medical cannabis” designation. I do not believe most physicians are trained or inclined to “prescribe” an herbal medicine, and I think people will have a hard time getting it from most physicians.
    These people are indoctrinated into the belief system of pharmaceutically produced pills and probably in the “Drug War Mentality”. Any mention of using any herbals of any kind has been pretty discouraging in my experience.
    Using cannabis, or any other herbal medicine, to manage a condition is a totally different mindset than taking prescription pills.
    Why is cannabis on any “Schedule” at all? What an outrage!

  34. #80
    There will be no forceful revolution, not soon not ever in our life time. You want to know why? cause MOST americans are too pussy to ever try to do it. How many years have we as americans took the BS from the government? way too long and nobody doesn’t have a true sense of unity to actually do such a task.
    Admit it, our government has everyone by the balls and seems to like what is going on with this country by being fucked in the ass so many times, i think most americans like the fact that they live in a country where the government says “you are free to do as we tell you”, Well not me, not me. I’m sure i speak for everyone in here on this site cause it seems like most everyone here at NORML actually got the balls to say no to the bullying.
    Most americans forgot what this country stood for and it makes me sick to my stomach, what a disgrace they are, our founder fathers will be ashamed of us and i wouldn’t blame them. I got the balls but one person or a few thousand people can’t fucking do it all. Our country can learn a lot from other countries who ACTUALLY HAVE the balls to stand against there own government.
    Perfect example is Greece, MOST of them stood up and rioted against what they didn’t like. Why can’t we do the same, oh i forgot, most people’s balls are in the jar.
    It takes millions to actually make a change, and as for all the hate in america, it seems like everyone is killing eachother in this country rather than putting it to good use by uniting and say enough is enough. It’s sad but true and before you know it, everyone is gonna think, look, act, eat, sleep, drink, feel the same. As for as i know, we are doomed as a country cause MOST americans are STUPID.

  35. Carol is right.
    “Medical” Cannabis is just another way for big pharma to take control of our lives.
    I really think if all states were to legalize it as “Medicine” only, the sick will be able to obtain it and nobody else. Am’I the only one who thinks this?
    I feel the ONLY STATES that have the right mind set is CA and MASS, just tax, regulate like you would alcohol, nothing more nothing less.
    I truly feel that Medical Cannabis laws don’t truly work, i mean, just look at all the sick people being arrested.

  36. I was really upset on how many ppl showed up on May 2 for the march in DC. ppl have got to stop been lazy and stad up for wat u believe in. Im just freaking MAD. nobody went!

  37. I dig that the norml blog has become so active these past two months. keep it up guys!!!!
    I have been calling obamas hotline to pressure them to lelgalize and everytime I call, I give different reasons like
    the mexican drug war, 20 million arrests is more then enough, prohibition simply doesn’t work, our economy needs weed to be legal, etc……..
    the number is 202-456-111 , they are open from 9am-5pm monday-friday
    I advise we all put as much pressure on the president and public as possible.
    Don’t stop fighting! I hate that so many marijuana smokers couldn’t care less about changing the laws, I personally am making it part of my life mission to do my best to get ganja legalized already!

  38. hey selma yeah my bad. tho iam highly educated iam not very well versed in politics and political parties. yesterday i was grochy and fed up wit bein a secret stoner. i live in the most anti pot state in the union. and it seems all those that suround me are rich close minded bertha-better-than-u republicans. also it kinda made me a little bitter bein calld a hippocrit, for that is one thing im not. anyway ive torched the sticky icky and offer you my apologies. i learn more than maybe i can giv ya fair debate!

  39. yeah the only way we gona get thru this shit is if everyone who knows the truth about herbs gathers together, casts their differences aside and then every oppresed smoker can run as one. Truth and right will prevail if all races, genders, AND political partys work toghether. P.S. i havent had a tongue lashing that bad since the late nineties.

  40. For what it’s worth…
    I got some cash out of one of BofA’a atm’s here in NC and one of the twenty dollar bills had the words “Legalize marijuana” written on it. I didn’t even notice this until I paid for groceries with it at one of the local super markets. It got a big smile and an approving comment from the check out lady, who appears to be in her mid to late 40’s.

  41. Carol 88. I come to you from California! If you’re a Qualified Patient,the American Policy pretty much is leading the way to”legalization” of medicinal use. It,of course, is up to We the People to hold the politicos feet to the fire. What we must lean on to honor the American Policy is 1) codifying the Data Quality Act-DQA,2) enforce the White House Memorandum for Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies.
    So far, with the exception of San Francisco, the American Policy is working. I have to keep reminding myself, “It’s a baby.” I’m as anxious as the next guy
    to get it together, and make it work…but…Rome wasn’t built in a day…and… not without set-backs either. What I personally have a problem with is feet dragging. Let’s move it along.
    Why is cannabis on any “schedule” at all?
    I don’t know 88…but..if your faith is in Genesis I:11.12. Genesis I:29.30.31, and Genesis IX:3 there’s nothing to worry about. You’re covered! And, there’s plenty of holistic doctors that know their stuff.

  42. To all my Texans this is it people! If HB 902 and HB 164 don’t get attention before June 1st, it will be 2011 before we have another chance. for more info

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