NORML's Weekly Legislative Round Up

The theme this week: Time to write your Governor!

Maine: Democrat Gov. John Baldacci signed legislation into law on May 1 expanding the state’s marijuana decriminalization law. As enacted, LD 250 makes the possession of up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana a civil violation, punishable by a fine only. (Presently, anyone found possessing more than 1.25 ounces of cannabis is presumed to be engaging in the marijuana sales and faces criminal penalties and potential jail time.) The new law takes effect later this fall. Only one other state, Ohio, treats the possession of more than 2.5 ounces of cannabis as a fine-only (no jail) offense.
New Hampshire: Only one man has the power to continue the criminalization of seriously ill patients in New Hampshire. That man is Democrat Governor John Lynch. If you live in New Hampshire, he needs to hear from younow! Last week, Gov. Lynch indicated to House leaders that he was likely to veto HB 648, which would legalize the use and cultivation of medicinal cannabis by state-qualified patients. Legislative leaders are trying to revise the bill’s language to address the Governor’s concerns. But even more importantly the Governor needs to hear positive feedback from his constituents. You can contact Gov. Lynch here or by visiting
Hawaii: Senate Bill 1058, an act to create a medical cannabis task force committee, has been approved by the legislature and now awaits action from Republican Gov. Linda Lingle. The intent of the task force is to address patients’ concerns and criticisms regarding Hawaii’s eight-year-old medical marijuana law. In 2008, Gov. Lingle vetoed a similar task force measure. That is why, if you live in Hawaii, we are asking you to contact the Governor and urge her to support SB 1058. You can do so by going here.
Rhode Island: House members are expected to vote later this week on House Bill 5359, which would allow for the state to license non-profit “compassion centers” to assist in the production and distribution of medical cannabis to qualified patients. The Senate previously voted 35 to 2 in favor of the legislation. House members will need to approve it by a similar majority — as the measure faces a veto threat from Republican Gov. Don Carcieri. If you live in Rhode Island, you can learn more about this campaign by going here or here.
Minnesota: Legislation to legalize the medicinal use of cannabis has been approved by the state Senate and now awaits action from the House. At this time, the bill’s primary hurdle appears to be Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who has voiced strong opposition to the measure. If you live in Minnesota, please contact your House member and the Governor by going here.

For information on additional marijuana law reform legislation, please visit NORML’s Take Action page here.

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  1. New York ShoulD Decriminalize Marijuana To
    No JaiL FoR Less Than 2.5 Onions
    Naw mean?????????????????????????????????????

  2. I hate my governor Lynch… I thought the democrats were supposed to be the progressive party. Ya right. I only vote for common sense libertarian-esq politicians like Ron Paul. They are the only politicians who consistently support liberty and personal freedom. I have washed my hands of the democratic party.

  3. If you live in Florida and are not a square, vote out Governor Charlie Crist cause he doesn’t comply with what we are about. It’s 2009 and there is to my knowledge no legislation even considered here. What a let down. Florida sucks. Don’t move here. Go out west where the general population aren’t douchbag squares.
    All someone has sometimes is hope. Gotta try for change. Enough of this archaic bullcrap.
    Where’s the change Obama? At least Governor Schwarzenegger had the cohones to say something; figures he would and Obama wouldn’t. Little girly man!
    Legalize to end the suffering!

  4. Heard the Illinois Senate is going to vote on medical cannabis this week. Is this true ? Call/ write your Illionis congressmen and woman and lets get this passed !

  5. NY stand up!! email and call your reps and let them know we support medical science and urge them to aswell!!! or thank them if they already support it to let them reinforce what theyre doing to other senators and reps!!
    come on NY we can pass it this year. It was close in previous years SO close.. but this year we have a majority democratic and we also have some republican support!!! i’ll be putting all my hopes into this one new york. don’t let us down

  6. It is Unconstitutional and inhumane to deprive people of treatment that works for them. Only a patient with input from a qualified physician can know what is best. Law enforcement should concern themselves only with crimes where there are actual victims, and not try to practice medicine. Prohibitionists should read the Constitution of the United States and mind their own business.

  7. governor charlie crist is stepping down from governor this year to run for the florida senate. we need to get someone in office down here that will atleast be reasonable with marijuana and we need to make sure he doesnt get the senate seat as he is outright against marijuana, so says the letter he emailed me anyways

  8. Wonder how many states will need to do the right thing before Texas gets it’s head out of it’s own ass.
    Congress meets 120 days every two years here… no wonder nothing can get accomplished.

  9. wat the hell?! no kansas? lolololol nah jus kiddin this state is filld wit the most backwoods sister-lovin government. Florida guy i feel your pain!

  10. Charlie Christ announces he is going to run for the senate, at least he’s gettin the hell out of Florida!
    If you live in Florida and are registered to vote, go to and sign and mail the ballot initiative, approved by the Division of Elections, to get medical marijuana on the 2010 ballot! Why is this never mentioned?! It just started within the last month.

  11. Zeriam: I am sending in my petition as soon as I can. Awesome of you to post the info, thank you very much ^_^.
    Champagne2878: Yes I totally agree, now’s the time to find a compassionate governor rather than another puppet stooge for the elite. Keep you eye out; I’ll try to post any information I come across.
    Legalize to end the suffering of this world!
    (>^_^)><///////W~~~~~~ Excuse me while I light my spliff! Haaaaah Haaaaah Haaaaah haaaaaaah!!!

  12. Awesome, if this thing gets a nod from NORML and/or MPP I’m sure the signatures will start flying in. People just need to be informed of it!

  13. hey thanks florida helpers on the info. a whole bunch of us floridians will be signin that stuff. its a start anyway. as far as i can tell, charlie wants nothing to do with the remedy. his letter told the whole story. dammit, we got a right to smoke it in or own home. hooyaa….

  14. Thanks to the mpp and norml We the people are finally being heard about the legalization and taxation of marijuana . We should all contact CNN and request a firm coverage on the matter. Don’t let your voice go un heard help end prohibition of marijuana by not only requesting that CNN does more coverage but also contact your government representitive. Remember it is “we the people” and not we the government.
    Time to write your Governor!

  15. What’s the latest in New Jersey? I thought the proposed bill was supposed to go before the general assembly. Haven’t heard anything about this in the longest time!

    Cherokee Fred Jesus

  17. arizona marijuana law reform? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!
    you never hear shit about us even though in 1996 we passed a measure to have medical marijuana like california but the legislation was flawed and 13 years later we are still charging first time minor pot offenders with F6 felonies. i know cause i was charged with one for less than an ounce. nothing here ever fucking changes. and i read recently they want to even STIFFEN penalties for personal growing.
    i think my state is the farthest away from medical and/or legal pot in the entire country! just look at Maricopa county’s sheriff. it will explain a lot. whens the last time you heard of marijuana law reform in az? …. thats what i thought.
    :’ (
    cali, can arizona borrow some of your hospitality?!?! its urgent!

  18. In response to #23
    Yeah, me either.. Just keep writing, e-mailing, calling. We can do this. Jersey needs the $. Planning on beginning a dispensary after it is passed.
    Does anyone know anything about running one? I know it is better for one to obtain certified qualifications ie: medical/agricultural, so one may show a town comity that I am not just some young guy doing things crooked. I really want to learn more about it. If this legislation goes through, it would help NJ greatly.

  19. maybe if every single smoker moved to cali..for the ones who couoldnt afford it we could do like the hippies of old and help each other out hippie style. mass migration to the friendliest smoker states would giv em a message.

  20. I hope these politicians who oppose medicinal marijuana have something in their lives happen, where they finally see the light.

  21. I think jake #27 may be onto something with that idea. Exodus! Movin’ out your people! -Marley

  22. Today on CNN on the front page, the Former Mexican President Vicente Fox has yet again called for the legalization of marijuana.
    I’m very glad that we are getting much media attention nowadays, and a lot of it in our favor.
    And come on Tennessee, we can do better.

  23. I’ve got the answer everyone’s been waiting for here to legalize marijuana. No joke, just keep in mind that lies from opponents and politicians alike will soon be considered war crimes. The act of misleading the American public by authoritative representatives is a crime. These people are facing the fact that they will eventually be prosecuted as war criminals in the near future. They’ll avoid that fact like the swine flu but they will shut up to avoid being apart of the over zelot opposition.

  24. if i ever win the lottery ill set up moving funds for ppl in oppresed states. maybe a rich a benefactor… buy up cheap housing move our stony friends out and hav em work in the hemp industry. if all the opposin states started losin theor almity tax dollars and cali and maine and the others started bankin big the anti states wood quickly fall in line. Viva La Verde Revolucion!

  25. The people in office should be UA tested just like the rest of us that would change there tune

  26. read and
    educate yourselves so you can dismantle any pro-prohibitionist argument.

  27. #37 Phil E. Drifter Says:
    May 15th, 2009 at 1:34 am
    read and
    educate yourselves so you can dismantle any pro-prohibitionist argument.
    Phil E. Drifter,
    – Thank you for posting this info.
    (First I must dismantle tinyurl,
    and re-code as CLICKABLE HTML ‘arguments’…).
    So that original links are NOT lost…
    The History of the
    Non-Medical Use of Drugs
    in the United States:
    Drug-Library News
    Virginia Law Review

  28. I am not voting for Obama next time. YUK> ANd money should not be the issue for legalizing it, it is freedom. And who cares if some pot is lethal. WE can buy our own kits to find out and smoke accordingly or however we want to ingest. Who gives a shit if there is some pot lethal. What can we do to prevent ourselves from taking too much? WEll it isn’t that hard to figure out that we can test our pot ourselves and grow our own. Definately not ever rely on the government to grow because they are crazy and destructive> yuk yuk yuk is what i say about American government. I want to move out of this hell hole.

  29. The answer is simple. Never ever vote for a Democrat or Republican ever again. These people are not on your side. They are the same party, just different factions with the same totalitarian goals.
    Does it really matter if the boot crushing your head has a D or an R on it?

  30. Gov Tim, are you just (respectfully) stupid? what part of the truth does he not believe in?

  31. what ever happens,i will never stop smokeing pot! that is just the way it is! i go to work every day 9am-5pm
    i pay all my tax! why can i not smoke pot? i don`t drink,but i enjoy smoking pot! gateway drug because
    when kids get that cool older dude to get beer for them
    because beer is harder to get then pot! it just is ok!
    he lets them know he can give them a joint for two more bucks.

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