Dictionaries for the Drug Czar

Remember this statement from our Drug Czar that “legalization” is not in the president’s vocabulary, nor in his own?
Numerous writers in the blogosphere (including me) said, “Somebody get Gil a dictionary!” So we decided here at NORML to launch the official “Dictionaries for the Drug Czar” Campaign.  Here’s how you can participate:

Dictionaries for the Drug Czar Campaign

  1. Go to your local discount store and buy a cheap pocket dictionary.
  2. Find legalization inside and mark it with a yellow highlighter and a Post-It® or paper-clip on that page
  3. Mail that dictionary to the Drug Czar at the address below.

Cheaper Option:

  1. Buy a postcard.
  2. On the postcard write: “Director Kerlikowske, here is a new word for your vocabulary: le·gal·i·za·tion (noun): the act of authorizing something previously illegal.”
  3. Mail that postcard to the Drug Czar at the address below.

Cheap and simple no-mail option:

  1. Click that graphic up above to donate online to NORML.
  2. Fill in the boldfaced fields.
  3. Click the “Comments (Add any group affiliation here)”.
  4. Enter “Dictionary for the Drug Czar” in that line.


Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
Executive Office of the President (EOP)
Attn: Director Gil Kerlikowske
Washington, DC 20503

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  1. Give me liberty…..What side will you stand on? Our leaders DO NOT LISTEN TO US! How many of you agreed to the bills they have or are passing recently,the ones that they didnt even read? Cap and trade(tax)? Did you agree to have evrything you do go up in price, did you agree to have EVERTHING in life taxed. Thats what that bill will do. How about all the other bills? Didanyone of you agree to them? No? What makes you think cannabis will be legalized in the face of that? THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT ANY OF US SAY OR THINK.
    So…what side do you stand on. You want cannabis legalized…start looking at what is really going on people , They have to be stopped on all fronts. Do any of you see this? Legalization of cannabis is just part of this equation. We can send our dictionarys,they will put them in recycling ben or trash. You can ask for freedom(or legalization), thats all your doing is asking! And they can just as easily say “NO!”
    What should we do besides ASK? How do we get thier boot off our necks? Its a matter of time and events. Have you been cornered yet? NO? you will be.

  2. Just send the postcard at least. That would get their attention is their office were flooded with them. I send mine already.

  3. Yes, the dictionary might not be an effective tool to persuade these closed-minded people. However if we can send a big quanity, at the same time, and get some media coverage on it, i think we might stirr things up a little bit.

  4. With all the pro-marijuana activity and television coverage it is hard to believe lack of action in the legislature. And that our president and drug czar don’t
    have legalization in their vocabulary convinces me that
    we need to completely overhaul our education system so we don’t turn out more idiots to be elected or appointed to jobs with so much power.
    The learning curve of our elected legislators must look
    something like the horizon.
    And now the cartels are moving into Ecuador,so all that money we are spending in Mexico must be doing some good,,,wrong.
    Now that we are moving them out of northern Mexico,the
    economy of that region just went belly up. We just moved their money out,so here we go,now we will be supporting them for the rest of our lives,rebuilding another country destroyed by a war we caused.
    Instead of a dictionary,we need to send them shovels,
    so they can just keep digging us into the hole deeper.

  5. Re-legalization, not legalization, is more accurate and correct and should therefore be used exclusively when speaking and writing in regard to cannabis in this country. One of the problems with our failed drug policy is lack of the most honest truth possible, and I for one refuse to be part of that problem. However, I did carry out all three options. The dictionary was about worthless anyway.

  6. The president and the Drug Czar have never indicated that they were for “legalization.” Absolute legalization has never been in their vocabulary is a “true statement.” I can’t see how anyone could be offended by the truth. It would seem that we are putting words in their mouth. On the other hand, neither turn a blind eye to its “medicinal use,” and favor “Harm Reduction.”
    What incites my curiosity is…just where is this policy of medicinal prohibition originating from, and who is directing its aggression. It seems certain that there is one source of it all. When we find Mr. Big…we will know…just who “My Evil Brother” is.
    I say that because “My Evil Brother” can make the world turn with the snap of his fingers.
    We the People…will deal with “My Evil Brother” when we find him. Until then…like the rest of the world, and that includes the President and the Drug Czar…we will all have to put up with his intimidation.
    The only thing that we should hold dear to us is…
    “There’s no such thing as a King in America1.” Ya know…”The greatest trick My Evil Brother ever pulled off is…making us believe he doesn’t exist.”
    Ya! I know…”Follow the money.” If it weren’t for the money…I mean really…who would give a shit? It’s all about the money. BUT WAIT!!!…When you have all the money in the world…and…money means nothing to you…it’s all about power…isn’t it? BUT WAIT!!!
    When you have all the power…and…all of the money…
    what’s it really about? Right…it’s all about
    “My Evil Brother’s” personal likes and dislikes and how we offend him with “why can’t we have it?
    “Because I said so!”

  7. Okay I need to lighten up a little here (Pun intended). It upsets each and every one of us that Theresa’s life was cut short. And, that she should not have been incarcerated in the firt place.
    That energy as a whole should have been redirected towards pedophiles’ rape, terrorism tactics, etc. What is wrong with these people pray tell? September 11th happened in my opinion because potheads are being scrutinized instead of terrorists.
    Czar is a noun in the dictionary; Russian emperor? I live in America. Autocratic ruler? Not in my lifetime…autocratic means ruling with absolute power. Oh please, this person must be a figment of some far-fetched idea somewhere.
    Czarina is a noun meaning wife of czar…h-m-m-h
    c..z..a..r…kinda sounds like Ceasor.
    So anyway I only answer to God. I will never ever bow down to any man, woman, or child and I know I don’t have to. No, not you, C.Z.A.R or a cop at my door! I will lay down my own life before I am dictated to. God knows my heart; I guess that’s why I’m still here to talk about it. Amen.

  8. 59 Wendy from Good ‘Ole Utah…Manny here.
    Like a bridge over troubled waters…”I WILL LAY ME DOWN.”
    Wendy…have you ever checked out Christians for Cannabis?

  9. Manny don’t you feel sorry for Mr. Kerlikowske WOW sounds like He may be from Russia after all. Where’d he ever come from pray tell?
    No, really I feel sorry for him; he looks like He is a troubled and sad man and surely no bridge over waters..
    When I was a little girl we were taught to hide under our desks from the Russians (in case of fall-out).
    Check t’days news…Operation Falcon. Thanks to the U.S. Marshals, Associated Press telling us, and people like you and I Manny who sacrificed. May God Please Bless America (we know the tune.)

  10. 65 Wendy
    No! I don’t feel sorry for Gil Kerlikowske. He was the Police Chief of Seattle. He brought “Harm Reduction” to Seattle. He has never been in favor of
    “legalization”…but…he will follow the laws that are on the books. He’s an honest guy…and…he will be a “stand up guy” for the best interests of the people. So…until he goofs up…I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Remember too…how many prohibs he has to deal with…especially Michele Leonart…
    she’s the one that can straighten your pictures. Then too, think of how many illicit drugs he has to devote his attention to. Big job! It’s a war he can’t win. You know the greatest problem we have is truely separating ourselves from the other substances. Yup! we’re profiled. We are stigmatized. But then again, who cares what they say about me, as long as they spell m name right.

  11. Wendy P.S.
    Norml ran a blog on him before he became Czar. Maybe you can dig it out of the archives for more info.

  12. The Drug Czar with every ounce of greatly due respect is really adorable too! I love him!
    Onward Christian Soldiers Marching Off To War….
    With The Cross Of Jesus Going On Before….
    Onward Christian Soldiers…Like We’ve Done Before…

  13. Dear Mr. Gil Kerlikowske:
    With greatly due repect to You And President Obama may I please assert the following statement:
    “Legalization” requires “legislation”.
    I am proud to be an American Citizen Of Thee
    United States Of America.
    Love Wendy.

  14. #45 – Manny – This was a previous comment also but I wondered about the one particular former president’s statement about fooling all of the people all of the time….blah…blah….blog.(smile)…
    ….was that Former President Nixon by any chance?

  15. I think california is going to do it!everyone should plant pot in the spring it is such a good green idea, stop hydro carbon pollution at home! PLANT LIKE CRAZY! YEA~

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