If Cannabis Smoking Didn't Adversely Impact Lung Function You Would Have Read About It, Right?

To follow up on yesterday’s blog post, here are the findings of yet another just published study that the mainstream media will undoubtedly ignore.

Effects of cannabis on lung function: a population-based cohort study
via nih.gov
The effects of cannabis on lung function remain unclear and may be different to tobacco. We compared the associations between use of these substances and lung function in a population-based cohort (n=1037). … Cumulative cannabis use was associated with higher forced vital capacity, total lung capacity, functional residual capacity, and residual volume. Cannabis was also associated with higher airways resistance but not with forced expiratory volume in 1 second, forced expiratory ratio, or transfer factor. These findings were similar amongst those who did not smoke tobacco.
By contrast, tobacco use was associated with lower forced expiratory volume in 1 second, lower forced expiratory ratio, lower transfer factor, and higher static lung volumes, but not with airways resistance. Cannabis appears to have different effects on lung function to those of tobacco.

Just in case you think that this is the first time that researchers have failed to document a decline in lung function in marijuana users, well, think again. And again. And again.

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  1. keep up the good work norml, these studies have to convince some people. This will change soon enough.

  2. Another scientific study for our truth haters(politicians,prohibitionist) to ignore.
    I think by the time cannabis is legal I will be bald….From pulling my hair out!

  3. Various postcards sent to my politicians with this enlightening information about cannabis one after the other by snail mail would be like Chinese water torture to them. I thought they got a whole booklet of the positive cannabis research sent to them, didn’t they? A positive cannabis factoid postcard a week to the drips who continue to prohibit cannabis. Let’s call it the Gallileo Postcard Project, GPP for short. I’ll pony up some buckage and send it in to NORML to have the staff send them out to the politicians who claim to represent me, or I’ll buy the set, print up some labels, get stamps in advance and mail them myself. No return address on the postcard, but the effect… Drip, drip, drip.
    Might not be feasible, but the idea of pestering the Cannabis Inquisition this way is somehow appealing.

  4. I dont get it ROE i know your runnin on empty but why dont you go ahead and reward your stoicism and inner discipline by affording yourself some much desreved tokin time every once in a great while?

  5. What was that? *Cough* Cough*
    I think that means I should light up my stoogie.
    I don’t know anyone who makes brownies with tobacco in them!

  6. It’s funny and sad how prohibitionist try so hard to demonize cannabis just to find out that cannabis is much better for you.

  7. My cousin and I have been smoking pot for about 4 or 5 years. The other day we held our breaths under water over two minutes longer than our friend in the police academy, who only smokes cigarettes now.

  8. This is expected, time and time again reports of the benefits of Marijuana has surfaced. I have seen countless scientific reports and testimonies about the little to none detrimental effects of Marijuana, however it is all conjecture until it is introduced into mainstream media. Therein lies the problem, the media consistently demonizes Marijuana without first finding out the true facts. I feel that we will never win until the entire public is informed, to do that we first must win over the media to our side.

  9. wtf? i posted 2 comments. one early this morning and the other around 3pm. why were they censored? i said nothing wrong. they were both posted and are now gone? i praise medical canibus and ask others for their comments and the moderators cencor that? here? on a website of a org. that preaches constitutional rights.

  10. Well, here’s a clue. If you inhale tobacco smoke into your lungs, you risk lung cancer. If you stuff tobacco leaf into your lips or cheek, you risk cancer of the mouth.
    Tobacco is some nasty stuff. It is a seriously addicting dangerous drug. We see horror stories on television all the time about how you should never touch it. And yet it is not illegal. They tax it, they tell you where you can’t smoke it and they tell you how old you have to be before you can try it. You can’t advertise it. Anyone who wants to can grow as much as they want, but they can’t sell it without permission from the federal government.
    It works doesn’t it? Why don’t we make tobacco illegal? That would be crazy wouldn’t it? Why don’t we try treating cannabis under the law the same way we treat tobacco?

  11. Paul, just as there has been numerous tries to prove that cannabis causes cancer, there have ben numerous tries to prove that tobacco ingested through the mouth causes mouth cancer. The evidence has yet to come. This doesn’t mean, though, that there aren’t other health problems connected to this kind of tobacco products. They just haven’t been able to prove that it causes cancer. Not that I like tobacco at all, I just think that it is important that we deal with real facts.

  12. One of the biggest problems with smoking cannabis is that people usually mix tobacco with it so you should avoid that if possible. I think it’s way healthier to use a vapouriser + my stash usually lasts a bit longer… I would like an electric-hash-cigarette though 😀

  13. I fid that a bit of cannabis before a good jog actually improves my lung function. Best to vaporize, though, if you have the option.

  14. Something I never understood…When I was still smoking cannabis I never ever mixed it with Tobacco. Why on earth would you want to do that? I used to smoke cigs, nasty shit! I loved the taste of pure cannabis. Please, someone enlighten me to this practice.
    I rolled joints, stuffed bongs and pipes,never mixed it with something that WILL give you cancer.

  15. The air in Atlanta GA is so poor, they tell you to stay inside due to poor air quality. I wonder what causes more lung disorders, air pollution or pot smoke?

  16. “we held our breaths under water over two minutes longer than our friend in the police academy, who only smokes cigarettes now.”
    I’ve been an athlete for 25 years and I have asthma since 5 yo and hold many many school records in track and football. When I was 19, I could hold my breath for 2 minutes and 45 seconds with no practice. Although I don’t recommend smoking anything when trying to become the best athlete you can, but obviously MJ hasn’t held me back. I’ll leave that up to the Government and the Republicans.

  17. My Great Grandmother used it for breathing treatments. It was called cannabis extract and she heated it to vaporize it. She said that after one or two breaths of vapor she could breath easier.

  18. #21 R.O.E. Says:
    August 19th, 2009 at 5:41 pm

    “Something I never understood…
    When I was still smoking cannabis
    I never ever mixed it with Tobacco.
    Why on earth would you want to do that?
    I used to smoke cigs, nasty shit!
    I loved the taste of pure cannabis.
    Please, someone enlighten me to this practice….”

    RE: R.O.E,
    To look at it another way…
    – Some of us who like to smoke,
    (or vaporize), tobacco, find that adding cannabis improves
    the taste of the tobacco, in similar manner as adding
    mint-leaf, mint-extract, (menthol), does, only better… 😀
    – For those of us who prefer to add tobacco to our cannabis,
    this also has advantages, especially, to “liven-up” sleepy,
    high-cannabidiol Indica cultivars, and to improve the taste of
    varieties that tend to have a “piney” / “Pine-Sol™” taste through a vaporizer…
    – Some of us hate the taste of most commercial cigarette-brands,
    (Crappy, putrid corpoRAT tobacco most definitely,
    ought to be dis-allowed, but not high-quality blends),
    and don’t even like to smoke, preferring vaporization and / or
    minimally-processed, whole-leaf chewing-tobacco…
    Organic tobacco,
    (that doesn’t contain additives,
    nor is grown with radioisotope-bearing
    chemical-fertilizers), is less hazardous than
    big-cig tobacco; And, through a vape, tastes quite
    delicious, peppery…

    I hope this helped enlighten you…

  19. time and time again big time pharmaceuticals have refused to acknowledge the medical benefits marijuana. hmm, i wonder if its because they see it as a threat to their profits? well, if they do why not get ther money grubbing hands on it first?now theres an idea!

  20. Q: Why haven’t we heard about it?
    A: Bilderberg Group
    Actually I hope not, but I remember watching a show on Secret Societies on History Channel and as it seems more and more confounding why these studies do not get exposure to the world it seems like a plausible explanation.
    Smoke on!

  21. I have struggled with tobacco for years, and finally kicked the habit. I quit because I could no longer breath, walk more than a block on a slight hill, or much less run anywhere. I also sing in a hard rock band and when I quit, I obtained a much better vocal range and more wind. I started jogging, and I can breath like I never have been able to before. Throughout this time I never gave up cannabis. I may have even consumed more cannabis while kicking the addiction of nicotine. It kills me to hear the myth, “Smoking one joint is like smoking 10 – 20 cigarettes.” Completely false. Well now that I’m free from nicotine, I can now enjoy cannabis at a higher level, and somehow maintain open windpipes and much better lung health.

  22. jaymz…i too experienced similar circumstances when i quit smoking cigarettes. i was never a singer in a rock band or an athlete but i did notice an increase in my endurance in walking and any other phyical activity where i had to exert myself as to be short of breath after i had uit smoking cigrettes. i am a stroke survivor and 2 of my 4 doctors dont exactly encourage me using cannabis, however, they did not say anything negative about it. my old pcp (promary cre physician)actually reccommended i go to a “pot doc” as at the time (and now) i have/had trouble goint to sleep in a reasonable amount of time…now i just eat a cookie or brownie and im ready to fall asleep within an hour (sometimes longer, depending on potency) and my experience with ambien was horrific. the next day i wasnt remembering things i did hours before i went to sleep. i def do not reccomend ambien. ita a scary drug.period.

  23. Tobacco is a poisonous plant. It makes sense if you smoke, chew, or eat poison then it is detrimental to your health. I have not found the state “poisonous plants” poster that shows cannabis to be poisonous.

  24. i smoke all the time, but if you combust ie use a lighter, this process creates butane vapor from lighter , and carbon monoxide from the ignition. This alone will rot the tissue of the lungs, so vap all the way cos there is no harm in natures herb, thats why it’s there ffs.

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