BREAKING NEWS: California Lawmakers To Debate Marijuana Legalization Tomorrow!

California state lawmakers are scheduled to hear testimony tomorrow in support of taxing and regulating the commercial production and distribution of marijuana for adults age 21 and older.
[Paul Armentano 10/29 update: Archived video of the entire hearing is now available online here. The hearing is three hours long and archived in three separate parts.] [Paul Armentano updates: Just a quick update for folks. There is extensive media coverage of today’s hearing. Go to Google News and type in “Ammiano marijuana.” There are well over 100 news items, ranging from the New York Times to UPI to Bloomberg to AP, etc. The hearings were also carried live on The California Channel, but the video has not yet been archived. (Check back to the Cal Channel website tomorrow or Friday, but here’s a five minute clip care of youtube.) NORML’s testimony from today is available here and here. Following the hearing, many of us met with numerous key lawmakers (and their staff) on the Public Safety and Health Committees to discuss the issue further. (I had four meetings myself.)
As for “what’s next?” First off, this was an INFORMATIONAL HEARING only. There will be NO Committee vote at this time. There will likely be a second informational hearing scheduled before the Assembly Committee on Health. After that, the Public Safety Committee is anticipated to hold a separate hearing specific to AB 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act in January 2010. IF we have the votes at that time to pass the bill out of Committee, the Chair (who is the bill’s sponsor) will call it for a vote sometime this spring. If we don’t have the votes on the Committee, then the bill will languish in Committee. It’s that simple.] Members of the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety have called for the hearing, entitled “Examining the Fiscal and Legal Implication of the Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana.” The hearing will be chaired by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco), sponsor of Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act. It will take place at 10am in room 126 of the State Capitol.
A press conference will take place prior to the hearing at 9 am in Capitol Room 317.
California NORML Coordinator Dale Gieringer is scheduled to testify before the Committee at noon. [Editor’s note: Read Dale’s written testimony here.] NORML has also submitted prepared testimony to the Committee, which is available online here.
Several representatives from law enforcement, including the California Police Chiefs Association and the Office of the Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement, are scheduled to testify in opposition to the bill.
“The criminal prohibition of marijuana provides law enforcement and state regulators with no legitimate market controls,” states NORML Deputy Director Paul Armentano in prepared testimony.  “This absence of state and local government controls jeopardizes rather than promotes public safety. I urge this Committee to move forward with the enactment of sensible regulations for legalizing marijuana.”
Tomorrow’s hearing marks one of the first times since 1913 that the California legislature has debated ending criminal prohibition.
If you live in California you can contact your member of the Assembly in advance of tomorrow’s historic hearing here.

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  1. After watching this I felt like the opposition was holding their ground at legalization, but seemed rather compromising with the idea of decriminalization. Though the latter would be a step in the right direction, it is not satisfactory and is not what we’re fighting for, we want it brought into the market. One woman made a comment at the end during the public comments which I thought was relevant to how I and probably many more cannabis consumers feel. She made a comment about how people who choose alcohol get special treatment, in comparison of course to cannabis users. I agree with that, I’m tired of “hiding in the shadows” so to speak.

  2. Um Kevin dont get me wrong, but the bible does say that God is Everything. You know, the Alpha and the Omega! If I’m wrong then please by all means correct my readding abilities. But for some reason i think that man didnt invent Mj? Anybody els agree with my thinking here. correction to #178 no music at all. Other then that I agree with the post fully. What is the point that your trying to prove by leaving those type of comments on here Kevin. I ask as a life long Christian. Enough of this for me. Right now I need to find out how this thing went.
    _-One Love-_

    The California Police Chiefs Association believes that they can blatantly disregard, and simply over-ride laws that they philosophically disagree with by activiely subverting state law. The physical eveidence shows that this rogue group of law enforcement officers are trying to undermine democracy and usurp the rule of law. They are standing directly in the way of We the People’s “RIGHT TO CHOOSE,” and because of that they proliferate a growing disrespect for law enforcement. I want to “RESPECT LAW ENFORCEMENT,”…not throw rocks at them.
    Law enforcement must “ENFORCE THE LAWS THAT ARE ON THE BOOKS”…not concede to the incompetence of government, or give in to self appointed regulators. First and foremost, medical cannabis is not a public matter…it’s a private matter that exists in a doctor/patient relationship.
    What I’m emphatically opposed to is, for this caliber
    of “LAW BREAKER” (previously referred to as a “peace” officer) to have the power to make me the “LAW BREAKER.” Neither would I put the fox in charge of the chicken coop.
    “YOU DON’T KEEP THE BEST MARBLE FOR LONG,” unless you take it out of play. By taking it out of play, you defeat its purpose, to stay in the game. Let’s not take our best marble out of play. The tenacity of “TRUTH” is our best marble. Rhythm is the father of “REPITITION,” and “KNOWLEDGE” is is tyrrany’s biggest enemy. “KEEP TELLING THE TRUTH” to as many that will listen.

  4. Marajuna should be a medical and civil rights issue, not a criminal issue. Marijuana prohibition is based on the lies of an evil man, Harry Anslinger. He claimed that marijuana has a positive effect on the degenerate races, and made people go crazy and kill their siblings. We still base our laws off this lunacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. aaaaaahhhh the devil be possesing me if I smoke the devil’s weed!!!!!!
    But I can drink alcohol, take dangerous prescription pills, and smoke incredibly harmful tobacco. The devil doesn’t posses me when I do these things.
    It’s not the 1950’s anymore. Get a grip you loony weirdo.

  6. I sure would like to be able to work in an Industry(Hemp or Cannabis) that I could really believe in and put my sincere heart into everyday. Because I hate having to work for employers who are anti-LEGALIZATION for whatever reason…and feeling like I have to hide who I really am. Not only that….but most business’ out there are not as enviromentally friendly to the planet or as benefical to people as the Hemp/Cannabis industry and all it’s spin-off markets COULD be. NOW, if we could just shake that Ol’ Prohibition monkey off the American back. Then maybe,…just MAYBE, we could once again become a nation that not only imports but EXPORTS as well. HOLY SH!T…..there’s an idea.

  7. What surprises me is that 2009 we’re still discussing to make god created plant illegality. ha ha ha!! wow, we have a long way to go, people, before we can change this world towards better. I think the next big step should be eliminating power of the narrow minded.

  8. The person who is against marijuana legalization because it causes fear and paranoia is missing the point of america. Just because it causes you fear and paranoia doesnt mean it does that for everyone. We need to stop regulating for the lowest common demoninator and have some real freedom in this country.
    In any case, I am not optomistic about this legislation passing at any time in the near future. Even though I would love to see it, legislators will vote the politically expedient way, which is to ere on the side of law enforcement and doing nothing different.

  9. 178 LUKE
    You must have the new revised edition of the Bible…the one the prohibs are attesting to. God created the “GREEN HERB” not vegetation. Shall we call this the Wikapedia Bible. It’s all good…but
    …it has been changed.

  10. how is this good news?
    isn’ it the govt’s job to babysit us?
    don’t we NEED them to keep us safe
    oh my gosh what if they decriminalize pot them stop enforcing other laws like seat belt laws and censoring our tv’s
    i mean thats what govt. is for telling us what we can and can not do
    there is NO way us as american citizens would be able to function w/out the govt. telling us what to do

    Are you truly prohoboting religion, when in fact God made Manna for us, gave it to us, and reaffirmed it…point blank. Seems to me that to follow God on this one would be the better path to take, than the laws of man. Personally, I would never deny anyone the right to speak his or her religious beliefs, no matter what their religion.

  12. Lets hope they are level headed and ban weed use completely!
    Raise penalties for ILLEGAL use of drugs!
    Opinion doesn’t matter, the law does!

  13. Firstly the plant is called Cannabis NOT marijuana that was its slave name given during the beginning of the propaganda and reefer madness, so for all the supporters who want the plants to be free, then STOP giving the propagandists anything to hold on to by using their slang name for this great plant species.
    As for keeping religion out of the argument, impossible, it was religion that forced it to be made illegal and who still push for the status quo.
    We all need to push that ignorance is what did this and stop using the ignorant terms they use, fight with intelligence and facts born from science.
    While you continue to use the term marijuana, you give them power.

  14. We need to make hemp legal for the use of fuel, plastic bags, paper. clothing, and rope then we go green as GOD wanted us to do with the Plant.

  15. 216 STUPID SAYS
    Just that! stupid!
    “You can hope in one hand…and…shit in the other…and see which one fills up first.
    By the way…”It’s the will of the people that makes law.

  16. 217 LILLBIT
    The Genesist Faith is a faith that regards Manna as Holy Sacrament. We call it Manna, and we agree with you…”THERE’S NOTHING SLANG ABOUT IT!”

  17. For the average person who doesn’t care they won’t go out of their way to help us. Simply tell them. Tell them it is happening and tell them to tell their friends. And don’t tell them how they are a hypocrite when they disagree, just throw you point out there. Cannabis is nothing a responsible American adult cannot handle.


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