California Medical Association Says Pot Prohibition Is A “Failed Public Health Policy”

[Editor’s note: This post is excerpted from this week’s NORML weekly media advisory. To have NORML’s media advisories delivered straight to your in-box, sign up for NORML’s free e-zine here.] Members of the California Medical Association’s (CMA) House of Delegates have endorsed a resolution stating that the criminal prohibition of marijuana is a “failed public health policy.”
As enacted, Resolution 704a-09, the “Criminalization of Marijuana” states: “[The] CMA considers the criminalization of marijuana to be a failed public health policy, … and encourage[s] … debate and education regarding the health aspects of changing current policy regarding cannabis use.”
The California Medical Association has more than 35,000 members statewide.
The newly adopted resolution coincides with the scheduling of legislative hearings regarding Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which seeks to tax and regulate the commercial production and retail sale of cannabis to those age 21 or older.
The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety is anticipated to vote on AB 390 by late January.
Last week, the American Medical Association resolved that “marijuana’s status as a federal Schedule I controlled substance be reviewed with the goal of facilitating the conduct of clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines.” The organization had previously called for cannabis to be “retained in Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act,” a legal classification that defines the substance and its natural compounds as possessing “no currently accepted use in treatment in the United States.”

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  1. People it’s been to long, we know whats right. we all need to stand together we can do this “we” being key word. let that loud ass American voice we have be heard!!!

  2. Great news the tides have changed marijuana regulation is on the way in. Marijuana prohibition is on the way out i only fear what kind of mischief the DEA will get into once they can no longer persue cannabis consumers.

  3. Prohibition is the real health and safety hazard.
    You can associate the War On Weed with virtually every aspect of our society’s degradation:
    1) Wasted finance, manpower and resources
    2) Stereotypes, racism and prejudice
    3) A prison industry drunk with power
    4) Invasion of privacy
    5) Fighting a perpetual, losing war decreases morale amongst the soldiers.
    6) Lying viewed as acceptable
    7) Clear violations of Amendments 2,4,8, and 10 are continually being hashed out by prohibitionists in the name of public safety
    Prohibitionists have for far too long instilled a suspicious, elitist, and utterly hypocritical attitude in the minds of weak-willed individuals.
    I am truly encouraged by the CMA’s view.

    Let the conservatives “have at it” with the liberals. Let the religious and the seculars “go for each other’s throat.” Let the freedom fighter and the prohibitionist/obstructionist “annihilate each other.” Let everyone fight their own battle, by protecting ther own rights.
    As for the war on cannabis…I am a red blooded American Genesist, and Manna is my Holy Sacrament for CDXX Communion. If justice and law enforcement want to test that…we welcome the challenge. As John Wayne said…”Fill your hand you son of a bitch!” Your compelling governmental interest does not include religious, or medicinal use. Just take your little act down the road! What road you say? I don’t know! There are 3141 Genesist Colonies in the Continental United States…that’s every county in the U.S. No matter where you go…you’ll be among a thunderhead of Genesists…in each and every county. Now! that’s our compelling religious interests…and…we will accept nothing less than victory.
    The new buzz word is…”At the end of day.” Every Tom, Dick, and talking head quotes it as if it were going to make a significant difference…”At the end of the day.” The only significant difference will be an increase of Genesists…”At the end of the day.” If prohobotionists/obstructionists are not already experiencing the overwhelming mandate of the people…they will. We are, with due diligence, looking for a bucket of hot tar, and twelve chickens.

  5. its great to see this and its another good step BUT, does this mean that they want to make it legal only for them to make medicines and not legalize for personal use. obviously it makes no sense to be ok to use as a medicine and not recreational use but the govt. has done a lot of things that dont make sense so i just hope that they will be on our side saying it should be legal all around and not just for medicine

  6. Bringing down this lie one pillar at a time. Eventually the whole structure is gonna crumble under it’s own weight.
    The truth is a powerful thing.

  7. I really hope they can get this over with. It’s exciting to see the freedom movement continue to gain traction as it did in the 60’s starting in San Francisco. Regardless of what happens I’m proud to be an american and live in the great state of California. It’s here in California that we are the furthest from Washington DC, the largest population, highest GDP, extreme cultural diversity, every climate, etc. You cannot save the world from Californication.

  8. And to think……all this Cannabis legalization talk that has stirred up the airwaves so much recently was all started… an eight time Olympic gold medalist by the name of Micheal Phelps. And things have just seemed to be snowballing ever since that day. And tho some may think you don’t deserve this Mr. Phelps; I’d like to THANK YOU for inadvertently fanning what has become a HUGE “flame” for Legalization.

  9. Nice the ball keeps rolling, hopefully it rolls across the whole country eventually…hell hopefully the whole world, but one step at a time.

  10. California again on the leading edge of what it takes to rebuild a great state. That’s the kind of spirit and judgment that we need in governments all across the nation.. One thing for sure, Californians are a tough bunch. They’re fighting deficits, earthquakes, and fires (literally) on almost all fronts. This should set precedence for all states who would like to improve happiness, liberty and a good life not to mention their bottom line.
    p.s. You boys that own stock in those private prisons better be dumping it pretty quick. Think about it. It use to take years to change or develop public opinion, now it can happen in a few hours and you cant take that away from us..

  11. what kind of overwhelming evidence do we not have in order to permit adults to use responsibly for WHATEVER reason?
    It is obvious that the laws and the propaganda are being maintained by a self-serving right-wing purityrannical government policy.
    Can’t somebody sue the government to make them start telling the truth and allowing the truth to be told?

  12. It’s great to see the medical community turning in our favor. We need to target religious groups: Marijuana prohibition is the work of the devil. Once we make the Christian majority understand the evils of imprisoning our fellow man for using this god given plant, the dam’ will bust at the seams.

  13. I was participating in a discussion about violent crime amongst some people I know. I just about fell over when one of them, who is an exec at a drug testing company of all places, said that marijuana should be legalized to make room for real criminals. Couple this with another person I know who works drug enforcement type cases who also said he could care less about personal marijuana users, and these two examples to me have shown just how prolific the call for legalization is becoming. Two people, whose incomes are dependent upon prohibitionist policies, both see this failed war for what it is. How many more feel the same way and are afraid to speak up? Things are quickly changing, and for the better. This is welcome news in a world of largely unhappy and depressing headlines.

  14. Again California leads the way forward as we all think it should take it’s rightful place at the front of the line. Having been at NORML’s national conference in San Francisco I was extremely impressed with Oaksterdam and all of the great people we met. I have never felt that free before in my life. Thanks to CMA for putting the truth out there for all of the country to see. BRAVO!

  15. Good news indeed, but could they have buried it any deeper in the document? Im sure there was no foul intended, But it is iroic that even concessions toward our fight always seem to be tantamount to someone whispering that they might have been wrong. WE WILL FORGIVE YOU IF YOU PLEASE JUST STOP TREATING US LIKE CRIMINALS!!! END THIS MADNESS NOW!! IT’S OK TO ADMIT YOU WERE WRONG YA KNOW….

  16. bobreaze Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 1:05 pm
    Great news the tides have changed marijuana regulation is on the way in. Marijuana prohibition is on the way out i only fear what kind of mischief the DEA will get into once they can no longer persue cannabis consumers.
    Don’t worry bob. They should have PLENTY to do. They could ACTUALLY do something productive, like take down the 10 Meth labs they drove past to rip a few plants up in someones basement. Or perhps go after the REAL criminals IE: Pfizer and the likes for peddling REAL dangererous drugs (OXYCONTIN) like they were the corner candy store.

  17. A few things here…
    1. # 20, John – Some religious groups are already all over the issue, just not any major ones. Google the THC ministry. They are based in Hawaai. Some people in different states have gotten away with cannabis possession for religious purposes, but about 99% have gone down in flames. Another religion fighting this is the Genisists.
    2. I watch C-Span a lot. They are talking hard about creating jobs, and trying to improve export markets. I say open a cannabis market so we can export to and import from the Netherlands.
    3. And yes, this is positively outstanding news.

  18. Since when is it ok anyways for some adults to tell all other adults what’s good for them?
    Fuck your prohibition. Got it?


  20. David Nutt – Top drug advisor for Britan was fired Friday for his outspoken opinion that marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol .
    David believes British prime minister Gordon Brown made completely irrational statements about the dangers of marijuana use . Acoording to Mr. Nutt ” I’m not prepared to mislead the public about the harmfulness of drugs like Cannabis and ecstasy .
    Conclusion = Tell the TRUTH and you are persecuted , jailed , fired or viewed like your a big idiot .
    This craziness is Worldwide . Not just in the U.S.A.

  21. HUH> Looks like the leak in the dam has gotten bigger. You know what that means? FLOOD !!!! IS !!! EMINENT !!!
    Huh, looks like that is causing snow to slide..AVALANCH !!!
    Huh , is that dynamite on the wall? Looks like someone wants to get to the ..OTHERSIDE!!!
    Well ain’t this fun! Anyone got any ideas to add? lol
    Domino’s anyone?

  22. Holy Smokes. Now the CMA is asking for a policy review. Like my Daddy would say’ “that pig done dried up” the suckling pig is finding that its milk is all gone and drying up quickly. The DEA and LE will learn that the days are coming when the medical field is the best way to handle the person who needs medical intervention. Not incarcertation. Time to end the revolving supply of inexpensive labor from the prison industrial complex.

  23. Alright! Tom Armentano is a smart guy. I really hope his bill passes he knew how to get his name out by tackling this issue. Think about the under representation cannabis users still have today across the country (especially in the South). But everyone is for it. its everywhere. Everyone where I live here in Illinois is a former or current user or just doesn’t feel like pot should be criminalized. I’ve talked to teachers, cops, professors, students, other professionals and the list goes on.

  24. John you’re right, and we need to target seniors. We need to get this large and expanding group of respected people to see that legalization is good for them and good for their country.
    And in Georgia we need to send these resolutions from the AMA and the CMA to our own state medical organizations to let them know that we’re aware of what’s happening in the country and we expect to see them follow suit.

  25. Finally … John # 20 – it’s so good to hear you say this . Finally someone knows what’s going on .
    They do not understand that they have been deceived by the Devil.They deny the TRUTH .
    They are horrible things going on in this World . Surely this is the work of Satan the Devil .
    I’m not trying to push any religon on anyone . I hate that as much as the next person . I don’t even answer my door when the xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx start knocking .
    I am just telling the TRUTH .

  26. …..and those people i speak of will deny using marijuana because their place of work is sponsored by Drug & Alcohol . They will hide the TRUTH for money . Their drugs are the Devil . You can get close to God with marijuana . It’s a religious experience for me . You will never know the experience of getting close to God with drunkeness or man made drugs . Marijuana is a gift of God . ….
    ” and they worship the things they made ” .
    I was first to tell you this . It’s about 11:45 P:M: and i cannot sleep until i tell you what i feel is going on right before our eyes . It’s not only here in America. Satan has taken over the World .
    ” called the Devil and Satan , which deceiveth the whole World ”
    Revelation 12;10
    N.O.R.M.L. is the greatest . God bless you .

  27. #3 Matt: Don’t forget that the law as it stands now also gives alcohol (a much more dangerous drug) a legal leg up in society.

  28. #38
    Definitely.. the list goes on and on.. the alcohol and tobacco industries profit from hypocrisy, false advertisement, and cultural elitism… 1st Amendment rights violated… families being destroyed for simple possession… people in my generation, and generations past subject to psychological warfare; telling us that becoming a pot user was the worst thing you could be… Christians being fooled into thinking that God actually allows them to condemn people…
    etc etc

    We have had “socialized medicine” for years. The insurance companies have controlled it. Well! socialized by “privtae interests.” Private interests is a four letter word to socialists. The health bill only takes it away from one abuser, and gives it to another. To put it bluntly, your health/life will be controlled by a computer navigated by my evil brother.
    This is one area of medicine that has my support and praise. I admire the American Policy and Harm Reduction. I appreciate your stand down order to the Justice Department and the Federal fuzz. I applaude your making the Drug Czar a cabinet position. I respect your Federal Guidelines. I look forward to the legislation in front of Congress. You have kept your campaign promise, and I commend you. It’s now up to Congress to validate the will of the people. It has been layed upon their table.
    I can’t think of a better way to describe what it has been like in the past, dealing with government on the issue of medicinal cannabis, than to say…”It’s like drinking out of a fire hose.” But, that was then, and this is now! Now it’s up to our elected public servants to represent the will of the people. Our full support must got to proponents of medicinal cannabis. We must back them up with everything we’ve got, or can get.
    We have, in no uncertain terms, warned our public servants of the impending results, if the will of the people does not prevail. We can do no more than that! We will no longer stand for fence sitting, abstention, or puppets on a string. The issue of medicinal cannabis must be addressed by every seat in Congress. In fact…we demand that they make their position known “before” they get our vote. One vote for a simple yes or no. If it sounds like we are threatening our elected representatives with our vote, bingo! you win!
    What do we want?…you ask. We want cannabis removed from schedule I, and replaced in schedule III. We want “compelling governmental interest” struck from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. You have no compelling interest, and if you think you do, it’s voidable with “THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF.” Please try a little reality. It’s up to you! We the People have spoken, and are prepared to act. We will put our money where our mouths are.

  30. 20. John says:
    “We need to target religious groups.”
    Would you sugeest targeting Rastas, and Genesists. The religious will come around. Everybody will come around. It’s just a matter of time. Try directing the religious to Genesis I:11,12…Genesis I:29,30,31, and Genesis IX:3. There’s nothing to attack. There is only the word, will, and blessing of God to believe.
    Manford Mantis

  31. “We are in the prevention business,” said Arthur Dean, chairman of the Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America. “Kids are getting the message tobacco’s harmful, and they’re not getting the message marijuana is.”
    Well, that’s because even a child knows that marijuana actually isn’t that harmful!! Now isn’t that something? Its more then obvious that tobacco is dangerous, I speak from personal experience. Kids much more so than adults are going to believe what they SEE, not hear. They find the anti-drug ads entertaining! Entertaining! Probably because of how over done they are. I found a few of them humorous myself. The fact is that these ads and prevention effort propaganda just don’t hold up against what the kids are seeing with their own eyes at school, work, all around. They cant think of one person they know who has ever had a serious health condition due to smoking pot. Then the adults are telling them its more dangerous then heroin? Lmao. The prevention business. Please. If they want to protect the future of this nation from harm, perhaps they should stop sending soldiers to their schools to recruit them for violent pointless wars…. Then maybe, just maybe ill believe that these liars are in the prevention business.

  32. Just yesterday (last week) the DEA removed old AMA documentation from their web site recommending cannabis be kept Schedule 1 because of the dangers.
    That point made, why is the Obama administration not taking their (AMA) recommendations since it would immediately soften the public’s monetary tax burden.
    You were obviously using the AMA’s previous recommendations to support the prohibition of cannabis, so what’s up Mr. President, how come you won’t use the AMA’s current recommendation?

  33. READ… READ… READ… I had a thought the other day after hearing one of the NORML pod casts. The main stream media is just a biz. We know they track the searches on their web sites. We should go to FOX, NBC, CNN, and others such “marijuana”. The more hits they get the more likely they are to cover marijuana related stores. This way we can get more mainstream press.

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