A Historic Day In Pennsylvania

Today is a historic day at the Pennsylvania State Capitol in Harrisburg — as lawmakers are debating, for the first time ever in the Keystone State, the medicinal benefits of marijuana.
Kudos goes out to Philly NORML and their allies for working directly with Democrat Rep. Mark Cohen to introduce House Bill 1393, The Barry Busch Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act of 2009 and make today’s hearings a reality.

Pennsylvania lawmakers will talk about legalizing marijuana for medical purposes
via The Patriot-News
The Pennsylvania House of Representatives today will hold its first-ever hearing on a bill that would legalize marijuana for medical purposes.
The House Health and Human Services Committee will hold a public hearing at 11 a.m. in Room 140 of the Main Capitol in Harrisburg on a bill from state Rep. Mark B. Cohen, D-Phila., H.B. 1393, which would permit the use of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania.
The time has come for Pennsylvania to join 13 other states that allow patients suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV or other physically painful diseases to use medical marijuana,” Cohen said in a press release. “It is important the committee and the public hear the powerful stories from these patients about the beneficial use of medical marijuana in treating pain and other symptoms of debilitating medical conditions.”

Web streaming of today’s daylong hearing is available here.
Testifying in favor of the bill: Chris Goldstein and Derek Rosenzweig of PA4MMJ and Philly NORML; Ed Pane of Serento Gardens Treatment Center; Bradley Walter who lives with HIV; Andrew Hoover of the ACLU-PA, Criminal Defense Attorney Patrick Nightengale; MS patient John Wilson of New Jersey; Brian Gralnick of JSPAN; Bob Ceppecio of The Marijuana Policy Project along with other local patients and professionals. Signed written testimony from 26 PA residents will be presented by PA4MMJ and Philly NORML along with 19 written submissions sent anonymously. Expert written submissions and comments came from the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, the National Lawyers Guild Philadelphia Chapter, The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey and the National Organization for the reform of Marijuana Laws Deputy Director Paul Armentano.
You can read my written testimony here.
If you live in Pennsylvania and have not yet contacted your state officials in support of HB 1393, please do so here.

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  1. *ATTENTION* Gov. George Patterson-NY.
    Get on the stick man. NYS is in so much debt coming into the next fiscal year that we are laying off state workers on all levels, cutting ALL financial aid to schools, municipalities, and social service programs for at least the next few months and you have gone on record is support of “at the least” debating the issue of legalization in NY. Why does a local crime ridden big city need to lay off 20 police officers on top of all listed above when you have the power to institue change and be a leader. Lead New York State, let our state be a beacon of light for all the other states. Cali, Tex, FL, and NY are the drool over states for the majority of politicians, be a leader and trend setter, not a follower. Gov Patterson, please, NYS has been one of the top 5 taxed states in the union, we as citizens north of NYC cant take anymore taxes and our services are already run thin.
    No more Gov. layoffs (the $15h back breaking shovel swingers)
    No more spending on crap.
    No more cuts for vital services
    No more new or raised taxes
    JUST LEGALIZE CANNABIS and the results will be stagaring as long as the new revenue is put tword debt reduction not “new found money” spending.
    RON PAUL 2012

  2. Watching it now, WOOHOO! Way to go PA.
    Hopefully we can have 25 states with medical marijuana within a few years.

  3. hello. interesting, yet i believe the uptights do not understand the positive affects of setting these zombies loose on their structured society. i do not know if many of them even realise when they are speaking to a stoned-on-cannabis individual. some in- their-face examples of reality may help your cause. i am very much in need, but Alabama is behind the times. i volunteer to represent the cause anywhere, anytime.

  4. Here’s to ya Philly. Hope all goes well for for you. Anybody know what the prospects for North Carolina MMJ are looking like?

  5. At the end of the meeting, they announced a list of opposition to the Bill. Two of them I found obvious, the PA District Attourney’s Association (Pot arrests probably help their payroll big time) and A Drug Free America (I hope A Drug Free America is doing everything it its power to stop the sale of Prescription drugs, their drugs no matter what. Or is it because they’re patented, sold, and restricted and someone is getting a profit off of them, that makes it okay?)
    Do not forget that PA tends to be the black sheep of the Progressive Northeast. We pass some of the most backwards legislation thanks to the Pensyltucky phenomena (where as we have a progressive Philly and Pittsburgh, and a backwards, “American south-like” central and northern region.

  6. i watched it,but i am confused. i understood everything that was said, but there was not a vote scheduled and (no offense to anyone!) it seemed to me that nothing was done other than everyone speaking out on the issue.when are they going to fix it and let people be healthy??
    [Paul Armentano responds: It is up to the Committee Chair to schedule a vote.]

  7. What is soo wrong with Recreational use(responsible)??
    I am 30 yrs old and enjoy getting “high” in my own home w/out bothering anyone. NOW, I’ll admit, when I smoke it(cannabis), does relieve the pain in my hand/finger joints. And sometimes I use it when I get pain in my right hipbone from when I fell about 5ft straight down(sideways,too), onto ceramic tile. Never went and got it X-rayed either(no Insurance). But, I had to drive with my left leg for about a month.
    So, yes….even though I am not what one would call “seriously il”; Cannabis DEFINATELY helps me relieve certain Physical alements…and better than Tylenol ever does I might add.
    AND THEN, there are times when I have a Sh!tty day, get fustrated, or just feel “tense” or “stress’d” as they say….and Cannabis helps me remove that bad vibe.
    My thinking slows(slightly),…and “things” don’t seem so jumbled all of the sudden. And the next thing ya know !BOOM! the stress has been put 2 rest.
    I thought STRESS was something we as people are supposed to try and reduce in our lives.? Ya know, to improve the quality of it……
    I guess my question is: After you(NORML) manage to stablize equal Rights for Medical use of Cannabis; will NORML begin to tackle the Prejudice and unfair double-standards that surround Recreational use of Cannabis as apposed to Alcohal???
    I am ALL for Medical Marijuana and the reform of laws that keep it from being recognized as such. However, I am also for SAFER recreational practices(Bcuz drinking sucks), as well as SAFER and more ECO-friendly practices through industrial Hemp….I mean(sh!t) we could stop at least 30 to 35 percent of the world’s De-Forestation by a full on switch to HEMP-based paper products. Not to mention we could use hemp and cannabis stalks to make Pencils(instead of Lumber). And that is just one Example…..
    But, anyway….just was curious as to what NORML will do after the Medi-Juana front has given way??
    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML’s primary focus is to protect the personal user. I co-authored the book, Marijuana Is Safer; SO Why Are We Driving People to Drink? which lays out the “double-standards argument in detail. Feel free to pick up a copy.]

  8. What is the significance of this debate, is this just a debate or are they going to vote on the bill?

  9. Good day my fellow protestors..
    I have been following the reform process for about 2 years now via MPP and Norml’s websites. It always makes me incredibly frustrated to see all the good news associated with cannabis use.
    How the government has managed to keep the whole world from the overwhelming truth is beyond me. Luckily the information age is on our side and people’s attitudes toward cannabis are not only shaped by what they read or hear from government run media anymore.
    I am always shocked when I see advertisements on TV that are directed at the cannabis consuming market. For instance: The ESPN ad where some NBA player opens the top of a golden trophy to expose what looks like a pile of marijuana buds. And also, advertised products that have the number 420 in the price somewhere eg. The New Scion Xt ad.
    It is complete hypocrisy, the whole drug war is supposedly to keep drugs away from kids but they are continuously exposed to it in the entertainment industry.
    We have been struggling for a right that humans had for more than 6000 years. How can we allow a drop of humans in an ocean of our existence to change the way we spend our time on earth.
    I really appreciate all the hard work you folks are doing. We are making progress but at this rate we will not see the fruits of our labor in this lifetime.
    We will not achieve our goals democratically.
    We are oppressed by tyranny.
    We are the modern day peasants of today’s hierarchy.
    We are the oppressed blacks in the modern day Apartheid.
    We are becoming enlightened.
    We are on the verge of the revolution.
    Apartheid is coming to an end
    For the oppressed of the world has had enough.
    We strive for change peacefully, but with no avail.
    If it does not come soon, we will be forced to destroy the very tools of our oppression.
    Sorry for the rant but I feel that a revolution would not come from solely pushing papers. But I am all for solving it democratically, instead of destroying government property. I have a suggestion.
    Have the MPP and Norml considered constructing a hypothetical national health care bill with medical marijuana included? I am presuming that it would save hundreds of billions of dollars in healthcare costs.
    Just a suggestion. I want to help with this struggle in any way possible.

  10. Hope I did not sound too defensive. And THANK U, Paul. For answering my comment.
    P.S. can I find this book at say Barnes & Noble??? I live in PHX AZ.
    [Paul Armentano responds: Yes, it is carried through B&N. And also online through Amazon.]

  11. Sounds like you guys are really tackling this thing head on with a lot of people behind you. Glad to see that.
    It sure would be great if some the national MPP and NORML reps were to make it out to Wisconsin in two weeks for our own public hearing. I know we have a great chance this time of passing our own MMJ bill. Support has never been greater.
    Good luck, PA!
    [Paul Armentano responds: NORML representatives, such as Madison NORML’s Gary Storck, will be front and center at this hearing. My testimony has already been submitted to the Committees.]

  12. Kickass!
    The last article kicked my spirits down a little bit, but as states introduce sensible Marijuana legislation one by one, our influence grows.
    I hope Florida is next!

  13. Joel from PENNSYLVANIA HERE!!! This is awesome!! I hope the hearings went well today. I will continue to e-mail my elected officials and even make a call or two.
    2nd state to enter the union, 14th state to RECOGNIZE…that the Controlled Substances Act is a bunch of BS.

  14. a p.s. to my previous comment: i wanted to correct myself i know it may not make them healthy but at least let them live happily!I’m only 28 and i was told by my doctor that i have fibromyalgia and depression and i have been dealing with this for almost 4 years now,i have 2 young children that i need to take care of and help them grow up and knowing that there is something out there that can actually help me without making me sick to my stomach or some other crazy side effect I’m all for it.At this point for me I’m willing to try anything, I’ve already gone threw 6 medication that didn’t help and now I’m on one that does take away the pain but makes me do nothing but sleep, I’m tired of having break down and crying every day because my 3 year old wants to play and i cant because i don’t have the energy or because i hurt to much!just hearing the things that the other people are going threw i cried during almost the whole hearing.i just wish they would say yes and get it over with already.

  15. I don’t want to be a dick here…but shouldn’t it be “An historic day”?
    Just saying, because we already have a tough time shaking that ‘idiot stoner’ label tightly affixed to our constituency.

  16. I was there today, the legislators seemed less than positive. Very unfortunate…practically treasonous not to let our citizens utilize the medicine, let alone the potential for industrial applications like cement, paper, cloth, and oil that lie in the cannabis plant.
    I was pleased to find the representative of my home area is a member of the Health and Human Services Committee, which is the group that conducted the hearings. The gathering included several moving testimonies from patients, the family of patients, doctors, Cannabis Law Reform Activists from NORML and the MPP sent there representatives, and there was even a real live Rabbi.
    However we all know they make more money from putting us away, than they do from giving us what we want. Which is why it doesn’t matter that it is safer than tobacco and alcohol. In fact, they would rather us get sick and have to pay for treatment.

  17. I believe it is getting better,getting better all the time.,It couldn’t get much worse. Legalize Maybe it will get better in Oklahoma.

  18. Mr. Armentano’s testimony is hard to argue with. It is very well researched and backed up by excellent studies.Bravo! I hope for all of those suffering in PA that this passes committee hearings and gets full passage from lawmakers in PA. Good Luck and Godspeed.

  19. Only a matter of time. Good bye cold war fear mongers and bible thumping war bringers. Your time is at an end.

  20. I would love to see how this went considering I am applying to PSU [and really should get in, comparable kids in school got in with lower GPAs, ACTs, SATs, and I have some rocking extra curriculars. They say weed makes you lazy, it gives me a full night sleep (have adjustment insomnia or initial insomnia) and has increased my GPA and gets me through the boring parts of extra curriculars. My resume thanks Mary.
    Now I might be able to thank Mary legally (if not sooner in IL or nationally – fingers crossed for miracle progress tomorrow)

  21. I just watched the end of the hearing, and I thought that the listing of all those opposing at the end as well as a bit of a smile glinted at some bias. While this is a huge step, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Good Luck PA and an advanced Congrats!! Hope to see somebody taking some action in TN soon. I’ve done all I can do for now. :\

  22. I don’t reside in PA, but I watched the testimony on the website provided here. What really caught my attention was at the end of the hearing, one of the members on the panel made a statement of those who were in opposition of the bill, he named off basically Attorneys, Law Enforcement, and Organizations that are funded by pharmaceutical, and alcohol companies (The people who are paid to keep this harmless plant illegal). I guarantee if legislators don’t pass this bill, they are being paid under the table by those mentioned above and there is something seriously wrong. I hope they pass this bill and many people open their eyes to the fact that Cannabis IS a medicine.

  23. Whats up with this accusation about NORML trying to legalize drugs starting by legalizing medicinal marijuana? I mean, if this is true it would not be the smartest thing to announce it outloud, even if it is a NORML meeting. Does that PA Rep.’s statement hold water?
    [Russ responds: This is a famous clip from the ’90s that the prohibitionists use to discredit the cause. It examines the logical progression from legalization of marijuana for medical use to legalization for all use: once society sees a small set of legal cannabis users causing no problems, society will be more amenable to increasing the size of the set. But NORML famously stops at the legalization of cannabis; we take no position on other drugs, though we think locking people up for any drug use seems counterproductive to the user and to society.]

  24. Today i made the drive up to , Ukiah over an appeal on a Court matter . On the way through Sonoma County today there were Billboards all over advertising
    beer .
    There were more new signs than i ever saw
    before .
    They are losing the War against Cannabis . They are making an all out attempt to get people to ” Drink ”
    ( to use their Drug ) .
    I arrived early for Court so i grabbed The Santa Rosa Press to read up on the local news . On the front page showed a beautiful family of four all dead right now including the driver who was suspected to be under the influence of alcohol before the fatal crash .
    ( D.U.I. ).
    These same Companies along with Pharma . through lies and deceptiveness are doing all they can to convince you of the dangers of Marijuana and that their ” Drugs ” are good .
    Tomorrow i will start calling City & County officials regrding these signs . The combined promotion of Alcoholic beverages & this ridiculousness must STOP .

  25. Way to go Pennsylvania. Let’s hope that New York will wake up and follow it’s neighbor. This is way overdue.

  26. Just imagine this! Talking about the possibility of no longer denying God given Constitutionally guaranteed rights to some Pennsylvania residents by continuing to inhumanely deprive them of medical treatment that works for them. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. It’s almost like some of us may eventually live a little less fearful of our vicious, violent, cruel and irrational police state, sort of.

  27. Way to go PA.Now if we can get a VERY conservative state like Virginia to go green,this would be just the kick other states would need to help sick people.Oh,and let’s get this off the schedule 1 list life will forever change for the good of us all.

  28. I live in PA and this won’t do a damn thing for me unless they include a wider spectrum of ailments nd illnesses that qualify for medical use.

  29. @ #21 Mike
    No, ‘A Historic Day’ is correct. You are probably thinking that because of the words ‘An honest..’ When you say the word ‘honest’, you don’t pronounce the ‘H’ and begin the pronunciation with a vowel. However, when you say the word ‘historic’, you do pronounce the ‘H’, which is a consonant. Therefore, it is not necessary to add an ‘N’ to the ‘A’. More information can be gathered here:
    [Russ responds: Well, it’s not exactly wrong, either:

    Some words beginning with the letter h have the primary stress on the second or later syllable. Pronouncing a as a schwa can diminish the sound of the schwa and melt into the vowel. Pronouncing it as a “long a” does not do this, but as the pronunciation cannot be prescribed, the word is spelled the same for either. Hence an may be seen in such phrases as “an historic”, “an heroic”, “an hôtel of excellence”. Yet most English speakers would object to these uses, as the pronounced “h” is quite awkward following “an”.

    Thus, it’s a bit dependent on pronunciation. If you’re saying AY HISTORIC day, that’s good, but if you’re saying UH HISTORIC, it isn’t wrong to instead say UHN HISTORIC. If you’re going to say it as ANN HISTORIC, it usually ends up as ANN ISTORIC.
    I blame the British. Every time I read a UK news story I’m always tripped up by their references to “a drugs problem…” or “the group have recommended…” Two countries separated by a common language…]

  30. I watched this the other day and I think it is a great step forward for helping to legalize medical marijuanna. However it would have been nice if all of the Health and Human services comittee members would have taken this serious. By the end of the meeting only 4 remianed. The damn committee chairman didnt even stay for the entire meeting. Too bad he’s not in my district, but I still called and let them know my displeasure of his actions anyway. Hopefully he’s not as much of a jack ass in round 2 of meetings.

  31. I wrote my state representative, Hickernell (R), about it this past summer, and I have cancer, and the asshole wrote me back that he was against legalizing marijuana. He doesn’t give a shit about his constituents! I want marijuana legalized! Just because he is healthy and thinks if he did it everyone wants to do it just to get high. He’s an asshole, and I doubt he’ll ever come around to vote for MMJ. I’ll be surprised and actually have to vote for the little chicken shit if he does.

  32. Thats sad ^ “THE ORACLE”
    what i want you to do is look into rich simpson of canada who has made medicine for cancer patients with whole plant material.It has done miracles for many.You-tube it

  33. Thanks, RollUpThoseLaws!
    Well, since I live in Pennsylvania, I would like to be able to try the hemp oil from the buds, which in the doses mentioned in the video, would not get me high, and I do not want to lose my job for trying to save my life from cancer if it works for me, or slow the growth and spreading of the cancer at the very least.
    Governor Rendell and the legislature would have to make sure that employers could not fire people and their licenses would not be taken away, that is driver’s license or professional licenses.
    Obviously, if I had to take a dose that would impair my driving or heavy equipment operation, I would not want to do that and would catch a ride with someone else or take public transportation, and an employer would have to give an alternative assignment instead of operating heavy equipment until the treatment was over, and I would have to be legally allowed to take paid medical leave, paid by the employer or health insurance or government or something until my treatment plan took me off doses where I could safely drive. I don’t think I’d have to take those kinds of dosages, judging from the video, but I would like my doctor to be allowed to discuss it with me here in Pennsylvania and recommend it for me without any of us getting in trouble of any kind, even if the Feds would swoop down to try to fuck everything up.
    I hope my PA state representative David Hickernell, good Christian as he portrays himself, will do the right thing and vote for legalizing medical marijuana. He has given me reasons to doubt that. God help him if he ever gets cancer. He should look at the statistics. He just might.

  34. TheOracle you should write an LTE (letter To Editor) and send it to your local newspapers; turn up the heat on that elected official and let the public know that he’s against legalizing cannabis for medicinal purposes. Let them know that before it was outlawed federally, i twas one of the top 3 medicines prescribed by doctors, it is impossible to overdose on, and is all natural, compared to the synthetic concoctions created by Big Pharma in the last 80 years which all have significant side effects, including the possibility of death and suicide.

  35. For everyone: read tinyurl.com/1mn and tinyurl.com/potconviction
    the first is the transcription of the speech given by Professor Whitebread to the CA Judgge’s assosciation in 1995 before Prop 215 was voted:
    Well, there it was, you didn’t have to look another foot as you went from state to state right on the floor of the state legislature. And so what was the genesis for the early state marijuana laws in the Rocky Mountain and southwestern areas of this country? It wasn’t hostility to the drug, it was hostility to the newly arrived Mexican community that used it.
    It’s not a war on (some) drugs it’s a war on minorities to replace outlawed slave labor with prison labor. They outlawed the *naturally growing* drugs that minorities were using so they could stuff their prisons with nonviolent minorities to force them to work for pennies a day.

  36. I attended Wednesday’s meeting in Harrisburg, and as always was prepared to be opened minded on both sides of the issues. I am sure it is no wonder that I thought the points raised by 1393 supporters were much stronger than those presented by its detractors.
    First off, for all of you stoners (term of endearment really!) out there let me clarify that this is for medicinal purposes only. You may consider this legislation ”gateway” legislation for generalized legalization, but those pure of intention are only seeking relief and an improved quality of life for those that find it through marijuana. These are those suffering through chemotherapy, chronic pain, wasting disease and other serious ailments.
    Because this bill is intended ONLY for citizens that have been approved through their physician, and registered through a state organization, it will no more pose a threat to children as does any other controlled substance. Let’s be clear, illegal marijuana is much easier to obtain for children than is legalized tobacco or alcohol. Let’s stop talking about the “Children”. This is a tired argument that attempts to pull on the heart-strings. No one wants to hurt or ruin the future of children.
    Detractors will tell you of the danger of smoking ANYTHING. This could be true. I don’t know all of the scientific data, but my logic would tell me that inhaling any burnt substance could cause irritation and perhaps cancer. Ok, that is a valid point, but the detractors fail to recognize that MANY patients receive the benefits of marijuana by either vaporization or consuming the medicine through food or drink. See, this is another emotion hot button as well, and tries to ride to coat-tails of the anti-smoking sentiment that has been growing in this country for years! “If we don’t want tobacco smokers in public areas, then why would we tolerate marijuana smokers?” This is poor logic and is geared to sway the uninformed.
    Let’s talk about Maslow’s law of human needs. At the core of this concept is the strongest human need of all and that is the need for oxygen, food, water and revulsion from pain. It is these physiological needs that will drive those in pain to seek relief in any form they can, including illegal marijuana. So, what do we do as a society when we catch them growing medicine for themselves? We throw them in jail where illegal drugs are easily obtained! How we treat our poor and sick are truly an indication of our morality as a society. And guess what? We really stink.
    Let’s talk about his concept of gateway drug. First off, marijuana has ZERO chemical components that can create dependency. Furthermore, and this is from my own personal experience, my first introduction into the dark world of drugs was alcohol then tobacco. But of course you will very few politicians with the courage to fight these industries, especially when these organizations are directly responsible for keeping politician’s wallets fat. Shame on you politicians! You have spit on the public trust.
    In Harrisburg there were several physicians standing up for medical marijuana, and they made many salient points. For instance, did you know that marijuana has an LD 50 lower than any medicinal substance on the market? LD = Lethal Dose and the 50 represents 50 percent, so an LD 50 is the amount of substance needed to get an individual 50 percent of the way towards a lethal dose. It is virtually impossible to overdose on marijuana, in fact it would take an individual consuming 1500 pounds over 15 minutes for that to even come close!
    Emergency room physicians and Neurologist all came to the defense of marijuana with this message, “It helps people in pain feel better and it has no negative side effects.” Both sides of this argument agree that medical treatment is a decision that must be made between a patient and his physician. This is all we are asking for. Allow physicians access to a substance they know works!
    The “Political Party Walkers” will tell you that we in Pennsylvania can not approve of medical marijuana because the federal government has not approved it. And yes, this is true. But it is also true that we may act within the concept of Federalism. We as a state have the right and moral responsibility to act on the behalf of our citizens, and to damn what the Washington tell us. This is at the heart of everything our forefathers fought for. Besides, President Obama has already given the states a green light to seek out their own medical marijuana laws without fear of federal prosecution. He may not be able to change the marijuana laws at a national level, but he certainly has given us the “wink” to do what we see fit.
    Also, and even our respectable member of the Health and Human Services department didn’t seem to recognize this, the AMA has recently reversed their stance on keeping marijuana as a Class I drug. This means that the AMA sees the potential that marijuana has clinical benefits. Many other medical associations have also given approval, and many others fear providing their approval because of backlash fears from their constituents. Fear is major emotion that is keeping this sensible policy away from the governor desk.
    Marinol and other cannabis synthetics are not 100 percent effective. For many they work well for the relief of nausea and pain, but for others the only substance that works is consumed medical marijuana. Why are we denying these people relief? Is it again…Fear?
    Ok, let’s move to what politicians understand. Money. It should come to no surprise that for a majority of our country’s history marijuana/hemp was a major cash export. Most of the signers of the Declaration of Independence both sold and profited from its use. But today, we treat this substance it would rob our nation of prosperity and direction. Nothing could be more false. The projected tax revenues expected from legalized medical marijuana in Pennsylvania is $25,000,000. Show me a simpler, safer and more compassionate path to this revenue than medical marijuana.
    No one wants another California. We hear all the time about the marijuana dispensaries out-numbering the Starbucks in downtown Hollywood, but the legislation being proposed by HB1393 is not even close to creating another “California” here in the Keystone State. Looks towards Rhode Island if you want an example of where this legislation may take us.
    YES! I am slanted towards approving HB 1393. Prejudices, Fear and images of “stoners” hold this legislation from becoming reality. Shame on Pennsylvania, shame on our government and shame on us if we don’t demand approval of this legislation from our elected officials.

  37. I just heard that Representative Cohen will be on PCN on a call-in show Tuesday, December 8, at 7 p.m.

  38. Here is some information on a Web Chat being conducted today:
    Please join us this Tuesday at noon for an online web discussion:
    Digest This is a weekly, hour-long online discussion hosted by WHYY’s Health and Science team. Join us every Tuesday at noon. Log in at lunchtime to pose questions to experts and our reporters, voice opinions and connect to people with similar concerns
    This Week’s Topic: Marijuana as medicine?
    Lawmakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are championing bills to legalize marijuana for medical use. Supporters say cannabis can help patients suffering debilitating diseases, including cancer, glaucoma and HIV.
    Opponents — including many law enforcement officials — say the bills have lax safeguards to prevent ìdoctor shoppingî and easy access for recreational users.
    When: 12 noon Tuesday, December 8th
    Where: Go to whyy.org/healthscience to login at 12 noon
    Moderator: Health reporter Taunya English
    The Experts:
    Chris Goldstein is a radio broadcaster and marijuana reform advocate. He serves on the Board of Directors at PhillyNORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) and Pennsylvanians for Medical Marijuana.
    Edward M. Marsico, Jr. is President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and District Attorney for Dauphin County.

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