Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization

Last week Rhode Island became the fifth state this legislative session to introduce legislation seeking to legalize and regulate the adult use, possession, production, and distribution of non-medical marijuana. Also last week lawmakers in the Hawaii Senate approved legislation seeking to ‘decriminalize’ (replace criminal penalties with civil fines) marijuana possession offenses — a policy reform that now exists in thirteen states.
Opponents of such liberalization proposals inevitably argue that any efforts toward decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis will adversely impact the public’s use of marijuana and/or young people’s attitudes toward it. Yet regional data gleaned from around the word consistently demonstrates that the imposition and enforcement of harsh criminal marijuana penalties do not dissuade cannabis use, and moreover, that criminalization is an objectively ineffective public policy.
To better educate lawmakers, opinion leaders, and our own constituents of this consistent, comprehensive, and growing body of scientific literature, NORML has authored the following white paper, Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization. This paper reviews dozens studies that have examined this issue in regions that have either:
a) regulated marijuana use and sales for all adults;
b) decriminalized the possession of small quantities of marijuana for adults;
c) medicalized the use of marijuana to certain authorized individuals; or
d) deprioritized the enforcement of marijuana laws.
NORML’s paper also proposes general guidelines to govern marijuana use, production, and distribution in a legal, regulated manner.
Based on the multi-decade experiences of various states and nations that have enacted various versions of marijuana decriminalization and/or legalization, NORML maintains that:
1. Strict government legalization/regulation of marijuana is unlikely to increase the public’s use of marijuana or significantly influence attitudes.
2. Decriminalization is unlikely to increase the public’s use of marijuana or significantly influence attitudes.
3. Free market legalization of marijuana without strict government restrictions on commercialization and marketing is likely to increase marijuana use among the public; however, given that the United States already has the highest per capita marijuana use rates in the world, this increase is likely to be marginal relative to other nation’s experiences.
You can read the entire paper online here.
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  1. I was under the impression that Canada hand the highest per capita use. Oh well. Have a good day

  2. I once heard that Cuban cigars are only so appealing because they are illegal, and this makes their demand go up. The same is true for marijuana, and if we actually made it legal, then that appeal would just diminish.
    You are right that legalizing marijuana wouldn’t necessarily make the use go up. As it stands right now, since marijuana is VERY illegal, there is a high demand on the black market. If we legalized it, then this black market would have it’s own recession.
    Even if marijuana use did go up, then so what? I don’t care if you light up a doobie…
    Interesting article. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you Paul. One last effort to persuade my Chiropractor with your paper. Then I have to give up and seek out another contact.

  4. I have long experienced the ill effects of marijuana being illegal. If not for that, it would not draw the user into the illicit world of heavy narcotics such as cocaine or methamphetamine. Simply put- marijuana COULD lead to heavier drugs simply because it is illegal WITH those drugs. If they sell soda and you buy a burger, at some point you are going to be offered to buy a soda. Apply this drug metaphor at your discression.

  5. Just imagine how much legislation on there by the end of 2010. Does anyone else think the marijuana debate is increasing exponentially? Thoughts?

  6. Can someone please explain to me why everyone likes decrim. Decrim is not good the cops still take your stash and if they keep on bagging you you still end up in court or jail. Away with decrim in with legalizing TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS CANT EVEN USE THEM IN THE SAME SENTENCE NORML START EXPLAINING DECRIM BETTER TO PEOPLE

  7. My hope is that this paper will be read and people will finally understand that this plant and the people that use it are not the enemy. We simply seek relief from what ails us or would like to relax with something that doesn’t eventually kill us. Is this to hard to understand? What happened to our constitutional right to Life,Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness? Who gave the government the right to arrest me for consuming anything? Does the government own our bodies? Can the ban us from consuming anything the see fit? What’s next high fructose corn syrup or high fat fast food.

  8. And as our government refuses to do anything with or recognize the lie that is prohibition , they also refuse to stop the wall streeters and international bankers from using the deals that caused our financial collapse. They are still playing tune. So we may end up with a worse collapse. WTF is wrong with people? All these injustices all around us , a government that is on the take and dont care about our interests. Stand up! Start speaking out. Heres someone that is….forcefully. We all need to do so, our freedoms and very way of life is on the line.

  9. #8 Decriminalization should mean just that: No jail time and no police supervision. Just no commercial distribution, that’s all. And even when caught distributing, there would be fines only. No jail time. It would be like all the laws governing tobacco without the legal distribution. You can grow all the tobacco you want for personal possession. You can buy tobacco seeds anywhere you want. But the minute you try to sell the stuff without a license from the government, then you risk fines. The same idea would apply to cannabis. You can buy seeds or any other non-psychoactive part of the plant, but the minute you try to distribute leaf or bud, then you risk fines.
    Decriminalization would be enough for me. There would always remain a certain amount of black market trafficking in the bud and leaf, but it wouldn’t be anything like what it is now. Because of the reduced risk and the presence of fines, less people would be interested in moving the stuff because there is less justification for huge profits. And because you could grow it yourself openly, outside, more people who want it would grow it for themselves.
    I think decriminalization would work so well, that it should really be extended to all the plant product drugs like coca and poppy. But with coca and poppy, you could continue to criminalize the processing of these into any crystaline form like heroine or cocaine. That could still get you jail time, like right away.
    But I support the complete legalization of cannabis too. A lot of people are real excited about the idea, but frankly, I think it will wind up being a big flop. Part of the fun of smoking pot over the last forty years has been getting away with it. If you don’t manage to get away with it, it is usually because you are either poor and cannot work for a living or you have to work for a living and expose yourself to supervision. The rich can do what they want with cannabis. They continue to have the same problems as everyone else with cocaine and heroine.

  10. “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”
    Abraham Lincoln (1809-65), U.S. President.
    “The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this.”
    Albert Einstein, “My First Impression of the U.S.A.”, 1921

  11. “Part of the fun of smoking pot over the last forty years has been getting away with it.”
    I don’t think the people who are in jail or can’t get jobs care how much fun YOU’VE had getting away with it.

  12. Amazing quotes by two amazing men. I’d seen the Einstein, but not the Lincoln. Thanks Elijah. Why is it that good information and good logic, even good science, is supressed?
    One quote logically critiquing prohibition from one of the greatest presidents of American history. Another from the man who revolutionized modern science.
    Hundreds and hundreds of studies with positive conclusions, included that double-blind ‘goldstandard’ test. Hundreds of infallable rebuttals to nonsensical supports of Prohibition.
    No one knows…
    But when a psuedoscience study, or misinformation, or pure propaganda comes out, it is perpetuated like a wildfire… “Cannabis kills brain cells” Misinformation perpetuated by a horribly done study. Etc Etc
    Is it because goverment funds and perpetuates nonsense, or is it because it is the nature of our people?
    We are doing it guys!

  13. Noble pursuit. A good paper with valid points.
    I just don’t believe it will ever change… 30+ years I have yet to see anything change here and the internet has only made the opposition stronger. I can remember when I was a teenager getting harrased and strip searched for one joint. Fun fun.

  14. High, I find it strange that all the plans for legalization require the LOSER in the war to make the rules and tax the WINNER. I HAVE BEEN FIGHTING NOW FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS FOR THE RIGHT TO MAKE THE RULES. We control the production, distribution and consumption of a crop that has a retail value of 150 billion dollars per year. Why should we turn control of our wealth, our cultural treasure over to those who have despised and abused us? I propose that we control our industry, preserve our wealth and serve mankind in a more generous way. I propose that we study legalization rather than rushing into a tax trap lined with bureaucrats. I propose that we GIVE AWAY a lot of cash to pay for social services and BUY our freedom outright. and just use my name on Facebook.
    [Editor’s note: Since government and taxes are not going away, there will not be a Utopian post-prohibition cannabis policy where consumers who want to purchase the product at the retail level are not taxed. Logically, the taxes should not be any higher per dosage unit than alcohol or tobacco products. Those who’re are averse to paying taxes, or want to control potency and quality, can grow their own. Regrettably, with an arrest on cannabis charges happening every 37 seconds in the US, 90% for possession-only charges, so to declare the government and law enforcement as “losers” is whistling by the graveyard. Cannabis law reformers have much work still to do.]

  15. You forgot to mention restitution for all the property seized and auctioned under the guise of morality.

  16. we need to come out of the dugout and make our voices

  17. On Cnn Tonite Cambell Brown is suppose to have somethin on the Cannibis movement 7pm central time on till 8pm

  18. To say only cannabis should be legalized is kind of hypocritical.
    It’s a matter of personal freedom to put whatever you want in your body. There ARE responsible hard drug users, the reason people think most of them aren’t is because the the responsible users are exactly that; not that hard drugs are not addictive. It’s also in the individual as to whether or not they may become addicted.
    I know what will happen.. the government is slowly repealing it’s policies of marijuana to not come off as the brainwashful body of self-interest nanny state conservatives they are, but will not do anything for other substances – even though many of them are prescribeable by doctors and produced by pharmaceuticals to mimic the other drugs.
    That aside, save our planet & take advantage of the many glorious uses of the cannabis plant.

  19. Paul, A. Re: 23…It is delusional, not utopian, to believe the respective governments charged with the “change” of cannabis regulations will honour our requests, needs or even respect the facts of science and peoples wishes. At the moment, there are NO winners or losers, but I consider legalization to be the end of the war. So I guess whoever makes the rules, will be the actual winner. I submit to you and the readers, that legislation is yet to be approved regarding ANY rules for regulated social production, distribution and consumption; therefore, the things I have suggested are doable in any political arena as easily as ANY legislation. This is about control of 150 billion dollars a year in revenue and I suggest that it is time to introduce a new paradigm.

  20. im thinking of taking Horticulture at my local community college , was jus wonderin if n e ones done it or is going through it right now?

    It is the noble and determined objective of the Genesist Faith to organize and unite its adherents throughout the world. The inspiration and incentive of our indivisable mindset and relentless agenda is, and will for-ever-more be, “THE CERTAINTY OF RELIGIOUS FREEDOM.”
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  24. Agreed. Once Marijuana becomes legal, it’s a new industry that will make millions, most likely even billions for both the companies who decide to market it and the government who’d tax it. The cartels will be hit with their own recession because Marijuana is their cash crop and once that’s been taken from them, what can they turn to?

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    We believe in the United States of America, as a government of the people, by the people, for the people, whose just powers are derived from “THE CONSENT OF THE GOVERNED,” a democracy in a republic, a sovereign nation of many sovereign states, a perfect union, one and inseperable, established upon the principles of freedom, equality, justice, and humanity for which “AMERICAN PATRIOTS SACRAFICED THEIR LIVES AND FORTUNES.” Therefore, we believe it is “OUR DUTY TO OUR COUNTRY” to love it, to support its Constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to “DEFEND IT AGAINST ALL ENEMIES.”
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    All men and women, are by nature, free, equal, and independant, and submit to government because they find it convenient to do so, not because they acknowledge any divine right on the part of any one person, or group of persons.
    The antidote to formal government’s abuse of our religious right is “THE INFLUENCE OF PRIVATE CHARACTER.” One thing is clear, “A CERTAIN PERSONAL VIRTUE IS ESSENTIAL TO FREEDOM.” Therefore, Genesists “PLEDGE THEIR ALLEGIANCE TO INDIVIDUALISM,” and should we become a traitor to the cause to which we pledge our allegiance, may our right hand wither on the arm that we raise.

  27. State and Fed gov have ran out of money. Now they can tax pot, money talks. They can not afford all the pot heads in prison. Make money off the pot heads and not have to pay cops, legal system, prisons, parole officers, probation officers, unemployed felon, etc.

  28. The soul looks steadily forward, creating a reality before it, leaving a reality behind it. The soul knows only the soul; all else is idle weeds for the wearing. We must learn from the vast history of our being, or our being has brought forth wisdom for naught. The fruit tree grows from its seed. It grows full to bear its fruit. That fruit [ripe] falls from the tree, and the fruit is for our nourishment, or the tree has brought forth fruit for naught. The years of man gains wisdom from experience. That wisdom [ripe] infinitely falls from the tree. Only from wisdom can the book of our life be read. Yet! every man’s words, who speaks from his life, must sound vain to those who do [not] dwell in the same thought, on their own part.
    So! I want a conversation with those who “dwell in the same thought, on their own part.” If you believe in God and cannabis/Manna, I want to share with you, the gift of Manna as Holy Sacrament.

  29. Reschedule, educate, research, FREE THE WEED for medical, and recreation (for those who just wanna feel better!).

  30. I believe marijuna should be made legal to grow “x” number of starter plants and then whittled to “x” number for production. Then the grower should get taxed per plant and be required to have a license to grow. The catch is…the homegrown can’t be sold. It’ll take out the criminal aspect because why would I buy it if I can grow it! Of course the stuff could be given away, say to a neighbor or something so long as their over say 25 years old or something like that.

  31. In addendum to post number 44, employers would retain the right to not allow smoking on their premises or while on their shift, etc.

  32. In addendum to posts 44 and 45…growing, buying, and selling medicinal marijuana by licensed entities should be allowed. It just needs to be made available to the public to grow and smoke in order to remove the stigma of criminal behavior.

  33. In addendum to post 46, the marijuana must also be grown in a dedicated area that has a lock on the door(s).

  34. In addendum to post 47, the concept is similar to that of going fishing and obtaining a license before doing so.

  35. Jeremy called today in much better frame of mind. He had a hearing where he witnessed his lawyer spring into action and was impressed. He has a glimmer of hope. He has also been moved he is no longer in a cell but more of a dormitory situation his new address is Jeremy woolf CCDOC ID# 20100121182 Division2 annex Dorm C2 P.O. Box 089002 Chicogo Ill. 60608

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