Colorado: Yet Another City Votes To Remove Marijuana Penalties

Fewer than 2,000 people reside in the mountain town of Nederland, Colorado — located west of Boulder. Nonetheless, Tuesday’s ‘small town’ vote in favor of a local ordinance eliminating all criminal and civil penalties for the adult personal use of marijuana is no doubt representative of the rising tide of national popular opinion in favor of cannabis legalization.
For the record, Nederland is the third Colorado city in recent memory to vote to remove marijuana possession penalties — following Breckenridge in 2009 and Denver (2007 and 2005) — and it most certainly won’t be the last.

Nederland votes to remove penalties for marijuana
via Fox News
NEDERLAND, COLO. — Voters in the town of Nederland voted on Tuesday and approved a ballot measure that removed all local penalties for private adult marijuana possession, making the mountain town the third Colorado locality to legalize marijuana in the past five years.
Denver voters adopted a citizen-initiative to do so in November 2005, and voters in Breckenridge approved a similar measure in November 2009.
More than 54 percent of Nederland voters supported the measure in what Town Clerk Christi Icenogle said was a high turn-out election.
Voters also ousted incumbent Mayor Martin Cheshes, who had vocally opposed the measure and referred to it as “foolish,” replacing him with Trustee Sumaya Abu-Haidar.
Prior to the announcement of the vote, the Boulder District Attorney Stan Garnett told The Daily Camera: “I’ll pay attention if it passes. Marijuana enforcement is a sensitive issue, and it’s important to gauge public sentiment.”
… Durango, which voted largely in support of the statewide initiative to legalize marijuana in 2006, will likely to vote on a similar local marijuana legalization initiative this November.
A recent poll of likely Colorado voters found that 50 percent now support making marijuana legal for adults and regulating it like alcohol.

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  1. Hopefully this trend will spread like wildfire. It’s nice to see that people are finally waking up and realizing that the “dangers” of marijuana were grossly overstated. The more people are exposed to marijuana, the more that will realize that it’s really no big deal. I just wish that it were fully legalized already so that I don’t have to worry about ruining my life over something so petty.

  2. yes another place i can move to in the future. I love to hear the great news. the fascists are dying !!!!
    legalize the herb.

  3. great But i would like to hear more about new york please. i think we spend more money here so i want to hear about new york . colorado already has the liberty to smoke and is close to other staes to smoke weed . please do somethin on new york . please please please .

  4. Wow 1st California now Colorado way to make progress Wounder what other states will be next to do what is right and logical instead on closing eyes to legality of marijuana while wasting billions residually on prohibition. At this rate by 2012 (most likely sooner) a vast majority of the states will do the same as California and Colorado is doing and if not by then hopefully all together marijuana will be legal and taxed. But for us to run we must keep making those small steeps and with the small steeps we are taking will indeed make an impact towards legalization and taxation of marijuana. Lets keep up the good work towards the goal and keep on making as many small steeps as we have done in the past. Lets show them that 2010 shall be just as good if not better than 2009 towards the cause… God bless and thank NORML and all the other organizations who is for the cause… Keep up the great work…..

  5. Yet another reason to move to Colorado, and just think my state lousyana is trying to make pot laws worse!! Thank for reporting this guys!!

  6. tick, tick, tick…it’s coming. support is growing larger and more vocal. let’s put this dinosaur to bed

  7. wow that’s great more and more states are hopping onto the band wagon i’m glad people are beginning to understand that this wont make the Mexican’s go crazy or the blacks rape white women or whatever else was tied up with the whole reefer madness deal this is great !

  8. NOrml, can people visit there and smoke legally? Is it like Amsterdam, or is it just locals that are allowed?
    [Editor’s note: Absent the need for a medical recommendation to legally possess, cultivate and sell cannabis, anyone over 18 years who interfaces with police in municipalities (or Alaska, where one ounce is zero fine) where cannabis penalties have been reduced to zero (or often a $100 fine in the decrim states) will simply have the cannabis taken away by law enforcement.]

  9. I think as soon as a city or state legalizes, regulates and taxes cannabis the way alcohol is we will see crime go down, income go up and all of the prohibitionist scare tactics go up in smoke! You got to love those great people of the west. True pioneers in their own right. Very free thinking and they love to show it.

  10. Getting closer an closer to Iowa,wonder who’s next? Although Colorado isnt too far either.

  11. Ok…this is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I would like to see some kind of progress in Florida. Unfortunately, they are regressing. There is news in the air that Florida is planning on closing down all head shops.

  12. The ousting of the anti-pot mayor is a much bigger deal than the pot vote itself. It’s tangible proof that politicians making anti-pot statements are hurting themselves at the ballot box, not helping themselves.

  13. Great news I wish Florida would jump on the banwagon soon but it looks like I might have to move to Colorado..

  14. This is big news – not because an overwealming majority voted yes on the issue, but because the leadership lost their job because they opposed the measure. I predict that, one by one, these prohib politicians will start seeing that career suicide lies not with agreeing with reform, but with opposing it. We need to get the word out to as many politicians as humanly possible, and package it with results from national polls proving strong, healthy support and desire for reforms among voters. Let them all know that if they oppose reform, we will no doubt take their positions (and salaries) away from them.

  15. How long do you think it will be for Texas? I’m getting the word out there for the upcoming 420 fests and Austins Cannabis crusade.

  16. I just talked to my doctor today about how MJ helps with the Zoloft side effects.
    She said she doesn’t recommend people take “drugs”.
    Oh… by the way here is your Zoloft.
    The hypocrisy of the status quo is killing me faster than any real disease.

  17. Nobody seems to have an answer for testing automoble drivers t h c blood content. How? That will end up being the big issue. Its not like testing for alcohol. Im all for legalizing it but thats the road block.
    [Editor’s note: While driving while impaired is a general concern, prohibiting cannabis outright is too extreme. There are a number of new technologies being developed to accurately measure the amount of THC at the time of an encounter with law enforcement.]

  18. When will WE learn? If ALL of our like minded citizens voted and lobbied for reform nationwide, we would have already won this “War on Drugs”. If our elected officials do not respect our wishes, they need to be replaced with more “in-tune” politicians. We vote to put these people in office, and if they refuse to listen to their own constituents, than we should “fire” them. If this was a couple of hundred years ago, they might find themselves more than a little unemployed. Humanity has come a long way to becoming morally responsible, but who is to decide what is moral? Us or Them? Let me know what you think, post a response. “If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice!!”

  19. It is wonderful to hear this good news! I live in Richmond, Virginia and I would really benefit from marijuana for my arthritis in my knees and lower back. I can’t use it because it is illegal here and medical marijuana doesn’t apply for my condition.
    I have to stay with my prescription drugs which have horrible side effects. Please keep the snowball rolling…maybe someday in Virginia.

  20. I agree with Ed, it astounds me that marijuana was put in the same catagory as heroin or cocaine. Pot is not a “gateway” drug. hehe, the only thing pot leads to is arts and crafts, excessive snacking or painful laughing. GO C O!!!!!

  21. This little town just boosted it’s demand a thousand fold! Here is a place marijuana consumers can live free. Anybody thinking of moving there? I predict the more marijuana laws reform in these places the better their economy.

  22. To the the Mayor who says thinks this measure is foolish: Us voters speak with our, you guessed it, VOTES! So if we vote for something in law, even if you think it’s foolish, you better bet it’s what we want. I’m really tired of this immature attitude towards changing marijuana laws. Can’t we have a mature, educated discussion about marijuana? You might learn something!

  23. Unfortunately the law that states where up to one ounce is zero fine in Alaska is grossly misunderstood. The law enforcement here is on high watch for cannabis and if you are caught with any cannabis(even on your own property in your own homestead under one ounce) you can still face heavy penalties. Gone are the days where the cops were your friends and turned the blind eye to the small amounts in the last frontier and come the days where the cops profiteer off of the smallest violations.
    I’ve been pestering AK’s current congressman about the true unbiased facts and probable plans for legalizing and controlling cannabis like alcohol, not to mention the hemp by products that it would bring. And the fact that there is the simple method of baking cannabis into your foods(desserts preferably ^_^) However I continue to get the same uneducated responses. Woe is me when the laws of our lands are in the hands of those who take sides before facts.

  24. So what we are doing is now by taking away marijuana penalties actually making laws more haunting because we are going to have a lot more DWI arrests and it is going to turn as ugly as alcohol related arrests sad but true. You take away one poison another will develop.

  25. It seems very important to make one’s support of cannabis law reform known. What about the cannabis march that takes place in May? Would it be helpful to attend?

  26. I think its great that these things are happening every week it seems now. I just can’t help but wonder what more do we need? I know that poles are steadily going up in favor of legalization, but what more do we need to say to people? Even if we get all of the small towns to decriminalize, we still have a lot of work for the bigger towns. I’m not trying to be pessimistic, I just want to know what else we can do. The small towns will always be easier because there aren’t as many people and special interest groups to worry about, but I think that the real battle we have to fight is in the major socio-economic centers like New York City, Philadelphia, D.C., Chicago, etc. It is great that we have places like Nederland but we can’t get swept up in excitement when massive urban centers are still locking people up for simple possesion.

  27. “driving while impaired” !? silly
    countless tokers over the last forty years drive safely when high.
    go with the flo

  28. Hopefully this change will spread. People are finally realizing that marijuana is not very dangers .there are more legal drugs such as alcohol that have more dangerous side affects . The lack of exposure that people have to marijuana can also play a huge part on the reform. The more people are exposed to marijuana, the more that will realize that it’s really that big of a deal. a lot of people misunderstand the effects of marijuana who are not exposed to it other then extreme version of people being highly intoxicated on the TV . If people did some research about marijuana , even easy research like reading blogs from this site .They may have a better view to wards legalizing . Also to change peoples views its less likely that they will agree if they see people running around high out of there mined screaming free the pot . The best method to convince and change peoples minds is to use facts and conduct them selves with order just like you would want to pass any other bill or law.

  29. First California, now Colorado. The legalization of marijuana is going to spread through the United States. It’s obvious because two states have already accomplished this. It’s unfortunate that they can’t just legalize all of the states at the same time because if they could it would save a lot of time and other issues could be resolved quicker. For example, if they were not worrying about something that doesn’t kill people they could focus on more serious problems like drinking and driving. Also since two states already legalized it the other states will finally see how unharmful marijuana really is to people. There is obviously nothing wrong with it when doctors prescribe medical marijuana to people.

  30. If the fed. Gov. would just legalize it, it wouldn’t cost so much for the states to go through all the red tape. Just do it and enjoy the medicine, new jobs since the whole plant is usable with many uses. Not just for medical, it is a renewable energy source as well. Go USA

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