CNBC — The Marijuana Lobby: All Grown Up

Just in time for 4/20, cable news titan CNBC has launched “Marijuana & Money: A Special Report” — a comprehensive online collection of features and commentaries covering all things cannabis.

Headline stories and featured videos include:

The Cost-and-Benefit Arguments Around Enforcement; Tax Potential For Government; States With The Most Liberal Pot Laws; States With The Toughest Pot Laws The Confused State of Pot Law Enforcement; and The New Pot: No High, No Pain, No Problem.

There’s also commentaries in favor of marijuana law reform from political heavyweights like: former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson (The War On Drugs Has Failed, So Tax And Regulate Marijuana); ex-New York City Democrat Mayor Ed Koch (Let’s Get The Facts About Marijuana And Move On From There); Rhode Island Democrat State Senator Joshua Miller (Rhode Island’s Drive for Sensible Marijuana Laws); former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper (Legalization Will Reduce Crime, Free Up Police Resources) and U.S. Republican Congressman Ron Paul of Texas (End Insanity Of The War on Drugs—Start With Decriminalizing Marijuana at The Federal Level).

Naturally, for the sake of ‘balance,’ the rantings and ramblings of a handful of prohibitionist ‘flat Earthers’ like Drug Free Kids’ Joyce Nalepka (My ‘Addiction’ To Fighting Drugs) and former DEA Administrator Asa Hutchinson (Legalizing Marijuana Not Worth the Costs) are thrown in for good measure, but by this time it’s unlikely that anyone is listening.

Arguably the centerpiece of the collection is a feature entitled, “The Marijuana Lobby: All Grown Up,” which examines the history and progress of the marijuana law reform movement — and profiles NORML’s role in particular. Here’s an excerpt:

The Marijuana Lobby: All Grown Up
via CNBC

What a difference 20 years has made for the head of the pot lobbying group, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, Norml.

In the old days congressmen would ask Allan St. Pierre about males developing breasts as a result of smoking marijuana–a la the government propaganda movie “Reefer Madness”. Now St. Pierre has legislators calling him to help write bills.

“I wrote five last year,” says St. Pierre.

“Prohibition is a luxury we can no longer afford, lawmakers tell me now,” St. Pierre says. “And just as the Great Depression sped up the repeal of the Prohibition on alcohol by decades, the current recession appears to be really speeding things up with respect to marijuana.”

… “We’ve got the baby boom generation in power, a crushing recession and an Internet that allows us to get around a lap-doggish national media,” he said. “We’ve never had the support of more powerful people in this effort.”

Read the full story here. And, of course, have a happy 4/20!

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  1. Hopefully California,will be able to tax and regulate Marijuana for people over 21 years of age.This is a major step step just getting it to the ballot.California people you should be proud.I used to live in that fine state back in the mid 70s,now i wished i still lived their.If this goes thru hopefully this will follow through the rest of the united states of america.Be proud California and hold your head high! No pun intended.

  2. better be prepared to her every lie ever told about cannabis . The nay sayers will be out in force because for a change we have a real shot at legalization. We need to come together and not be stereo typed, changing minds and hearts will change the law.

  3. Most of the commentary I read on cnbc was against pot, and very opinionated. alot of referencing that pot is highly addictive and very unhealthy, I was very disappointed, mainly because all the negative commenting of pot and allegations that its extremely harmful, but no fact based research in the commentaries, and no list of resources, heck most of the authors against pot openly admitted they had no research to prove their opinions, simply that they couldnt believe marijuana could be medically helpful. These are the problems with society on this issue and many others, people dont want to do any research. I dont know it just seemed like alot of marijuana bashing, and discrimination like using the word “pothead” or “drugees”. my aunt whom died of cancer used pot to relieve her chemo symptoms, and she was not a ****ing pothead or a damn drugee. this is becoming really frustrating all I want is some facts from these people, they’ve spent enough time tossing around their opinions.

  4. what are all the NORML folks going to do when marijuana is legalized….food for thought

    [Editor’s note: As there will be no need for a ‘legalization’ group post prohibition, NORML’s non-profit advocacy efforts will likely cease.

    However, NORML is modeled after Consumer’s Union (the publishers of Consumer’s Reports), and post-prohibition may bring some of the assets, archives, network and personnel from NORML to an organization that advocates for consumers, continuing the tradition of serving them rather the government or commercial entities, to be a stakeholder-driven broker for the cannabis consumer re laws, regulations, taxes, cannabis strains, retail and wholesale practices, services and products relating to cannabis (grow equipment, paraphernalia, fertilizers and pesticides, etc…).

  5. down the rabbit hole with alice and catch-22 revisited

    cannabis is illegal according to the controlled substances act.

    the reason cannabis is illegal is because the plant has NO medicinal value.

    reality, what’s that?

  6. I just want to thank NORML for the tireless commitment to the cause. It is FINALLY beginning to pay off. Congratulations.

    When I, hopefully soon, smoke my first legal cannabis here in NJ, I will raise by blunt to you guys at NORML in a toast to your effort. Happy 4/20!

  7. freaking asweome.I wonder what the big news from norml will be to help legalize in california.I didnt know it the movement was started by playboy and hugh hefneir.Lots of great information to make your brin get some smarts good read.

    I signed the petition that was sent to me by the Drug Policy Alliance to Ill send that out tomoroow on 4/20

    Happy 4/20

  8. More like “We’ve never had the support of THE GENERAL POPULATION more in this effort!”


  9. Hey Norml here’s a thought in response to #5.Norml could have monthly magazines like Motor Trend only about the newest gadgets.Just a thought. Happy 4:20 everyone

  10. As a British “pothead” of quite a few years I can only say that while using has many pitfalls they are outweighed by its benefits. Sensible use should be encouraged and I can see reasons for controls such as drug-driving laws, but its continued outlaw status is, frankly speaking, a joke! More power to your collective elbow Norml!!

  11. First of all – happy late four-twenty, everyone. Hope everyone celebrated like I did. It is, after all, the ST Patty’s of pot (as I explained to my curious wife). As far as what NORML will do after prohibition is dead – I think they need to help head up the regulatory department of the industry, as well as advertising and education. Hell, they should even develop their own brand (like Jack Daniels or Budweiser). They could also be a watchdog organization for our cannabis and other consumer rights (cigs, alcohol, salt, etc). Those things kill, yes, but we do have a right to them just as much as pot. I’m all for the right of self-ownership, just like NORML is – otherwise neither of us would be on this site. But they could publish magazines, as suggested earlier, that has cool stuff in it like recipes, ideas for use, reports on pipes/bongs, etc.

    BTW – I saw Cheech and Chong in Louisville – they were on it! I think my wife, who is new to cannabis culture, laughed harder than I did. It was far out, man.

  12. In the State I live in, you are still a criminal if you even think about smoking pot. If I lived in Cali, I would be given a doctors note and be called a patient. This is discrimination.

    Allowing unjust laws to be enforced even after so many facts about the benefits of Cannabis is a crime.
    When this crime is endorsed by military might, deadly force, policitical power, denial of the truth, denial of rights, it becomes Terrorism.

    So Discrimination of non-violent voting tax payers through the use of terror is what the essense of the War on Pot is. It is not fairness, openness, or truth. It is greed by using unfair leverage through lobbyests, yet somehow the Government, media do not report this. They still stick to the same of lies based on fraud and greed for profit.

  13. Is there a chart that shows the THC equivalent in blood and urine to Blood Alcohol Levels? I am wondering what readings of 8ng in urine and 58ng in blood equate to in terms of BAC. Anybody have an answer? Thanks. Rock on all you NORML supporters!


  15. recently spain nationally funded research showing that THC can stabalize or even kill cancer cells. By the way the US proved the already!!! It has No medical use though right
    ? This whole thing is a sham. Billions of our hard earnd tax dollars are used every year to figh a war on the people they say they’re protecting. That means they (by they I mean the us gov.) think they have to protect us from ourselves. Sound fimilliar? Oh yeah communism! I would encurage any and everyone reading this to go back and read 1984 even more so if you haven’t already, then think about what’s been goin on and the currently dreadful path we are being force down.
    peace to all,
    the force – out

  16. I must say that for ppl in Minnesota, my wife and I’s opion and former residents of CA cardholders….that we are in hell here now. See I’m disabled and my wife is applying disability due to her severe back problems,that our stance is that we don’t think we can wait any longer. I suffer from dual sciatica nerve damage of the thighs, bipolar, manic depression, chronic granuloma user of a so called class one narcotic when it was found by the university of San Diego stating it is medicine. Therefore, we must ponder our choices, opiates but let’s face it it’s opion\m, or a natural herb. We plan to grow now to let ourselves financially secure when our larger garden comes from when the law is passed; Afterall, just recently Minnesota was looking for farmers to allow to grow for extra revenue, which could be up to the majic number of 99 plants (DEA would probally encroach on you do to a federal minimum of growing 100 plants of more is prison minnimum of 10 years. Hopefully this lev can be found so that i can have a clean concious knowing that i’m helping ppl at least in pain until federal government comes into play.

  17. I am all 4 reform. Almost 50, never thought I would live to see the day Marajuana would be leagalized. My old man is in Washington County 8 – 23 mths. for less than 4 lbs. Lets burn for Goinkerman. Soon as all done closest state Goinkerman and I will be moving.

  18. mtlasagna do your research. Cannabis was not banned because it has no medicinal value. It was placed on the Schedule 1 list due to lobbying. I will let you figure out who did the lobbying and how they benefit from the prohibition. How many things that you own are made of plastic? How many things are made of hemp? That’s reality. It’s always about money. Always.

  19. How many more ruined lives will it take before the drug war ends? I use the traditional sacrament known as the Psilocybin mushroom as part of my religious beliefs but, because the DEA calls these mushrooms a drug, I live in fear for my family’s safety. Many fundamental Christian churches have joined with the fascist drug war because they want to stamp out other religious practices.


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