Employees Should Be Judged By The Quality Of Their Work, Not On The Quality Of Their Urine

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Workplace urine testing programs are a poor method for identifying employees who are under the influence, and do not significantly reduce job accident rates, according to a study published in the scientific journal Addiction.

Investigators at the University of Victoria in British Columbia reviewed 20 years of published literature pertaining to the efficacy of workplace drug testing, with a special emphasis on marijuana – the most commonly detected drug.

Researchers found: “[I]t is not clear that heavy cannabis users represent a meaningful job safety risk unless using before work or on the job; urine tests have poor validity and low sensitivity to detect employees who represent a safety risk; drug testing is related to reductions in the prevalence of cannabis positive tests among employees, but this might not translate into fewer cannabis users; and urinalysis has not been shown to have a meaningful impact on job injury/accident rates.”

Authors concluded, “Urinalysis testing is not recommended as a diagnostic tool to identify employees who represent a job safety risk from cannabis use.”

Urinalysis detects the presence of inert, fat soluble byproducts of marijuana, the most common of which remains present in urine for days, weeks, or even months after past use – long after any psychoactive effects of the drug have worn off.

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  1. I suppose the peeps that come to work with a hangover are more productive than the ones who smoke a little weed while they are home. Unless you are blazing while at work (you shouldnt because its a waste of weed) than its the biggest hypocrisy in the working world

  2. I have 20 year retail managers experience and can’t get work because I got busted with less than 1 gram of pot 7 years ago. This country, especially Florida, sucks ass. I wish I could afford to leave it behind. This comes from a person who loved his country, supports it’s troops and pays, sorry paid my taxes. FU Obama. You and the rest of the money hungry aholes who rule or ruled this country. Millions of Illegals here, rapists and murderers the cops can’t find so hey lets go bust the potheads or make them homeless bums because we are too stupid to catch any real criminals.
    It really is amazing.

  3. its really pretty sad ,our founding fathers would flip out over this crap most companies in ohio are going to random testing to get a discount on thier workmans comp i have had many friends fired recently who worked for thier employers many years they came to work and without any warning thier employers decided to test without any notice we have no personal rights in america any more

  4. I think right now.justice in the making for cannabis user and work. They are trying to pass a bill that would let your bypass the cannabis portion of your drug test and can’t discrimate over it. Hopefully it passes. That’s justice for all. Weed is not a drug its a natural medicine

  5. Who is trying to pass a bill? Is this a certain State? Federal? Can you explain in more detail please?

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