Georgia NORML wants YOU!

From our chapter in the Peach State and Executive Director David Clark:

When Barack Obama, a former pot smoker, was elected President, I was hoping for great things. Decriminalization! Legalization! And then…

Obviously, waiting for Obama was not going to work, so I contacted NORML and asked about setting up a state chapter here. I knew legalization was a long shot here in the Bible Belt, but we should at least have a voice!

A year later, I am proud to say that GANORML has raised awareness, emboldened many who were in the closet, and re-established a beachhead for marijuana reform in Georgia. We raised $5,000.00, sponsored a successful legal seminar, engaged the media, and grew our mailing list.

I have enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s time for a new leader. We have opportunities politically because of the upsurge in Libertarian activism nationwide. Our issue can have a high profile in the upcoming statewide elections. Our videos can get exposure in Georgia. Our bills could get the all-important legislative sponsor. Since I’m not a Libertarian, someone else should be in charge.

I am calling a general meeting open to all interested persons for July 10, 2010 at Kavarna Cafe in Decatur (707 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA, 30030). I will ask the Board of Directors to elect a new Executive Director at that time. Anyone interested in assuming a leadership role in GANORML please email me

I’ve received a few emails from people in Georgia looking to get involved… now here’s your chance!  You don’t have to step up to be Executive Director, just show up to the meeting and get to know others in Atlanta and surrounding areas who feel like you do that marijuana should be legal for all adults.

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  1. This isnt an issue of which party name or group should lead this…ITS about EVERY person as a HUMAN BEING born into life and breathing air shall have their full freedoms!! To deny man or women the use of EARTH is to deny them the basic essential elements of life earth, fire, wind, water. Do not destroy anymore lands with deforestation. Allow the Earth to grow for the weed will sacrifice itself to be used for all people..male plants such as hemp for the masculine side of like…building blocks, fabric, clothing, paper, etc. The female plants for medicine and food for the feminine side of life is nurturing. End world wide corruption! Only individuals free will for financial greed, and lust for power can they put a value to anything born of Earth.

  2. yes GA could be a major growing opp gor the us, we have some of the best in the world, but no one will ever know it if we can’t grow it! I use mj for medical reasons, i face a dui monday for my mj use,i have no health inssurance should be in a pain clinic do you know how expensive that is? compared i’d rather have a dime bag, it is cheeper, easier to get, and helps a lot more than pain pills.

  3. What part of Texas is Georgia in any way? Must be out east some where. I’ve been to Georgia and a lot of folks there will not even admit the Civil War is over. In fact, many of them refuse to call it that and refer to it as the War of Northern Aggression. Georgia is full of Bible thumpers who feel self-ordained and somehow entitled to try and run and ruin other people’s lives, just like other sociopaths of their ilk. Good luck championing freedom and liberty in Georgia. If you go there, mind the time change, about 180 years behind.

  4. To Mike Stroup, who cares about your ignorant prejudices against an entire state? So far, we have anonymous from the bankrupt state of California (a state founded upon the principles of racism) and you (someone who is so proud of where they are you don’t even mention your state). Obviously, you both had bad experiences in my state, and it’s not hard to see why. We don’t tolerate people talking like that to us here. To you two losers, we grown very good weed here, we have a long, proud history of flaunting authority in weed, as well as moonshine running. Most here don’t like outsiders who come in and tell us how they do things where they are from. That is called normal. If you are a rude, uneducated idiot, please don’t come here. If you llove friendly people, grat herb, good times, you are welcome. Note how the places people are so proud of, and call wonderful and civilized, have all become bankrupt to the point of collapse. Califorenia, New York, and many more. No, we don’t care how you all bankrupted your states. We are a proud and independent people here. We really don’t embrace becoming a welfare state. We do grow lots of weed. We do smoke lots of it. It’s as good as anything you can get from anywhere (it is a farming state, and weed is, despite all that the yuppies claim, an extremely easy crop to grow).

  5. Yes Mike you are absolutely right about that time line change here in Ga. “When you cross over the Alabama/Georgia state line you are then in the Twilight Zone”, Georgia SUX.

    We don’t need any medical weed dispensories in Georgia because the government snitches and paid informants tied to the government would be the only ones allowed to operate a dispensory. Much like the conspiracy going on in the west side today.
    Why do you think an ounce of bud sells for those astronomical prices there in the dispensories in California, Colorado, Montanna or anywhere else as far as that matters?
    We should be able to go down to the roadside produce stand and pickup a pound of Frosted Purple Haze Skunk Bud for $30 dollars with $5 dollars of that going for a 16.66% tax to a fund to help needy families.
    Instead the government snitches and informants are robbing your wallets while video taping you coming in to make a purchase.

  6. What can I do to help….I’m deeply in need of Medicinal Marijuana to stave off waves of Extreme Pain. I’m desperate for a non-narcotic solution for my pain.

    Additional, I believe it is our RIGHT to smoke Marijuana, even if it just for recreation!

    Desperate & Sincere,

  7. I think that if a campaign to raise awareness of NORML was brought about in Ga, you’d find a suprising number of supporters. There are TONS of supporters of dicriminalizing/legalizing marijuana in Ga, alot of them arent aware of groups like this though. We just need some organizing. The ideals of the older generation are dying out.

  8. I think there is a large percentage of people in GA that would support marijuana reform. I have MS and need to use it for fatigue and pain because the prescription drugs cause terrible side effects. Also I know I’m not the only one tired of seeing our family members and friends locked up because they choose marijuana over alcohol.

  9. The meeting will convene at 3:00 p.m. Would love to see some of the people that “Atlanta Toker” suggested along with Atlanta Toker. Lets get something done… Bring like minded friends. You would not believe how many like minded friends have never heard of Norml. What is that? Lets educate all of them that do not know. They will be a big help soon… like November.

  10. The U.S. government has been and will progress to slipping away from what made America. The will for our individual freedom for all ,and the values that built America . Every single law we need is in gods word and those set of laws and principles should be the only true laws. Anything else that we the people make up is taking away from what god gave us. It says in the bible GOD MADE ALL THINGS THAT ARE GOOD. This is true. HE always has the final word. And we shouldn’t question him. Then why must our government forbid us from all of GODS great creations . This country really needs a check up on what is right and what is wrong because the ways things are now is really screwed up and its all the governments doing! Show me in the bible where god forbids cannabis . God has already made a law book we just have to fallow it the people that don’t know this are the ones running and messing up our country. On all American currency is says In God We Trust then why don’t we do just that.

  11. When I step outside…I know that I am equal to everything around me by the one basic truth…I BREATH…as does all of lifes creations. Give freedom to the world. We as people have sent ourselves into over complication and industrialization…where do you think all the jobs went, DUH machines and factories that run on robots instead of those with a BACKBONE…hard working men and women of any origin. Live in balance with the elemental world…earth, fire, wind, water…reduce, reuse, recycle, renew, grow, barter, trade services, BE SELFLESS…give unto others and expect nothing in return for this is LOVE…Life is based around the constant of creation so lets create a world that can live in harmony free from corruption, greed, lust, hate, FEAR…LEGALIZE the world…The Earth came before man did…this means human beings are optional. Spread Grace by living free and being a creative influence through farming, arts, teaching, service works, COMPASSION. We need this to survive as a reflection of our world otherwise the elements can take care of themselves.

  12. I live in metro Atlanta and I think this is a really great cause. It will be difficult in this state but I’d be interested to learn what ways we can help and start a change. About time like-minded people who think for themselves can talk about something rationally.

  13. Georgia,my home state. WAKE YOUR ASS UP! It’s high time we rise up against the likes of Senator Johnny Isakson who says “feel free to bring your questions to me” but refuses to discuss the issue. Or State Rep Tommy Benton who says “we should cane users and execute dealers” and,God forbid, will probably be re-elected until he dies…..However,former U.S.Representative Bob Barr disagrees with the Supreme Court that federal law should override state law in the matter of medical marijuana saying that the STATE should determine the law within its own boundaries. He also applauded the Obama Administration decision not to prosecute medical marijuana providers/dispensaries that follow STATE LAW. Barr would be the ideal candidate to chair NORML in Georgia as he could probably influence many state officials to vote their conscience above concerns of their political future. Politicians have to see the light. Ending alcohol prohibition took the criminal element away. Setting age restrictions on tobacco purchases greatly reduced teenage smoking. Both are handled at state level not federal. Come on Georgia let’s get the ball rolling.

  14. I’m sure together we span the length and breadth of Georgia, but what can each of us do to create a state wide legalization-awareness campaign?

  15. I smoked marijuana for more than 25yrs and never got any type trouble, held down job for 14yrs until job closed, always been a good provider for my family, never stole or robbed or pawn anything to get money for marijuana. I know that it is not harmful, and I never consider it as a drug, just a medicine, the only reason that I quit is because of drug testing on the job. which I think is unconsatutional . because that is searching a person with out a warrant , I have RA now and work in pain all the time, I am scared to smoke, because of the fear of losing my job, Doctor dont want 2 write me disability . no treat ment that he tried have worked, RA is a very expensive disease 2 have, doc visit is high medicine r high why n the hell I cant be high, n fell good n not be in pain. GOD put the plant on earth 4 a purpose, it grows from the ground, with natural water, no chemicals added. but other drugs, medicine included they r all chemical balanced. n have plenty side effect, every time That I go 2 the docter, I have 2 have blood drawn, 2 check damage 2 lungs kidneys, etc.because of the side effects of the medicine. come on help me rid this problems. LEGALIZE MARIJUANA, I cant even go 2 fishing n set back relax n enjoy myself, because of how some one else feels. That is not the America way. is this the Land of the Free. it is not the home of the Brave , because I am scared that if I do what I no is best 4 me I can n will loose my job n everything that I have n that I have worked so hard for. for the last 29yrs.

  16. Please add me to your mailing list and e-mail. I just left Evans Ga, in June after living there for 3 yrs. We own 100 acres and I was there to put property up for sale. Learned of NORML and thought why not grow the weed and ship to CA. for Medicinal purposes. Found out, from DEA, we can get a Lic. to grow, but the state can confiscate your land.!!1 Never-the-less, please keep me posted and I wish I could attend your meetings.
    Thank You Very Much

  17. I am still in the same shape, still waiting on Ga, 2 get this thing on da Rd.I guess that the DEA, and all of the local official r scared of the voice of the poeple, b/c they r trying 2, get every body that they can who deals with marijuana off of the streets, into the jails. People lets do what every we can 2 get this thing rolling, b/c it is long overdo. The Laws r the people of da law want us 2 do the right thing,now it is time 4 da Govt, of the State Ga. 2 do da right thing, and have a open ear, n hear our voices,n we as the people must speak loudly n clearly. n with a strong command, n show them, that people who r partakers, of marijuana can n will have great unity, as well as strenght, I BELEIVE THAT WE CAN GET THIS THING DONE, N BY THE WAY I LOVE NORML.COM.

  18. I am very Disabled and pray daily for the time I can eliminate another Narcotic Pain killer w/MJ.

    What ever I can do, put me on the list. I am pretty good w/Computers and can be helpful in repeatedly reminding our elected how we feel, what we want and legalize MJ, at least for the Sick, Disabled and any medically afflicted that could benefit from Legalized MJ!!!.

  19. I took my medicine 4 my RA. about 3 hrs ago it is just kicking in, and it is making me feel worst then I felt b 4 I took it, I am very hot n very dizzy, feels like my head is going 2 fall off, but if I smoke me a joint, I would feel much better, n would b asleep by now, but right now I feel faint,n like I am going 2 throw up n I am very sick on the stomach. this is why I should b able 2 smoke, marijuana, n not have all of these sympthon, but the Govt don’t care about the sick only the rich poeple, those who r able 2 do what ever they choose right r wrong.

  20. legalize it georgia vote monds! send me more info about the ga norml chapter i could out smoke all of you!!!! lol dont even try me…i promise im iron lungz

  21. Yo dnt make it legal for just adults mann!!! I’m 14 n I love it. Deaths from tobacco is over 400k a year. Alcohol deaths is 2k and up. Nobody ever died from smoking marijuana. God made weed man made beer. I dunno bout u but in god I trust. Go Georgia we can do it!

  22. I believe the DEA is destroying America and too many people still have their eyes closed to this or are too afraid to put their name out there with fear that people would look down on them. I’d like to get involved in the fight against the foolishness of having this wonderful plant illegal.

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