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  1. These initiatives in Cali projected to pass or fail by just a few percentages is stomach wrenching business. The whole damn world is watching Cali, do your best! DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER, THEN VOTE.

    It’s like baseball, I don’t ever want to loose by one run, I’d rather loose by a large margin or win by a large margin but never the one or two percent margin of win or loose at the polls. Maybe the closet voters will come out that day. Good luck California NORML.

  2. If you are wondering about Eternity

    Your place in the Food Chain

    you should use cannabis leaves

    on your grave

    if you inhaled

    did you wonder

  3. I wonder what kind of legal defense we can muster if somehow we get it forced down in classification. What if we get it debated? What if we can ask why Doctors in one state can prescribe medical marijuana for pain and Doctors in another state dont have the training involved to prescribe medical marijuana for pain. If your house gets invaded should you have to provide proof of a toothache? Should you have to prove that you have trouble sleeping? If I live in a state that allows medical marijuana should I have to prove to anyone what my medical conditions are? If I get arrested with marijuana and I have a prescribtion for it should I have to prove that I dont have AIDS, Cancer, Cronic Pain, sp. Glucouma. I wonder if I have a prescription for loritabs or oxycoton why dont I have to prove my medical condition to a policeofficer

  4. Should my employer have to know my medical conditions? If I have an medical condition that requires medication that might prevent me from doin my job to the ability they expect I should tell my employer and they should test me for it. If I am treated for a medical condition that does not affect my job performance should I have to tell my employer and should they be able to test me for it. If I dont smoke marijuana at work should my employer have to know. Does my employer have to test me for sleep medication if I dont use it at work? I have a prescription for medical marijuana if you dont want me to use my medication at work if you think me bein high affects my work you can fire me. Dont randomly test me if my job performance is the lowest and someone has to go then let me go. What if 50% of America walked into their job Monday went to personnel and handed this card to their employer.

    This is my notice that I will not be randomly fired from my job for smokin weed at home, on weekends, during my 1 and only week vacation.
    I will take away all legal rights for my termination if you tell me I sux. If you tell me this is no place for a stoner.

    Job performance is a reason to get fired. What you do on your days off is not a reason for termination.

  5. That’s right James Strong #7 & #8,

    Millions of people, just like you, will sweep this nation in revolt given the chance. I’ve always known the dangers of prohibition, people only put up with just so much stupid BS and T-H-E-N comes the action of civil war horrors. But that’s exactly what it take, isn’t it? Or you can go back home to the same old closet smoking life, sit down and shut up! There’s no way one person can make a difference from a damn computer. President Obama is laughing at you, has been all along but at the same time he’s was giving hints that you must be PHYSICALLY ACTIVE in legislative efforts to be taken serious. Personal visits to your Senators and Congressmen is a whole different level of being taken seriously with respect, especially when you have signed petitions in hand from your community.

    Good Luck JJ, love your passion and hope you’ll stay in the fight with your community.

    “Medical Marijuana Activist Community Empowerment Resources,” by Rick Seymour

  6. Transparency is everything and as an organization that is one of the oldest legalization advocates around,I was disappointed by the “secret” strategy session Sat.
    We profess and declare that our facts,when making arguments against the prohibition,be reliable and verifiable because we know that almost all of the prohibitionists “facts” are propaganda given them by
    the government.
    When we have group of marijuana litigation attorneys having secret meetings,all the crooked lawyers anecdotes spring to mind. And facts about lawyers tend to bear out that we cannot trust them to “do the right thing”. After all,most of the legislators in this country are lawyers,and they created most of the mess we are living through,not only the prohibition but the economy also.,by voting for their special interest groups and supporting programs that hurt our country more than help it.
    Along with the billions of dollars the government is spending maintaining the prohibition,attorneys are right in the middle of it making billions defending,prosecuting and litigating for the defendants.
    How do the lawyers really feel about the legalization of marijuana? Are they willing to give up all that income? Secret meetings makes one wonder.

    [Editor’s note: There was no ‘secret strategy’ meeting…drop the conspiracy tone…a lawyer presenting original material that they’re seeking to copyright asked not to broadcast their speech to the Internet, and the staff simply honored their request. It was the only speech or panel not to be broadcast from Aspen 2010.]

  7. ok , next article please. hows about an article on new york . dave patterson , the govenor of new york< is messing up big time. i read in the news about closing the ny govt down and then all of a sudden hes gettin 2 billion dollars to close the ny deficit. well , ny wouldnt have to borrow 2 billion dollars if he legalized medical marijuana which brings in around 2 billion in taxes . please do an artice on new york or atleast focus alittle bit more on new york like you have been on california and oregon . please please please. im really interested and all about the cause . thank you .

  8. 11 nth comment

    I was wondering about

    There’s no way one person can make a difference

    Do you have a special person?

    Hang On

  9. Ye who has not sinned throw the first stone.

    I would like to tie in the importance of a law by how confessing to it will get you in trouble.

    I ran a redlight but did not get caught I broke a law. If I brag about it to everyone I know will someone turn me in. Rat me out.

    I robbed a bank but did not get caught I broke a law. If I brag about it to everyone I know will someone turn me in. Rat me out.

    I killed someone…………..

    I want to be judged by a sample of my peers. I want everyone in the judge poll to admit to pot use. If no one stands up I want a bigger jury poll. At least 50% to stand up or somethin aint right.

    I will go to jail for something you did but did not get caught at. You tried it but did not like it. Some people try Grappa, Budweiser cheap vodka(I think vodka is vodka) but did not like.

    I wont everyone to admit the laws they have broken but gotten away with. If some of us have not got caught smokin we were just lucky. Is there anyother collection of criminals collected together with a national spokesman that can say arrest me or make my crime legal. If you tried it once off to jail you go. Where is this law you can try it and say you only did it once does not make it legal.

    I stole a car but I did not care for it so I never did it again.

    I robbed someone but I did not care for it so I never did it again.

    I robbed a bank……………………

  10. Regarding The Highest Law

    Do you wonder about freedom, salvation and Eternity

    Do you wonder about ‘your place

    Some say

    One person cannot make a difference

    One person cannot change The Course Of Destiny


    May WE Begin

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