California: In The Shadow Of Legalization, Lawmakers Moving Forward With Decriminalization

While most Californians and the media in recent months have understandably remained focused on The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010 — which seeks to eliminate criminal penalties for the adult personal possession and cultivation of marijuana — state lawmakers in Sacramento have quietly been moving forward on a cannabis liberalization bill of their own.

Senate Bill 1449, which seeks to reduce personal, non-medical marijuana possession penalties from a criminal misdemeanor to an infraction, is now only one vote away from heading to Gov. Schwarzenegger’s desk.

On Wednesday, members of the California Assembly Committee on Public Safety voted 4 to 1 to send the measure to the Assembly floor. (Senate lawmakers had previously voted 21 to 13 in favor of the bill.) Once the full Assembly acts, the measure will go before the Governor for his signature.

Under current law, marijuana possession has a unique status in California law as the only misdemeanor that is not punishable by arrest or jail time. However, offenders must still appear in court, pay a fine ($100), and pay court costs (approximately $200). In addition, defendants who wish to avoid a criminal record must attend a court-ordered diversion program. Defendants who do not attend such a program are saddled with a criminal record for at least two years following their conviction.

By making possession an infraction, Senate Bill 1449 would spare possession offenders time in court or the risk of a criminal record. Instead, they would simply pay a fine.

More information about S.B. 1449 is available from California NORML, and from NORML’s ‘Take Action Center’ here.

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  1. I suspect the politicians see the writing on the wall, since they have in the past not done a thing about legalization or decriminalization. Now that the little people will choose for them by way of full legalization, they want to go on record as being pro-marijuana.

  2. What bothers me about this is its a clear attempt to under mind the fall vote. We all know that one of our biggest talking points for the 2010 vote is how many people are arrested for small amounts. Now if they pass this they will turn around and say that legalization is not needed because they are no long jailing people. This is how they fight back. Be ready.

  3. OMG just make it legal! These baby steps are torture and even harmful.
    Instead of creating and implementing a well designed regulated system of production and distribution we do these half measures that don’t solve problems and instead create weird distortions. Virtually legal use, but without legal production and distribution is just plain stupid. The fear of politicians is deplorable. Where is leadership? Doing the right thing gets you reelected. Voters will respect principled decisive leadership, especially when they see the world doesn’t end and in fact improves.

  4. @ TrueAmerican

    If you were a true american you wouldn’t have even said half of the things you proposed in your comment. As others have said, age 30? You’ve got to be joking…

  5. TO: Comment #46

    * Your comment is a prime example of why an age limit would need to be established. Whats disturbing is that you do not understand why.

    I would read True American’s closing comment; you seem to fall into that group.

    Accountability = Legalization
    Accountability = Acceptance

    If you feel that the above two statements do not pertain to you then you are truly fooling yourself.

  6. sign ittttt!i dont even live in a state where it might ever be legalized but this is a move in a positive direction!

  7. * To: Comment 54 …… Sigh

    While I fully agree with the legalization of Marijuana; the blind acceptance of usage without adherence to any responsible user guideline only re-affirms the adolescent mindset that tends to dominant those members of the community that are solely interested in “getting high” and hide behind the medical marijuana movement as a vehicle of their desire with great disregard to the true intent and broader scope of upholding all of our constitutional rights as Americans to take part in what we see fit as long as ones actions do not negatively interfere with that of another.

    If this movement is to be sustainable you must understand the full implication of something as simple the ” Legalization ” of Marijuana.

    * Its time for the community to grow up!
    * Its time for the community to show accountability
    * Its time for those that spear head this movement to set a standard (IE: NORML should have demanded / suggested the closure of a good # of those Medical Marijuana Desp.”Pot Dens” in Calf) A missed opportunity that would have clearly showed legitimacy and restraint among the smoking community and its leaders.

    Legalization = Accountability (Very True)


  8. Half measures aren’t going to impress anybody, if that’s what the CA legislature is trying to achieve.

    There’s an old saying from the time of alcohol Prohibition: “Prohibition is better than no alcohol at all.” Substitute “cannabis” for “alcohol”, and you have the gist of the legislature’s argument.

    Legalization is the answer, not civil fines, which waste and therefore lessen the overall effectiveness of law enforcement. The judicial system will just have to extort its money elsewhere.

  9. James Custer McCarthy – I am so sorry that the American Justice system has treated you and so many others so badly! You make some very good points! I have started making my opinions known all over various internet blogs – not just this one. I find that most of the people participating in the blogs seem to favor legalization! As expected, the few who want to continue prohibition do so out of ignorance and fear. It’s truly up to all of us to try to educate people and change their opinions.

    Marijuana needs to be legalized completely in all states. These measure to make it less illegal, allowing for people to continue to get caught and fined, are better than the status quo but still not enough – and still not just!

    I think that eliminating this societal disease known as prohibition is within out grasp! We still have to fight a few more battles bit I believe we are going to win 🙂

  10. Regarding my post #60 – I’m a good speller and fast typist. But I just reread my last post and noticed some spelling errors… Don’t blame the buzz! That happens when I try to go too fast…

    By the way, this has nothing to do with the California legalization but I just wanted to share with whomever reads this that I just got a new book. It’s titled “Dank”. WOW – It has the most beautiful pictures of marijuana that I have ever seen. Gods – please hurry and help us all make it legal so I can actually try some of the beauties pictured instead of just drooling.

  11. Tick Tock, six months, in roughly 180 days, millions of citizens will vote, for Mary Jane in the state of CA.


  12. Ok, after it’s implemented countrywide then we can move off of petroleum for good. Hemp Biodiesel Engines + Hemp Cellulose Ethanol = 100% Renewable, Sustainable, Biodegradable Energy Source Known To Man. Right after that we should press charges against any and all known Prohibitionists/Oil Corporations for crimes against humanity/ Environmental Destruction respectively. Then mandate that all leftover marijuana/hemp fibers be used to cleanup our gulf coast. We need Hemp more now than in any other time in history! Vote RonPaul2012.

  13. Just like a lier, i mean lawyere still trying to corupt the same ol system. “we are afraid, we are afraid, how can we alow the good people of this country to make disions all by them selves? we must keep controle of the masses or they will find out they don’t realy need us as much as we need our jobs. we don’t care how many lives we ruin just don’t take away our money.”

    what it sounds to me like is they are trying to pasify the good people of cali, by hoodwinking them into believing they are trying to do something for you. But in acuality they are still convicting you and giving you a criminal history. CALI VOTE YES, AND SEND THEM THE MESSAGE THAT WE THE PEOPLE MAKE THE RULES! AND YOU BETTER LISTEN UP OR YOU CAN FIND YOURSELVES IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT LINE!!!!!

  14. @64 “Right after that we should press charges against any and all known Prohibitionists/Oil Corporations for crimes against humanity/ Environmental Destruction respectively”

    They will be hunted down like Nazi war criminals and hung.

  15. This November vote will be California’s way of telling our President that all those internet polls that placed Taxing and Regulating Cannabis as number 1 was not a mistake. It’s Our turn to send a message loud and Clear to the Universe, that we want to get high, do it legally, and be a positive influence on Society. We want no more persecution of the People concerning this plant. I will Vote to Legalize Cannabis and Tax and Regulate it. I am a Veteran and I vote. I love my Country, It’s Prohibitionists hate me, but I am not living my life for them, I’m living it for me. I’ve paid my dues in blood, sweat, and tears, persecutions and hardships. Tough times do not last , tough people do. If ever a Country Owed it’s people an apology , Our Country Owes all Peace Loving Stoner’s and Veteran’s an apology for this Prohibition of Cannabis.

  16. If I had 19 dollars to donate to the campaign for prop 19, I would donate. I do not have $19.
    Anyway, I am glad the chickendoo legislature is finally doing something…anything….
    I don’t see the fat moms with the anti drug t-shirts and funny hats screaming their heads off right now. People are surely waking up to the fact:Prohibition is a cure worse than the illness.

  17. I remember paying berkeley 100 bucks in 95~I remember wanting my 100 bucks back in nov of 96 ‘ when the police man said it was fine to plant up in the sandwichshop!~Today , 2010, I am looking forward to a nice garden next year that my nosy neibor won’t be able to cause me a ‘scene’!This year he bitched, that damn skunk smell! SO WHAT! how about horseshit on the farm! GO LEGAL POT!!!

  18. Personally I am absolutely, 100% greatful & amazed at how far we have come. I grew up in Ca. but have lived in Tx. for the past 15 yrs and the laws here are scarey. I attended the Med. Cannabis Cup in San Fran in June and I can honestly say that next to the birth of my children it was the best 2 days of my life! GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Thanks to all you people that work hard in the effort of decrimilization and those of you who vote. I have never been more proud to be american.

  19. It’s amazing how buds are taking off for what they are and can do, but what about those men and women who are in prison and will not get out because of archaic marijuana laws??? Please remember them!

  20. Well its about time and there seems to a an appreciable amount of unrest with the pro mj folks too. Yes its time folks. FREE THE WEED

  21. Viva La Weed
    Can’t wait till the Feds get on board and snuff it off the drug board. Viva la Weed!!!!!

  22. Feds will not get on board unless states and individuals push. People that favor continued prohibition have one thing right. They never say ‘voting won’t change anything’. Since the 1930’s this group of people has been very pleased with what voting and activism can do for them. A majority of Californians favor legalization. But not all of this majority even bothers to vote. Nerdy, cop loving, Evengelicals on the other hand, do not constitute the majority. But they’ve got one thing right. The people in this group, for all their flaws, understand that voting is real easy to do. Simple. They often get their way because of this.

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