Politicians on Pot – In Their Own Words

If you’re looking to vote smart in the election, you need to know what your elected officials think about marijuana. Visit our Politicians on Pot Map at http://stash.norml.org/archives/politicians-on-pot to view every email our readers have submitted from their lawmakers when asked about marijuana law reform. You can browse by state and by political party.

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  1. I couldn’t get in to read it it kept saying servors to busy.I for one though think it should go thru as legal even though I am not from CA but I am from KY where yep it has been the number one cash crop here for decades.Unfortunately with all of the corruption that takes place here in the country’s city’s and state it makes it hard to try to even legalize it for medicinal use.Their all in with the cartel here in KY especially you’r county ans city cops not to mention certain members of the judicial departments as well.This is fact and not fiction.I would like to see all states go for legalizinbg it at least for medicinal usage at the very least but would also like to seee it legalized across the board.it is the perfect answer to wiping out the national deficit and the financial stae that all of te states in the country are in which is poor at best.It would also help in slowing down the stealing,buying and selling of prescription pain pills as well which has taken over as the number one drug of choice I believe in the U.S. right up there with heroin

  2. its going to take an all out peaceful march on washington to get this legalized and than with all the special interests against it they still wont legalize . take a look at topix marajuana legalization the polls show strong support but washington wont listen the politicians are getting paid to keep it illegal otherwise they would listen to the american people .why cant they see how insane the prohibition of weed is it should not be washingtons business how its citizens choose to relax

  3. Bla Bla Bla Yaba Yaba Yaba! S.O.S. Same old shit different day! I don’t give a shit about political correctness. The only thing that’s politically correct is – prohibs are going to get their political ass correctly kicked. But – because I have a conscience and I am compassionate – I’m compelled to say – “stay down.” If prohibs get up – we will put you down again, and again, and again. You’re trying to defy the will of the people again – and – that simply ain’t gonna work ever again. Someone said -“Humor is powerful stuff.” So – prohibs must be pretty powerful – because – they’re really a joke.

  4. (District 5 information in Virgina) Already sent an email to stash@norml.org

    Got a response from Tom Perriello (D) that was rather vague that basically told me he would consider my views on the matter. I think I might vote for him over Hurt (I’m Libertarian).

    I did not get a response from Jim Webb, Mark Warner, Robert Hurt, or Jeffrey Clark.

    Jim Webb is pro (introduced legislation for them to review policy), not sure about Warner. Pretty sure Hurt (R) is against and Clark (I) is uncertain.

  5. Down South your best bet is to go with the Democrats or else Libertarians. In the South, both Democrats and Republicans are conservative. The only difference is that the Democrats aren’t crazy. The Libertarians are the only ones that are opposed to Prohibition. For my part, I voted for one Libertarian candidate that was willing to state on the record that he supported decriminalization of marijuana. Voted Democrat the rest of the ticket.

  6. I hope that one day the American masses will wake up and get out of the Left/Right paradigm. It’s a scam set up to think you have a choice when you don’t. Democrat and Republican politicians sold out long time ago.

    They each have wealthy special interest groups backing them and are both backed by criminal enterprises inside Govt.,think of it this way, like 2 huge Mafia cartels that both lust after power and money but don’t give a bleep about the damage and suffering they cause.

    I have long been a supporter of the 10th Amendment movement.The 10th Amendment gives us..WE THE PEOPLE…the power to secede from the Union when they have become tyrannical and oppressive.

    All it would take is for ONE state to secede from the Union,and more would follow. End the Federal Reserve Dollar in the process. There will never be any good change with all the criminals in Washington D.C.

    Congress is a joke, just a ceremonial show, and people still believe America is a free nation.Look at the ever-increasing police state we live in. The Feds are always increasing their powers. The Founders said that the Govt is supposed to fear the people…not the other way around.

    Secession is the only way to turn America back around, and even now, so much time has passed and the Feds have so much power that if a secession was tried, the Feds would try to declare Martial Law and use it’s own U.S. Military against the U.S. people.Even if they had to pull fleets of C-130s loaded with troops from the middle east to bring back to the states and shutdown a secession. Even if there was in-fighting amongst the troops about shooting U.S. citizens, the Fed’s would call in the E.U. for help to send troops over.

    But, I still see it as a noble fight worth risking to get back control and true freedom. Don’t look for a political party to turn things around, or a single political savior, because it’s never going to happen.Washington D.C. has grown too powerful and too criminal.Every 2 years, every 4 years, or every 8 years, it’s always the same…MEET THE NEW BOSS…SAME AS THE OLD BOSS.

    It’s going to take a MAJOR history making move on the part of WE THE PEOPLE before real true good change happens. The Fed’s have us split and divided over petty issues like Left vs. Right or vice versa. We could get back to living by the Constitution after a secession.

    We could rebuild the economy and become the world’s biggest supplier of hemp products too after a secession.Supplying and trading with other countries products made from hemp…oils,paints,resins,clothes,fabrics,linens,medicines,shoes,construction building materials,insulation,live stock feed,moulded plastics, ect,

    After a secession , America could once again be the leader of a 2nd Industrial Revolution, but this time do it right. No more technological suppression that the Fed’s always step in to stop, alternate energy could come in.Mass production of Electrical and Bio-Diesel vehicles, no more crude oil, no more mid east wars.

    No more drug prohibition PERIOD. The U.S. has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the world’s incarcerated. Secession from and a total dissolving of the Federal Govt. is the only way to go.

  7. I live in AZ, we have passed msdical marijuana twice but our state elected officials keep figuring out ways to ignore the people.
    To keep the record strait Sen [maverick]McCains wife happens to own one of the states largest beer distibution companys and the beer industry is dead set against any type of marijuana reform and so is [maverick] McCain hmmm, just another self serving greedy politician.

  8. The same people who used condemnation of big pharm. to help pass the medical marijuana law are acting like those they condemned. An “I got mine” attitude. What they fail to understand is that if this measure is defeated the federal government may then once again feel empowered to start going after them and their grow operations..

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