Voters Nationwide To Decide On Marijuana Legalization Measures Tuesday

In California, voters will decide Proposition 19, The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, which legalizes the adult possession of limited quantities of marijuana for adults in private, and allows local governments to regulate its commercial production and retail distribution. If passed, the measure would be the most expansive modern law ever enacted regarding the adult use, production, and distribution of marijuana.

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In Arizona, voters will decide Proposition 203, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, which permits state-registered patients to obtain cannabis legally from licensed facilities. Authorized patients who do not have a state-licensed dispensary in their local area (defined as within 25 miles of their residence) would be permitted under the law to cultivate their own cannabis for medicinal purposes. Other patients would not be allowed to grow their own marijuana.

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In South Dakota, voters will decide Measure 13, the South Dakota Safe Access Act, which exempts state criminal penalties for state-authorized patients who possess up to one ounce of marijuana or six cannabis plants. Fourteen states and the District of Columbia have enacted medical marijuana laws since 1996; ten have done so by voter initiative.

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In Oregon, voters will decide Measure 74, The Oregon Regulate Medical Marijuana Supply System Act of 2010, which creates state-licensed not-for-profit facilities to assist in the production and distribution of marijuana to qualified patients. Oregon voters initially authorized the physician-authorized use of marijuana in 1998. Several states, including Colorado, New Mexico, and Maine, have enacted statewide regulations licensing the production and dispensing of medical cannabis.

Learn more about Measure 74 here:

In Massachusetts, voters in 73 cities and towns will decide November 2 on non-binding public policy questions regarding the taxation of the adult use of marijuana and the legalization of the physician-supervised use of medical cannabis. Approximately 13 percent of the state’s registered voters will be weighing in on the questions. The results will likely influence the language of a proposed statewide, binding ballot measure in 2012.

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  1. John McCain turns his back on vets again; speaks out against AZ’s medical MJ proposition. I didn’t get a link. Why bother listening to this pathetic career politician’s ignorance anyways…

  2. Although I should add I think God views it at legal now. God is confounded and angry that EVIL humans have declared it illegal and obscenely punish people for using it; those people will be treated similarly (worse actually) sooner or later.

    I would also add that if it doesn’t pass, it is not because “it is not God’s will.” I am not keen on the saying which people add to their sentences, “… if it’s God’s will.”

    God already voted! God made this plant!

    Matthew 18:19-20

  3. After tomorrow, possibly 16 states and the District of Columbia could be legal for patients with various debilitating conditions to self-medicate using cannabis. California and Massachusetts have effectively decriminalized small quantities of cannabis, less than 1 ounce, to a mere civil infraction, like a parking ticket. And California is geared up to vote on re-legalizing cannabis, with some serious limitations, via Prop 19.

    Neither of the “mainstream” political parties have been willing to both acknowledge that the War on Drugs has been a failure, and the glaringly obvious solution — Federal re-legalization of cannabis. Neither of these “mainstream” political parties are held in very high regard these days, nor is the Federal government that continues to spew propaganda and outright falsehoods regarding cannabis, or their justification for the War on Drugs or Prohibition 2.0 garnering much trust or support among its’ citizens. And the War on Terror has been mostly about foreign oil resources & geopolitical hegemony, and domestic suppression of civil rights, rather than defending the fatherland.

    How long will it be before one “mainstream” political party or the other relents, works vigorously to end these unwinnable “wars”, and become the sole political party in power for the next generation? Or ends their alliance with crony corporate interests, in favor of real economic stimulus and job growth? Or will both “mainstream” political parties remain entrenched in their current narrow worldview, and risk becoming as extinct as the dinosaur?

    Tomorrows’ election results could well provide the stimulus for real political change. Vote YES on cannabis reform tomorrow, and help make a real difference.

  4. Do not let us down californians.The eyes of the world are upon you make a good showing for those of us who are being oppressed.VOTE YES on PROP 19

  5. i hope it passes because its the right thing to do . if it doesnt pass than i blame the growers as much as i do the prohibitionists . greed and making money are more important to these groups than constitutional rights and personal freedoms.some day enough of us norml everyday citizens who dont make a profit from its illegality will get marajuana legalization passed .growers better save your money and prohibitionists better start looking for new careers your days are people in this country have had enough of the b.s.

  6. Dear “GOD”,

    God also created poison ivy and other organisms with harmful effects. Does that mean it’s God’s will that we rub poison on ourselves until we die?

    I’m totally for legalization but the whole “God gave us cannabis so we can smoke it” argument is totally asinine.

  7. Damn straight, #2!

    I’m so excited, I feel like a little kid waiting on every Christmas of his life!

    Please Santa, this year bring us justice.

  8. Legal Marijuana is coming to America. That’s right. There is nothing anyone can do about it. Cry about it all you want but it is going to happen. The prohibitionists will be defeated and will have no choice but to crawl back into their dark little holes and attempt to brain storm some new lies. Best of luck to them, the prohibitionists, a dying breed with a sad, pathetic, dying attitude. The only difference between now and 10 years ago is that people finally figured out that the prohibitionists are full of shit. In the distant future, I imagine people like the prohibitionists will be sent to a different planet, where they will only have each other to lie to. Good riddance, dying breed.

  9. Prop. 19 does not legalize marijuana. All it does is decriminalize it. Marijuana would not be legal until it is treated exactly the same as tomatoes.

    [Paul Armentano responds: You mean, legal to grow for personal consumption, and but regulated and taxed when produced commercially and sold via retail? Oh, you mean like the same way Prop. 19 treats marijuana then.]

  10. very good commercial! should be run as many times as the negative ads we have been bombarded with on radio and tv… don’t blow this cali VOTE YES TO PROP 19 or its back to the stone age … this is a positive vote for the every man!!

  11. I hope to the great “I AM” California does the sensible thing tomorrow…..and if not….I have every confidence that potheads/hemp activists/ and med-ijuana patients will HOLD their ground and continue to fight for this just and worthy cause, until it is won…….because that is what they do. Stoners Unite.!!

    P.S. let em’ know CA

  12. Just go for the money grab and legalize it! No way are conservatives going to make enough jobs simply by cutting taxes for the rich and undoing Obamacare. The new technology for new products is just not there to have competitive production. You gotta pay for even bigger tax breaks for business by getting the revenue you need from cannabis taxes and fees. And, you get to get a handle on the reigns of control in Afghanistan, seizing control away from druglords and warlords around the world, while profiting from the worldwide trade of cannabis in U.S. dollars.

    Stop wasting money on it and start making money on cannabis!

    Everybody else who says the got a better way to get all this money that we didn’t have before is full of shit. Cannabis will relieve businesses so they can make jobs, and it will make jobs its sector, too.

  13. actually bubba its already decriminalized here its actually just got passed as just an infraction as of jan. As CA goes the rest goes

  14. I didn’t realize just how injust these marijuana laws are here in Ky. For the first offense for less than 8 ounces is a misdemeanor, a year in jail (THAT’S TWELVE MONTHS FOLKS!!!) and a $500.00 fine. Anything over 8 ounces is considered Trafficking. Do the fools who write these laws have a clue as to how many lives they are destroying? I’m speaking of NON-VIOLENT “crimes”. I’m 69 years old and haven’t smoked in nearly 30 years but I have smoked (and inhaled) enough to know pot is harmless. It’s the Christian right wing and the dealers/cartels that keep it illegal. Enough already!!!

  15. It’s about damn time too!

    I’ve constantly telling my dad about Prop. 19, and, well, bugging him essentially, haha, and all he kept on saying was: “It’s only one state, and it might not even become legal there, so don’t keep your hopes up”. And well quite frankly, it’s like 44% for, 46% opposed and 10% undecided, so like wtf?!

    And not only that, but Massachusetts is going for medical And recreational all in one try, so F Yeah!!

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