It’s On! Check Here and Listen For Breaking Election News

It’s on. Voters across the nation are taking to the polls.

NORML will be closely following today’s election results — from the historic vote on California’s Prop. 19, to the statewide votes in Arizona (Prop. 203), Oregon (Measure 74), and South Dakota (Measure 13).

NORML’s podcast producer Russ Belville will be broadcasting election day and night coverage live from the Prop. 19 Campaign headquarters, starting at approximately 1pm pst. You may view the stream here.

You can also keep up-to-date on the latest election news via NORML’s facebook page here.

Finally, in related polling news, a just-released national survey from Angus Reid finds that a plurality of Americans (42 percent) “believe the proposition’s passage would be good for the country,” while only 33 percent disagree.

In other words, the nation is watching — and rooting — for Prop. 19.

The polls close at 8pm California; let’s get busy!

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  1. #47 While I agree with the most of your assessment, your fatal flaw is that you think the reelection of Obama would be a good thing. The man is war hungry, just like his predecessor, whether it is middle eastern wars or drug wars. Obviously the neocon faux tea party is not the answer, but neither are the neocon democrats. Not ONE democrat came out in support of prop 19. Many libertarians did. I can only think of a handful of Dems who are ACTUALLY against the wars, but I can also think of a couple Constitutional republicans as well. The two party system will not yield legalization.

  2. next time you better prepare yourselves to vote yes!
    but nevertheless I think it’s a huge step forward, let’s just hope things will get better.

    Here in Estonia (Baltic States) we are not even close to considering whether to legalize it or not..and everybody’s really secretive about cannabis.

  3. Voting for Obama in promise of Marijuana reform now that he is the incumbent is irrelevant. Voting for him because he enacts Marijuana reform is. If he sets policy to federally decriminalize, or make schedule 2 or otherwise and It passed before the election I’d vote for him again. But we have to see who the opponent is.

  4. Re #51,

    Hey Brian, sorry but you’re wrong. At least three Calif Dems supported Prop 19: George Miller, Pete Stark and Barbara Lee–all Representatives. I don’t know the breakdown of the actual vote, but I do know that poll after poll before the elections showed more Dems supporting 19 than Libertarians. Of course, conservatives & the GOP & Tea Baggers were heavily against it.

  5. Question: If I were stranded hopelessly somewhere with only food, water, shelter and someone to share it with, what one other thing would I want that could be used to its fullest??? Hmmmmm….how about hemp? Some 25,000 known uses and now medical and possibly a cancer remedy. And I can smoke it too? And you wonder why the government don’t want you to have it?? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. If we continue to influence our federal and state legislatures with the facts about hemp and marijuana they will start turning around. We can’t let mob rule destroy us. That is why we have representative democracy. We need to work a few congressional districts at a time and getting the right congressman in or getting through to the current.

    We just proved there are 3.5 million Californians/Americans who think pot is a good idea. I think Prop 19s re-introduction in 2012 will succeed

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