Kamala Harris pulls ahead of Steve Cooley for California Attorney General

[UPDATED Monday] There is still hope for California’s medical marijuana dispensaries!  As of Monday morning, the California Secretary of State shows that SF DA Kamala Harris has pulled ahead of LA DA Steve Cooley by 15,199 votes to be the next Attorney General:

Harris:  4,100,656 45.9%
Cooley:  4,085,457 45.7%

As Paul Armentano explained last Monday:

The race for California Attorney General has significant implications for the distribution of medical cannabis in California, as Cooley has previously pledged to prosecute dispensaries that engage in over-the-counter cash sales of marijuana to authorized patients. In October, while serving as Los Angeles District Attorney, Cooley declared that state law bars sales of medical marijuana, and opined: “The vast, vast, vast majority, about 100%, of dispensaries in Los Angeles County and the city are operating illegally, they are dealing marijuana illegally. … The time is right to deal with this problem.”

By contrast, San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris has previously voiced strong support for protecting the legal rights of patients who use cannabis medicinally.

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  1. I would like to know how many of Cooley’s Republican followers were using the alleged (100%)illegal dispensaries and who of the State Board of Equalization authorized the opening of these dispensaries as businesses? If that is the case then those State Employees should all be fired in every district of the city and county.

  2. This is big! If we beat him here then hes done for. If we lose not only will he cause problems in his term but he will attempt to move up to even higher offices in California. We stop him here we have a good chance of outsing his ass as LA DA as well.

  3. Is there a web link for the CA secretary of state’s vote counts?
    (this last batch of ballots seems to have broken favorably if Harris is now ahead.)

  4. Too bad he did not have to resign his office in LA to run for the AG.
    Now that the city council has put an amendment in place to allow 140 more dispensaries to open,he will have 140
    more targets for his righteous crusade.

  5. i almost want cooley to win so then there will be overwhelming support for legalization in 2012…. almost

  6. Whaaaaa???

    Is the world ending tomorrow???

    Am I dreaming?

    Is this the ST Mirror Mirror Universe?

    First AZ’s prop 203 picks up a win after a neck and neck see/saw battle… Now Harris comes back from almost certain defeat??

    Could these be glimmers of hope that the light is finally show itself at the end of the tunnel called Prohibition?

    * I really hope it isn’t a train *

  7. I wish the people at the DEA would interview the real living pot heads like myself in full time college and work getting A’s in college well.. 3.8 GPA but im happy with it and im confident with what I do and love it non the less.

    I have such a hard time in the world sometimes with people in power being so ignorant but I guess 2012 will be the year of pot (i hope) … tired of goinng to alcohol to help me in my days

  8. This seems the best medical use of Marijuana we can prove, it saves lives. When Spice was taken out of my state a doctor came on my local news and stated that a medical danger of Spice was that it inhibited the bodies reflex to vomit. I know of 2 people who would be alive today if they hadnt had too much to drink and choked on their on vomit. Where is the sense in keeping the product that makes your body throw up legal but keep the product illegal that could ease the naseua of cancer patients. Who are you to say I can ingest opiates(pain pills) smoke 4 packs of Marlboro reds a day and pound a case of beer after work but you my Federal Govt cares to much for my well being to legalize a weed that by body already comes equipped with receptors for?

    What chance does my state have if in Cali where there is a majority in favor of MediMari it should matter who the Attorney General is. The majority has spoken how does someone expect to get elected if they go against the wishes of the majoriy.

    It would be great to have every state try to legalize medical marijuana. I think they should have to prove there is no medical use. If a doctor is willing to write a script how can a lawyer say it is unnecessary.

  9. mister cool you’re forgetting what your job is as an elected official.. official , your own prejudices must be put aside your job is to represent the will of the people of california not your own your mi narrow minded thinking if you find this difficult to do then don’t hold public office exclamation

  10. I am glad to hear this but I worry because it swings every day.

    There wasn’t enough info out there about this guy. I didn’t know of any implications on mmj with Cooley until after I already voted (against of course). There were plenty of other reasons to not vote for him though

  11. This has nothing to do with the article but, has anyone played the new call of duty game? have you guys realized that they took out all the Pot references that they had in the last game? But they decided to put in swastikas and other nazi paraphernalia but they banned the pot leaves. um wtf?

  12. I am from L.A. And I can’t express how thoroughly THRILLED I am to hear of Cooley’s possible defeat! That guy is a schmuck and a major PUTZ! He has made a mockery of the judicial system in Los Angeles County… That is one conservative who needs to GO AWAY!

  13. Steve Cooley is a prick. Just look at him. He looks like he has a golden spoon shoved up his ass. I never voted for the prick, nor will he ever have any authority over me, where ever I go, PERIOD! If he wants to infringe on peoples RIGHTS, whether be to choose their medicine, food, ect. then he should go take a long walk off a short pier down there in LA. “If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon b in as sorry a state as the soul who live under tyranny.” Thomas Jefferson (1778)

  14. Hopefully Harris stays ahead and wins, but if Cooley somehow does win, he will be taking the old job of new Governor Jerry Brown. Brown’s office drew up the guidelines that helped to reduce ambiguity regarding the MMJ laws. To the extent that Brown would be Cooleys boss, it’s possible he could order Cooley to lay off dispensaries and focus his AG office on more important issues. I assume the Governor can give orders to the AG, I hope so anyway.

  15. Steve Cooley is just another puppet for the “Big Agenda” that is taking place. Research the Obama Deception on utube. Don’t freak out, just spread the word. It is all part of the plan.

  16. He makes me want to puke just by looking at him .I hate hypocrites like him . I wonder how jelly belly got so fat ? It wasn’t by smoking that’s for sure . I’ll bet every day after work he’s gotta have some alcoholic drink .

  17. A Kamala Harris win for CA State Attorney General is great news, but at the same time troubling news. This election win, along with the recent confirmation of victory regarding AZ Prop 203 MMJ bill via voter referendum, would seem to provide implicit proof that there are serious problems with no-paper-trail easy-to-manipulate electronic voting machines suborning the will of the voting public.

    Was the accidental but fortuous and timely AZ warehouse fire that destroyed an entire county’s electronic voting machines a sign that there are remedies for restoring the rights and liberties of citizens, somewhat beyond a mere act of civil disobedience?

  18. As of November 21, these are the figures:
    Kamala Harris 4,309,362 46.0%
    Steve Cooley 4,266,968 45.5%

    This means her lead has increased to over 42,000 votes.

    P.S. @David762, excuse me, but are you saying the civil minded, common sense folks (like those who voted for Harris and Prop 203) are manipulating the voting machines? mmmm…. doesn’t seem like their style, somehow.

  19. To stand in the middle of a state 71% in favor of medical cannabis, and declare war on it, is just plain political suicide. L.A. will survive Cooley and California can rest easy again. The pot stalker will receive his just rewards. What goes around – comes around.

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