President Obama's Response To YouTube Drug War Questions

President Obama responded to the most popular question (or, the eighty most popular questions) on’s “Ask Obama” forum regarding the debate on drug legalization in America.  Despite being the most popular question and gaining four times the support of any other non-drug war question, the YouTube moderator didn’t ask the question until #15.  The President’s response is a lot of platitudes about treatment, reducing demand, and reallocating resources, despite the Obama administration’s budget that puts twice the resources toward law enforcement than to treatment. At its core, however, it retains the premise that responsible adult marijuana consumers must be persuaded by our government, through drug tests, drug courts, forced rehab, and incarceration, into not consuming cannabis.
President Obama’s Drug War Answer
Mr. President, we’re never going to stop smoking marijuana. Never. American demand for cannabis is here to stay. You can let criminals control that market or you can do the sensible thing and begin regulating it.

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  1. i pledge my self in every way i will shoot my self in the head to show the world im willing to give my life my welth and honor to the people of the usa to legalize cannabis we the people are one we say we want it legal i say we over turn the gov we the people need to stand as one and take back are people in 15 years tx will only be 250 years old read rick parry gov of tx read his book i would vot for rick parry if he makes it legal i say we the peopl should just say its leagal and smoke on streets and in front of polica what will thay do but us all in jail i have ms and im dieing i can not work nor im a usefull for any thing but as my last stand i will show the world we can be free to choose to live a life with cannabis growing in are back yards all year round free to smoke free to sell free to buy my name is david harper i make a stand here and suport with my life a solder of cannabis ask of me and i will come or just try to keep me from smoking 420 cannabis for life come and but me in jail my voice is loud i am human i am me i invoke my god given right of free will

  2. 252,253 David Harper
    Please David – reconsider your will. Far better to use your voice to shoot the prohibs in their empty heads than to turn your gun on yourself. I doubt if they have any concern for a martyr. There are already too many soldiers of cannabis [including dogs] that have died at the hands of the evil army. They will all answer to God. Please David – reconsider. Your life is more important to us than it is to evil doers.

  3. I agree that keeping pot illegal is criminal. It forces the pot smokers to obtain the pot illegally – which results in pot smokers directly supporting the drug cartels and causing all sorts of havoc in our society by supporting the oppression of the inner city youths. A single pot smokers maybe responsible for the murder of some innocent inner city youth trying to make a living by delivering pot. It’s the illegality of the drug that is causing this havoc.
    That being said – with all the injustice in this world – oppression of females by the Talibans, legalize rapes and “mercy killing” of females in some arab worlds, child prostitution, child sex trafficking, child labor by Nikes and other bit corporations for the sake of profit, racism, white supremist butchering of the minorities, … YOU want to give up your life for the right to smoke a joint?
    Let’s get real. I agree with the other posters. Your life will be better served by supporting our cause to legalize pot as a live person. There’s nothing you can do when dead.

  4. I have read a lot of these comments and a lot of them I agree with but the biggest ones are the ones calling for some kind of march. My thought is that the government just does not know how many of us there is. I agree in the idea of a march on 4/20 but not just in DC I think it should be at the capitol building in every state… Just think about it!

  5. I agree with much of david harper’s comment. I also believe that as taxpaying citizens, we should never have to “ask” our government for anything, but simply demand it. I don’t even smoke pot anymore (not in 15-20 years) but I believe in legalization. Marijuana users are not “criminals”. To waste $10’s of billions yearly to arrest, kidnap, convict & illegally imprison drug users, THAT is criminal. Especially considering that we were never consulted about drug laws. I wish that millions of people would just start smoking pot openly & when arrested, refuse to show up for court. Tie up so much manpower/money in tracking down millions of “criminals”, that the government would have to choose between bankruptcy (or massive tax increases for police/court funding) or legalization. If they chose the 1st option, increase taxes by $100’s of billions, on an already overburdened population, simply to waste it on imprisoning 10’s of millions of non-violent pot smokers, there would be a revolt.

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