Ex-Governor Gary Johnson: "Yes, It Is Time For Pot Legalization, Mr. President"

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is no stranger to marijuana law reform. Johnson was the keynote speaker at last year’s national NORML Conference (listen to his remarks here) and the topic of cannabis legalization is a prominent plank in his Presidential exploratory campaign.
Today he takes to the Net in response to the President’s artful dodge last week regarding the need to federal drug law reform. And he doesn’t mince words.

Yes, It Is Time For Pot Legalization, Mr. President
via Huffington Post
The Web is humming with stories and discussion from the aftermath of President Obama’s response to questions about drug legalization during last Thursday’s YouTube forum. While his words this time around are a bit more encouraging than previous signals from the administration, I would strongly suggest that we all, including the president, cut through the platitudes and get to the truth about marijuana prohibition.
If, as the president suggests, it is time for a “serious debate” about legalization, let’s get to it, starting with a few questions that beg for truth:
Why, with record federal deficits and states teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, are we spending billions on yet another failed Prohibition that is accomplishing nothing other than making criminals out of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens and fueling drug cartels that threaten our fundamental national security? Is it not time to try something different?
Despite lip-service, about the need for treatment, harm-reduction and other strategies to address drug use as a health issue, why do the federal government’s actual policies and budget still treat the situation as almost entirely a law enforcement problem? Let’s end the unworkable marijuana prohibition and put our money where our mouth is. Let’s solve the problems like border crime. We can do it with pot legalization.
We need to deal with some simple truths. How do we reconcile the fact, that in a supposedly free society, it is legal for a responsible adult to purchase and consume alcohol, while purchasing and consuming marijuana is a crime? I, along with millions of other Americans, are still waiting for a credible answer to that one.

You can read the full text of Mr. Johnson’s remarks here.

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  1. to # 50 Genesis the faith
    Thank you for the clarification, I thought so later that night. I like that”echoing voices” kind of like a tuning fork tuning up America!!! since 2006 I wrote three letters to America for Americans to make copies and pass down the line, my feeble attempt to educate America on this most important issue of history.1. was chain letter to America ( save the world) which was designed to give Americans a chance to voice their opinion on this issue annonymously. this went to channel 4 news, wcsx c/o Alice Cooper and to Honorable George bush before I knew of Jack Herer or that Bush owns his own oil and major stocks in pharmicueticals while he tells us there is an all out war on drugs, I had to find out why if this plant can do so much good why is it so bad then I found in the schaffer library of drug policies under unravelling an american dilemma , the demonization of Marijuana title Hidden motives so then I wrote “unjust injustice” for Americans to read and pass down the line and then I found out about Jack Herer I could not believe I never heard of him although I am sure it was his works I’ve known of since 1972 so then I knew I was right to the 100,000nth power with his challenge to prove him wrong for 100,000 dollars! then I wrote ” it takes a big man to admit he has been wrong ” where at the end I say admit you are wrong uncle sam this letter went to the people and I sent it to all the news stations, Oprah, Mr Obama on his campaign trail and I even wrote to Sir Richard Branson because he donated 3 billion to research alternative energy this was just before he flew his plane on cocconut oil! I just wonder if you or anyone in the viewing eye shot of this post heard of any of them . it doesn’t matter I am just glad America is finally waking up!!

  2. 51 J.C.advocate for Hemp.
    Yes! I believe America is waking up. I also believe [as evidenced by the polls] that pro-cannabis constituents out number prohibitionists. That being said, the question arises – why haven’t we prevailed? The answer is more of an enigma than we understand. The foundation to the enigma is an old adage [an old saying that has been popularly accepted as the truth] that – “If you tell the big lie long enough – it becomes believable.” They [the power] have been telling the big lie since 1937 and continue to do so to this day, and I’m sure, will be doing so tomorrow. The corner stone of their foundation is our children. They are using our children as human shields for their mendacious and maniacal agenda. To be brutally honest – what else do they have to reach the protective hearts of their parental victims with, certainly not common sense or the truth. The real truth of the matter is – “We live by the Golden Rule – He who has the gold rules.” The golden rulers say – “We have controlled cannabis and profited 1. by it, and 2. against it, sine 1937 – and – if you think we are going to give up that control and relinquish our profits – your crazy, or you’ve been smoking too much of – our stuff.”
    Well! What’s a poor boy to do? Now! all of a sudden, the DEA [the violent enforcement arm of my evil brother] has given Health and Human Services – the FDA – the go ahead – to re-schedule the natural THC cannabinoid “only” – to schedule III – thereby federally legalizing it and placing it entirely in the hands of Big Pharma [the biggest drug dealers in the world] and its tentacles, the physician, and the local pharmacy [drug store] – all to be controlled by pharmaceutical law. The physician will now be able to write a prescription rather than a recommendation, and the pharmacy will be able to fill it [as an extract, will not have to carry large stock]. The corruption here is astounding, enough I guess to bring violent revolution into play – not because this approval is a reasonable way to conduct medicine and allow us safe access to our medicine – but – because it absolutely violates our Constitutional rights, and is a fight against absolute corruption and monopoly over a God given food – and – would be the same as denying us air or water. I fear violence is near – but – at the same time I suggest “Dharna” – every pro-cannabis advocate plant their self on the steps of their State representative and remain there [without violence] until they have made their point clear.
    J.C. as I said – all 3141 Genesist Colonies are behind you. If there is anything of us you need, please let us know, and we will be at your side.

  3. I invite You , Mr Gary Johnson, Honorable Barack Obama and all others that are listening and care to, go to my fox 2 comments on the medical pot debate I think I say quite a few things of interest I would hope you all would join in on my tea party, to you today in reply I say it is the puppet masters pulling their green strings to keep things the way of the day!! I wrote my song “Girl of stone” at that site and now I feel I need to say it here also
    What ever happened to the promises, how did we ever get to the way life is???
    What ever happened to AMERICA, how did we ever get to the way things are??
    You lied to me girl, all the things you said we could be yeah, you changed on me and baby that was just cold, it’s like your made of stone!
    you stand there on your pedistle looking fine s you can be, but all you know is what there telling you as the puppet masters pull their strings!
    You stand there looking so pretty, as far as the eyes can see but all you want is my money as your heart is filled with GREED! And you lied too me girl, all the things you said we could be yeah, you changed on me and baby that was just cold, it’s like your made of stone!
    Now what gives you the right tell me baby of all the things we can have, when all you do is stand there looking pretty while the puppet masters pull their strings, how can you tell me all the things we can have, how can you tell me we have 1/2 a chance, you lied too me your like a girl of stone, it’s like you made of coal!
    Your 80% madeof copper, you say you have a heart of gold, but as the puppet masters pull their green strings now, it seems you blood is made of oil!! oooiiilll!!! Yo stand there on your pedistle, looking proud as you can be, but all you are is a decoe for big bussiness and Industry!! You stand there looking so pretty,as far as the eyes can see, but all you know is what there telling you as the puppet masters pull their strings! how can you tell me of the good life we’ll have, how can you tell me we have 1/2 a chance, you lied too me , your like a girl of stone, it’s like your made of coal, with the blood of oil!! oooiiilll
    you talk about life an liberty and persuit of happiness, all I have to do is change my life and conform too your ways, you talk about unfair labor relations and people can have good jobs, but that’s only if I conform to your ways and follow all of your rules! How can you tell me all the things we can have, how can you tell me we have 1/2 a chance, you lied too me your like a girl of stone, it’s like your made of coal, with the blood of oil, oooiiill
    Now what ever happened to life liberty and persuit of happiness! as long as you don’t hurt the rights of oters you can follow all of your dreams! Your 80% made of copper, you say you have a heart of gold! but you lied too me cause your hearts been sold! you lied too me cause your hearts been sold! oh oh oh oh, oh owohwohwohwo ( indian war drum in the back ground boom boom boom boom, boom boom boom boom) oh oh oh oh oh ohwohwohoh!!!
    what ever happened to the promises, how did we ever get to the way life is? what ever happened to AMERICA? how did we ever get to the way things are?!!!!!!!!
    I AM JUST A SIMPLE LITTLE MAN BUT if I HAVE KNOWN These things SINCE 1972 one can only wonder what our most intelligent of our planet have been doing but I see you have to change the beurocracy and in order to do that you have to change the concious mind of America (like I read in a book I read back in 72 “the GREENING OF AMERICA” can’t remember the author ) so anyway that is what I set out to do!!
    I say again I love America and I want her back!!
    This pimple has to be poppt today to ease the pressure and start the healing !!!! America in my opinion needs to Unite and cut the puppet masters strings with unity and precision!!

  4. to genesis the faith #52
    one more thing I say today in reply to your violence thought. I say we don’t even have to think about violence, I agree with Gary Johnson for president, lets bring it up, get it out on the table and fight this thing with the absolute truth of all this plant can do , look at it seriously, intelligently and honestly as a civilized society! to my religious brothers (and sisters of course)I say just for kicks and I said this also at fox 2 on med. pot debate, in the bible , you know because you know Jack, Ezekial 34-29 “and I will raise up for them a plant of renown, and they shall be no more consume
    with hunger in the land neither bear the shame of the heathen anymore.”
    just funny how perfect I believe God is right down to perfect timing and we can’t control the timing of fate!! If the lord wills it, it will be done! and like the soldier captain who knew all God had to do was give the word and his faith knew it would be so! AMEN!!
    I also have another song I wrote in dedication to George Harrison but now it goes out to the puppet masters it is called “Repent” won’t give all of it, I’ll spare you, but this part is proper for the moment,
    Repent now ah na nah repent of your sins oh yea
    The good lord’s coming tomarrow, might be here today yea!oh yea! and repent now oh nah nah nah, repent of your sins oh yea, if you don’t you know the good lord wont let you in oh no no no, ya know!!

  5. 54 J.C.
    “One Genesist’s soul is equal to all of creation.”
    What has happened to our beloved America? In a word – “Conscience” – it has lost its conscience. For the most part – it has forsaken consequence [taking responsibility for the results of our actions]. In a Godless society – the ends justify the means. Frankly – we’ve heard just about enough of that ideology. One
    best keep one’s distance, if one wants to spew that kind of radical crap in our presence. Genesists will not harm their brethren for any reason, or under any circumstances. We will plant our flag and fall on our sword before we will surrender to my evil brother, whose intent it is to reduce us to mindless lemmings.
    What we pledge our allegiance to – today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows to come – is God – as God v. my evil brother. As God as our witness – Genesists are ready, willing, and able to defend America against all enemies – foreign and “domestic” especially domestic. We know who the anti-Christ is, and we know who the false prophet is. We know who we stand with – Captain, oh my captain.
    Once again – anything Genesists can do, more than we are already doing, just say the word. By the way – good work on the songs – “break a leg.” Are you sure you’re not a Genesist?
    Have a great CDXX Communion.
    Genesis – San Diego, Ca. Colony

  6. Enough Marijuana prohibition. I am tired of my hard earned tax dollars going to fund this effort. Let’s teach the concept of personal responsibility to our children instead. Personal responsibility has been replaced more and more in our society by codified rules and regulations. What happened to being an adult and making your own decisions, where people have to live with the consequences of their own choices. We the People of the United States are supporting a bloated system that is sustaining itself on Marijuana prohibition amongst other things. This is why Marijuana is still illegal. I support the view of Gary Johnson above and hope he has follow-thru

  7. to #6 Leonard Krivitsky,MD
    Thank you sir, in my mind you are right on the mark with everything you said, most importantly we can’t just sit on our butts!!
    people get involved!!as long as we stay with the true facts!!
    And to those who believe maybe we need to march a protest on the steps of the WHITE HOUSE!!!
    I have a song called chain letter that says if we all stick together people we’ll have majority rule and then they’ll have to listen to us baby cause, YOU KNOW MAJORITY RULES SSSSSZA!!
    and I’d like to send my chain letter straight to the president, maybe have a press event, maybe set presidence!!! Hey there Uncle Sam, Hey there Uncle Sam, Hey there Uncle Sam can you hear what I a’m
    sorry, I just had to say that!

  8. to 59.
    thank you for that!! and thank Gary Johnson for bringing this very important, History making issue to the forefront!!! Mary Jane front and center!!! “I love America and I want her Back!!

  9. This goes out to Gary Johnson for president and any one else who is listening and cares!
    This is from a letter I wrote in 2006 and sent to all the news stations. Oprah, Mr. Obama on his campaign trail and even Sir Richard Branson of the United Kingdom when he donated 3 billion dollars to find alternative resources! It was little over 3 pages’ I’ll shorten to the point!!
    “It takes a big man to admit he’s been wrong”
    I have a topic/issue that is so powerful that I can not just let it go without a proper hearing of the American people and some answers from our United States Government in the name of Good Consciousness and the better-ment of all mankind!
    I started out with a simple question about an alternative source of energy and I found one plant that can do it all. The more I seek the more I found, the more I found the more I needed to seek!
    This is my America and I love her tremendously, this should be your America also and you should love her enough to protect her from wrong doing!
    As a good, law abiding, tax paying American citizen, I feel it is my moral obligation to report this very wrong doing to the proper authorities!( in this case I feel that is the American people) this is something that effects us all as a Human Race and an intelligent Society!
    This is about an alternative source of energy that the world desperatly needs and has known about the capabilities of this one plant that can single handedly provide the overall majority of the worlds paper and textile, meet all the worlds transportation, Industrial and home energy needs, reverse the greenhouse effect, stop deforestation, while simultaniously reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil and cleaning the atmosphere all at the same time!( from Jack Herer’s book ” The Emperror wears no clothes” he extended a $100,000.00 challenge to prove him wrong. No one can prove him wrong and he knew it!) He is gone now , I miss you Jack, and I don’t want his work to be forotten or in vein!!
    Our government has been lying to the American people about Hemp since 1937 when the U.S. Secretary of treasury, Andrew Mellon and E.I. Du-Pont De Nemours & company conspired to intentionally defraud the American people with deceit, propaganda lies and mis-informations designed to demonize their competition in the cellulose based industries to create their monopoly that they hold to this day!(from the Schaffer library of drug policies, “unraveling an American delemma”. The demonization of marijuana, introduction: hidden motives)
    “If hemp would have remained legal,Du-pont who was sited as having the most to lose with his billions invested in patented processes would not have had the market cornered in cellulose -based industries!!!
    How can a law become a law when they broke so many federal laws to create the unjust law of the “Marijuana tax act of 1937” (abused government powers in a conspiracy to intentionally defraud the American people with lies and mis-informations over-riding the laws of free-enterprize and fair competition to create a monopoly that they hold to this day, all of which are federal offenses of their own!!
    I believe our parents and grandparents were snubbed by our government with the highest decree of retort, therefore I request an appeal from the media and the commonwealth ( we the people, all Americans not just the commonly wealthy) after they learn the true facts about bio-mass alternative energy and what Hemp has done in the past( in our forefathers day, remember our forefathers?) and the reality of the full potential, true capabilities that Cannabis/Hemp can do for the future!
    This plant is not only medicine, and competition to petroleum, it can also be pressed for its highly nutritious vegetable oil which contains the highest amount of essential fatty acids in the plant kingdom, these essential oils are responsible for our immune responses and clear the arteries of colesteral and plaque!! to me that means it is preventative medicine to help keep us healthy, wouldn’t insurance companies want to know that! that should bring down health insurance cost!!
    our government knows all this yet they would rather over crowd or jails with senseless marijuana arrests, ruining American families and the American workforce!!
    It takes a big man to admit he has been wrong, admit you are wrong uncle Sam, you know the truth!!
    I say again “we need to get that Anslinger wool off our eyes and look honestly, seriously and intelligently, as a civilized “society” at all the true potential that this stifled plant can do for us before it is too late and we start looking at Communistic Socialism in the name and face of American democracy!!!
    Thank you again for all your time and co-operation!!

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