What Do You Know? The Drug Czar Is Lying Again

Earlier this week Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske sat down for a face-to-face interview with The Daily Caller‘s Mike Riggs. (Riggs is the Daily Caller reporter who yesterday broke the story regarding the DEA’s plans to reschedule plant-derived THC while keeping the actual plant illegal.)
Riggs asked the Czar some tough questions, including this one specific to medical cannabis: “You’ve said before that you don’t see medical benefits to smoked marijuana and also that the jury is still out on medical marijuana. What sort of scientific consensus does the ONDCP require? How many studies have to come out arguing for medical benefits? What do you need to see?”
The Czar’s reply? “[Y]ou know there are over 100 groups doing marijuana research, and they’re getting their marijuana from the University of Mississippi. There are several things in clinical trials right now. So we’ll just have to wait for those.”
To which I reply ‘Bulls–t!’
As I write today on Alternet.org, a review of the U.S. National Institutes of Health website clinicaltrials.gov shows that there are presently only six FDA-approved trials taking place anywhere in the world involving subjects’ use of actual cannabis. Of these, two are completed, one is assessing the plant’s pharmacokinetics, and one is assessing pot’s alleged harms.
Memo to the Drug Czar: That leaves a grand total of — not “over 100” — but rather just two ongoing clinical trials to assess the medical efficacy of cannabis. You sir, are a liar (but then again, I suppose we all knew that already).

Pot May Be Instrumental in Combating Cancer, MS and Other Diseases But the Gov’t Refuses to Fund the Necessary Research
via Alternet
[excerpt] A review of the U.S. National Institutes of Health website clinicaltrials.gov shows that NIDA’s kibosh on medical marijuana trials continues unabated. Though a search of ongoing FDA-approved clinical trials using the keyword ‘cannabinoids’ (the active components in marijuana) yields 65 worldwide hits, only six involve subjects’ use of actual cannabis. (The others involve the use of synthetic cannabinoid agonists like dronabinol or nabilone, the commercially marketed marijuana extract Sativex, or the cannabinoid receptor blocking agent Rimonabant.)
Of the six, two of the studies are already completed: ‘Opioid and Cannabinoid Pharmacokinetic Interactions‘ and ‘Vaporization as a Smokeless Cannabis Delivery System,’ both of which were spearheaded by researchers (primarily Dr. Donald Abrams) at the University of California at San Francisco.
The four remaining studies are still in the ‘recruitment’ phase. Of these, only two pertain to the potential medical use of cannabis: ‘Cannabis for Spasticity of Multiple Sclerosis,’ which is taking place at the University of California at Davis and is likely the final clinical trial associated with the soon-to-be-defunct/defunded California Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, and ‘Cannabis for Inflammatory Bowel Disease,’ led by researchers at the Meir Medical Center in Israel.
Of the remaining studies, one focuses on the detection of cannabinoids and their metabolites on drug screens, while the other, entitled ‘Effects of Smoked Marijuana on Risk Taking and Decision Making Tasks,’ seeks to establish pot-related harms — hypothesizing that subjects “demonstrate poorer decision-making abilities and increased risk-taking behaviors” after smoking marijuana.

You can read the full text of my Alternet.org story here.
You can read the full interview with Drug Czar Kerlikowske here.

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  1. To read the same thing day in day out gets really aggravating, WHY do these asshats still have a job if they flat out lie to the people and think that can get away with it, if everyone had some common sense DON’T VOTE on the next presidential election till the prick that ignored our questions on youtube answer ours. Why should we ever vote again till REAL demanding subjects are answered.

  2. A Debate (yes) That what we need. But there no way the anti (c-s-l) falks will allow that. The govermant has made pepply scare and stuipid about this plant. The only way we will when is thrue hard voters voteing for leaition. We cude take to the street and protest. But in the end the govermeent will crush us.The D.E.A Willbe come brutle with there clubs and tear gas rubber bullest and live ones. In 54 yers old im tird of this B-S. It time to fight back. VOTE

  3. 51 ChildrenOfTheBud
    Abstention is one thing – but – recognize that only half the people vote – and – look where that has taken us. It’s the old numbers game. If a prohib votes – we need an anti-prohib vote to cancel it out. We are in majority – so – in the end the one with the “most votes” wins. VOTE!!!

  4. Doesn’t everyone know how to tell when Mr. Kerlifries is lying? God that’s such an old joke too. Well it used to be a joke.
    What confuses me is why so many people believe him.

  5. Just look back too the early 1900’s; The drug companies did all kinds of studies on cannabis. You will find that cannabis helps with all kinds of ailments and in NON-TOXIC. The Government already knows this. So what is the real reason for Prohibition?
    To Protect big Pharma, and Big buisness.

  6. well, there is a get together in Washington Dc in a few months.
    personally, I wish all these corrupt crooked people would get stuck on a ship in hostage.
    How long do we have to peacefully put up with the un-constitutional laws?
    When do we have our revolution to throw the bums out?

  7. I have choices, suicide or suicide shooter, We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.
    Hey, George Bush, it is not just a scrap of paper, when your rotting flesh decomposes, there will be better summers, feasts and celebrations.

  8. My God Almighty!
    How long can a prohib keep their head up their ass, without suffocating. They have, without a question of doubt, proven to the world they don’t have a penny lick of sense. So abhorrent, so despicable are they that, their remarkably corrupt acts and lies cause a violent uncontrollable reaction within us [a need to seriously kick someone’s ass].
    They are so arrogant to think that we don’t know that a lie uttered by 10,000 doesn’t make it any less a lie – and – 10,000 who don’t know doesn’t stand against one who does know. The truth will remain in its place with the one who recognizes it – but – the 10,000 will have to to live through it before it jumps up and hits them in the face. We know that lying increase the closer we get to prohibs.
    We know that a Genesist is to carry him or her self in the presence of all opposition as if everything were titular and ephemeral but he or she. If a single Genesist plant him or her self indomitably on his or her instincts, and there abide, the huge world will come round to he or she. We must never allow ourselves to reach the point where the truth is ebbed out of us, and we don’t know enough to be free.
    So! When prohibs say – “The people are anal – and – the people are fools if they don’t understand that they will bend to the master’s whip.” For this reason a “420 Invasion” sounds like a ton of reason. It doesn’t matter whether you are a registered voter, or a convicted felon, your presence at a Dharna [minus the fasting] is the greatest statement you could make, to protect your individual rights. Everyone is the protector of their own rights. So! if you can’t make it to steps of Washington D.C., make to the steps or door of your local [city, county, state] representative. What’s important is that everyone do this at “the exact same time” April 20, 2011 at 4:20 p.m. It doesn’t take any organizing – just be at one of these places. Every form of media will cover it.
    “Be there or be square!”

  9. 51 ChildOfTheBud
    Voting is like a crap game! If you don’t roll the dice – you can’t make your point.

  10. Well, Well, now after the Egyptians are getting it right maybe we here in the United States should follow the order of the day, huh. That seems to be just about the only way to get those government scoundrels to make any kind of good move for the people. I say it’s time for a good raustenshnell! Rise up for the occasion may be the only way folks!
    Now would be a good time, Ha! Ha!

  11. Comment #29 and #41 and #65 commented on the Egyptian uprising! Great Guys, i was thinking the same thing before i read your comment!!!! Sounds like a reality in the making. Keep spreading the word! RISE UP against government scoundralism and government corruption. YES WE CAN!

  12. RISE UP! In Eqypt everything was more concentrated in a certain area to get started. Maybe we should concentrate the effort at one or TWO or four certain places of convergence so that we shall be noticed. I WONDER WHERE THOSE PLACES SHOULD BE? Someone start telling us over and over. If the effort to RISE UP is spread out thinly a little over here and a little over there, it may not carry. WE NEED TO BE HEARD WITH MASS! Just a thought!

  13. 66 BigHare
    Raustenshnell 420. [get out immediately]
    April 20, 2011 @ 4:20 p.m.
    “If I stand alone” on their steps or at their door – face to face [in their face], I will stand for all – “One for all – all for one” – but – “I will stand,” plant our flag, and fall on my sword. The free ground we stand on is tapped solid by the feet of “individual action.” Enlist more to stand with you – as an act of “Constitutional right” – as an act of freedom. Everyone is the protector of their own [individual] rights. The world is about to “act as one” – at the exact same time – and – continually for ever more.

  14. To add Insult to injury, it is OBVIOUS to any thinking person that there is NO LEGITIMATE REASON for the position of a “Drug Czar”, or any other “Czar”, for that matter. What are we-Russia? In the face of our failed “War” on drugs-NO Czar needed.We already have enough of a Police State already.
    And @3141-you’re right, “A Lie is no less a lie because less that a million people repeat it”
    The whole idea is repugnant, not to mention a very effective way for “our” government to repeatedly wipe their BUtts with our constitution, Bill of RIGHTS, as well as demonstrating a flagrant disregard for the will of the people chanting for change. The chant will increase to a yell which will, one day, increase to a battle-cry if we continue to be lied to, repressed and KEPT FROM OUR BASIC HUMAN RIGHT to do as we please in our own homes, and as long as we harm no one in the process.”WHEN A GOVERNEMRNT JAILS ITS CITIZENS FOR SOCIAL OFFENSES, IT SHOWS THAT GOVERNMENT FEARS ITS CITZENS”

  15. Take the man-made version of THC that you can overdose on, off of schedule one. Leave the safe unadulterated plant on the list of most heineous substances (that require our law enforcement community to kill innocent pets/people/children…(justifiably, of course)).

  16. 71 WTF
    Makes no sense – does it? Well! – then that’s that – it makes no sense and neither do the creators of non-sense make any sense. May be we’re all senseless in a senseless world -WTF! But as Babe Ruth said – “You can change jeers to cheers – all you have to do is produce.”

  17. Probably the best response here is to just publicize this to everyone you know. (FB, Twitter, etc.) Most of America already knows the government has their own agenda & cannot be trusted. This is just another scoop of dirt dug out of their grave… And just another reminder to everyone that “they” cannot be trusted.

  18. The Reformation.
    Genesis I:29,30,31
    “Hand in hand! They go together like a hand and a glove. It makes a lot of noise, and is a sacred cash cow.”
    Remember! – “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” For every “FOR” there will be an “AGAINST” – for every “THIS” there will be a “THAT.” Enforcing the law “AGAINST” our Sacrament is forbidden by our Faith – not only by God – but – by a majority of We the People ourselves. As God gives us rights, and man makes its laws, Genesists abide by both God’s word and the laws we make for ourselves as law abiding people. But – when a law made by infallible men is “unjust” – a Genesist is morally and faithfully opposed to it, and is sworn to reject and resist it. This is not a good faith gesture.
    It’s governments intrusion of our religious freedom, and the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. It’s the unconstitutional application of Compelling Justification, Prior Competing Governmental Interests, and the Government Supremacy Clause.
    QUESTION: Does God’s Law trump Man’s Law and vice versa?
    ANSWER: It doesn’t matter! My law trumps all law! God’s Spirit is within me – so – I do answer to God’s Word. The Equilibrium of my soul will be between me and my God within.

  19. @Genesists: Personally, I don’t believe there is a God. I don’t believe in any religion. But, the fact we are so in sync on this issue just goes to show the fact that, as different as we are, we can agree that marijuana laws need to change! People of all races, religion, age, politics, sex, wealth, and occupations enjoy it. Any prohibition fool that thinks just hippies, stoners, losers, etc. use it are just so wrong!
    I’m an ex-marine and none of my neighbors would suspect that I use it because, to them, I’m sure I seem very confident, hard-working, help my neighbors when they need it, do a good job of maintaining my property, and never cause anyone any trouble. Prohibitionists just don’t seem to have a clue that their doctor, dentist, or seemingly straight next door neighbor just might enjoy the occasional toke! Other than our enjoyment of the herb, we’re really just like everyone else.

  20. 75 Don
    Thank you for your well said reply. It’s well received. The Genesist Faith respects all Religions, Faiths, Denominations, and Isms, as it is a vital part of all. Yes – even Atheism. So! we’re not as far apart as you might think. We might understand each other a little better if I told you that I was a Navy Medic FMF -Semper Fi! Don! If you keep making sense like you just have, one might think you’re a Atheist Genesist, and God might very well be a EBE. But – whatever your beliefs – I am glad that a discussion, over the most opposite topic one could have, is accomplished through civil discourse. Anyway, we’re talking about our Constitutional rights and not religion. Prohibitionists [prohibition in any form] must be defeated, if freedom is to survive.
    Thanks again,
    Genesis – San Diego Colony

  21. !!End Cannabis Prohibition!!
    !!We the People Want Our Rights, Liberties and Freedoms!!
    !!Open New Industries with Cannabis!!
    !!Tax and Regulate Cannabis Now!!
    !!Shore up our Social Security Fund!!
    !!Stop wasteing tax payers money on big government flukes and hornswaggling of the people!!
    !!Revive The SPIRIT of the Nation!!
    !! Stop Government Corruption and Political Scoundralism TODAY!!!
    !!Balance the National Budget with the END OF CANNABIS PROHIBITION!!

  22. 77 BigHare1
    Washington will be vacant on 4-20 at 4:20. That puts our objective at home, in their districts. If one is not going to attend an event – one can participate by taking one’s self to their closest politician and deliver our message as “One speaking for all.”
    “Today we have served notice on every politician with a vote. It goes like this – if the shoe fits – wear it. If the shoe doesn’t fit – Bless you – and – you have our vote.
    “We the People indict you as an enemy of the People, and an enemy of the State. You have committed unjust crimes against We the People, and humanity, all in the name of justice, and you have forsaken us in your duty to represent our will.”
    More to come,
    Genesis – San Diego Colony

  23. Thats just what we need, a gov’t shutdown…i’m tired of paying taxes to gov’t scumwads that would be better off wallering in the mud somewhere anyway! too many fat pigs trying to control everyone and take everything for themselves is not what we need.
    Government shutdown sounds good from here. If they keep laying down the moritoriums on selected dispensories that they don’t want to operate, evidently the politians are only trying to monopolize the dispensory industry so that only them and their greedy gov’t pig face buddies in the gov’t will be operating a dispensory. Thats just another bridge to cross. Yes, and if there’s a will, theres a way to overcome gov’t scoundralism and corruption. Open your eyes and see for yourself. We shall overcome lies and false oppression. !END CANNABIS PROHIBITION! If you can’t handle it then go fall on your sword! GOV’T SHUTDOWN ON 3/4/2011. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE.

  24. I want a “No Drug Czar left behind law”. When no yearly progress is seen, we cut the program. They want to cut $100billion from the budget, why don’t they just tax it and stop policing it. Problem solved. I want Gil’s job.

  25. 81 mark
    There is an over-abundance of drug departments,bureaus, etc, etc, etc – way, way, way over, I can only relate to Cal Trans. You may have witnessed it in your travels – “One worker with five supervisors standing over him watching.” As far as a Czar is concerned, I’m at awe as to why government doesn’t have a Czar to wipe our ass [an ass wipe Czar]. Well! Give them time.

  26. Believe me, I’m not defending the Czar or attacking We the People – but – what’s the difference between the Czar saying cannabis is the most dangerous drug – or – we telling the kids to answer the phone, and tell them I’m not here? Sooner or later – everyone is going to have to take responsibility for the results of our actions [consequence]. The Czar has never, ever, ever, never said he was for legalization – but – he has always favored Harm Reduction, and obeying state law – until he got to Washington that is. When in Rome do as the Romans do! – lie your ass off.

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