Seattle City Attorney Peter Holmes: "Legalize Marijuana"

Peter Holmes is the City Attorney for Seattle, Washington.  In this op-ed for the Seattle Times, Holmes makes good on his campaign promises to not prosecute user-level marijuana crimes and joins the growing chorus of current (Rep. Jared Polis) and former elected officials (Gov. Gary Johnson) calling for an end to adult marijuana prohibition.

Marijuana is far more like alcohol than it is like hard drugs, and we should treat it as such. We address alcohol abuse primarily as a public-health issue, and we should do the same with marijuana abuse. Inebriation only becomes a crime for those who choose to get behind the wheel, whether the intoxicant is alcohol, prescription pain killers or cannabis.
I support tightening laws against driving while stoned, preventing the sale of marijuana to minors, and ensuring that anything other than small-scale noncommercial marijuana production takes place in regulated agricultural facilities — and not residential basements.
Ending marijuana prohibition and focusing on rational regulation and taxation is a pro-public safety, pro-public health, pro-limited government policy. I urge the state Legislature to move down this road.
Even if marijuana remains illegal under federal law, it is still time for Washington state to act. As with alcohol prohibition, collective action by the states will help us end the federal marijuana prohibition and transition to a rational and functional system for regulating and taxing marijuana.

Pete Holmes is serving his first term as Seattle city attorney.  Click here to read the entire op-ed.

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  1. We’re talking about prohibitionists here. They have no conscience, and if they claim to have a conscience, I wonder if it suffers from the evil it has coveted. In a nut shell, the whole world has lost its conscience, and needs to find it – quick – for the sake of our children. Save the children!

  2. Prohibitionists Take Heed!
    Your days of prohibitionist hocus-pocus are over. The vale that has hidden your black magic from our eyes has been pierced and lifted to expose your modus operandi. We don’t need sub-titles to know what you are doing anymore. You have proven to us, beyond a shadow of doubt, that you can distribute power where “you” see fit. Here’s our point: With absolutely no praise – you need to take your little act down the road – because – “you’re not welcomed here – and – that’s that – Have a nice trip.”

  3. To all prohibitionists:
    “Your prohibition of our Holy Sacrament is morally repugnant.”
    In the eyes of the beholder – “so are you.” So! if it’s respect that you are looking for – seek it elsewhere. Your name is absent in our eyes and on our voting ballot. Not one Genesist [not one] will raise our hand in violence – but – you can bet your ass, every one of us will line up on steps and at your door. Good luck on your next run for office. See ya!!! on 4-20 @ 4:20. If you are voting representative – you best have a iron clad answer as to why you are violating our Constitution by prohibiting our Sacrament.

  4. I’m sure, if there is such a thing as the devil, he hangs out in Washington D.C., answers to the name “Prohib,” is viewed as a curse in our lives, and takes pleasure in the pain he inflicts on our humanity, the dignity of man – but more so – leaves us absent the better part of us – our freedom. There’s a huge difference between the laws reasonable men and women make for ourselves, and the laws prohibs make, soley to dominate our world. So! in three words to prohibs – “FIND ANOTHER COUNTRY,” this one is ours.
    Rebel with a Cause,
    Genesis – Los Angeles Colony

  5. 50 Sean Haddad
    You have the correct attitude. Let me say that again – You are absolutely correct in you assumption. Let’s just declare and insist that “it’s legal.” Let the prohibs resist that – and – when they do, just tell them _ “why don’t you just leave – nobody likes you anyway.”

  6. We the People of America have declared marijuana legal; many millions of us any way. But, as long as the bad guys use billions of our tax dollars to arm themselves and prop up their private prisons, what we declare doesn’t amount to much…
    We have got get rid of all politicians that want to maintain prohibition! It goes against everything that America stands for! It goes against the intent of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The people who are leading this country are not the kind of leaders who are serving us, they are serving themselves.
    We need to recognize and vote for those few exceptions – Like Gary Johnson and Ron Paul to name a couple. President Obama tricked us all didn’t he? That man changed into something completely different once he got elected. Let’s not let that happen again!

  7. 56 Don
    Obama is a politician. A politician, is a politician, is a politician. That shouldn’t surprise anyone.
    It is said – “If you tell the big lie long enough – it becomes believable.” But – “If you tell the truth long enough – it becomes reality.” It is “legal” by a mandate of the people. We out-rank,and out-number prohibs. So! Let them suck egg. “It’s legal by popular demand.” We the People declare their law unjust – and – refuse to obey it.

  8. “He who resorts to civil disobedience obeys the laws of the state to which he or she belongs, not out of fear of sanctions, but because he or she considers them to be good for the welfare of society. But there comes occasions, generally rare, when he or she considers certain laws to be so unjust, as to render obedience to them, a dishonor. He or she then openly and civilly breaks them and quietly suffers the penalty for their breach.” Gandhi

  9. I think he has great ideas, except when it comes to restricting consumers from growing their own cannabis. As with alcohol, the only way to keep the market in check, and not taking advantage of the consumers is to give the consumers the right(we have already via Mother Earth) to grow their own. This helps keep prices down, and product quality high. If the people can’t grow their own, we leave open the kind of gardening that is employed by such companies as Big Tobacco, and Big Pharma.

  10. I hope legalization of marijuana will reach our country here too. I have been looking for bubble bags anywhere but I can’t find one. It is because it is of no use to them. Marijuana is illegal here.

  11. I believe we are going to be the lead of this movement. It is smart that this is actually happening. It will take the drug out of the hands of minors and allow it to be sold in liquor stores. Taxing the product per gram will also allow millions of dollars to go back into the great state of Washington where it is needed. I say make it happen and you will see what a positive impact it will have.

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